is just an alternative way to become a famous and rich player!


We need 1000 hits, then I will announce the winner of the member account, In the meantime I got an updated item ID list for you:  (Not every single item of it works, but it has got some updated items in it including items which haven’t been released yet!) If you want to post this on your website, don’t post the direct link to it, but give the link to this website!

Since the membership option doesn’t work anymore everyone keeps asking me about it. It just doesn’t work anymore and I will fix it, IF it is possible. In the meantime I’m giving away 1 members account to a random person who comments on this post.

~ Thomisback


123 Responses to “Membership”

  1. Tat stinks Can you try to explain all of the things and what to do cause I don’t get like the room files and stuff

    Editors comment:
    Those options are only for advanced users, they are hard to use.
    I’m working on new trainers anyways…

  2. How do you make a custom cp trainer

  3. wow i was banned a while back for trying to make a trainer but i never finished it. hope i win!

  4. i want free membership please make me a member!!!!!!!

  5. does it cost to make a cp trainer

  6. So,How do make a custom cp trainer

  7. How do u make a custom cp trainer?

  8. Thomisback… I need a random Member Account… I need one to test out some new ID’s… because my membership is ending soon… 😦

  9. selling 5k penguins on maplestory for summoning bags!Also i need member acount!

  10. I’m Commenting for the member penguin

  11. i’ll take it or mike 92 will hes nice so i think give it to him or me but ill share it will mike 92

  12. Nice Cp trainer 3, one quastion, Can penguins see you wearing the clothes?

  13. I have used cptranier and yes the other peoples can see your clothes

  14. I love CPTrainer3 its fun to make a clone

  15. How?

  16. Thank you for making another edition in the hall of trainers! This is technically CPT4 though, as a virused copy called CPT3 is and has been spreading prior to this release.

  17. How do you work this thing anyway. I see no area like CP T2 had were it says the Cheats you do.

  18. i need a member acount plz!!! my old penguins got banned!!:(

  19. by the way they were banned 4ever!

  20. Hey Tom. lol so nice site u got here!!!! Its the best!

    Editors comment:
    Thank xD

  21. yo

    Editors comment:
    Yo 😛

  22. cool its so cool but u cant see haff the page
    its wierd can u hack coins with it?

    Editors comment:
    Try changing your resolution to 1280 x 1024 😉

  23. hi i cant see part of the page i can only see part of the page and t want let me scroll down
    to see all the other things like it only shows
    part of the colors
    please fix this its anoying p.s. exsept for that
    it rocks!!! how did u ever make it
    is there coin hack?

    Editors comment:
    Try changing your resolution to 1280 x 1024 🙂

  24. is there a coin hack?

  25. hey dude. i talked to you on msn sound like your really pissed off i know how you feel! i keep trying to make a trainor for runescape but it wont work!well how do you make me a member?do you pay or hack it?i got one ban left and i am out wit my favorite penguin. see you dude.

  26. hey how do u do the cp trainer?
    custom cp trainer is awsome!!:)

  27. plz fix the membership its just i cant buy anythin

  28. hey dude i can use it but some cannot go to my blog. and igm me at

  29. first of all u rock keep it up
    well im not a member can u plz select me

  30. contact me if i win…

  31. Hey this is sweet hey dude i was wondering if
    you could make a hack trainer for webkinz


  32. Hey dude how in the world do you Make
    a trainer! ive tryed and tryed what do you even use?

    Editors comment:
    Visual basic 6 🙂

  33. Hi when i download cp trainer 3
    and then open it it will bring up something
    called ACDSee v3.1
    and then it will not show the like the cp trainer 3 thing it will just have some thing that looks like a dvd player or some thing and when i click on it it will just go to all these pics plz help it wont let me open it!

  34. Ok thanks i will try that
    you rock! 🙂

  35. Hi i really really wana learn this building a trainer thing and hacking i was wondering if you could teach me a fiew things about it
    i wana build a trainer all i know is that i use
    Visual basic 6 i don’t even know where to download it so i was wondering if you could help me out my website is
    and then go to the page that says hacking For thomisback

    Thanks p.s. i love your site

  36. Hey man, I tried cptrainer 3 but anything works. I can see the hack items but other penguins don’t.
    Eg: I put a head item. I can see but my friends don’t. Help please.

  37. i kant get cptrainer3

  38. how do u make cp trainers?

  39. hey thomisback. got a website if u want post something and help me make a good website.and about that free member account if u want give it to me. big fan LEDUX

  40. i need a member acount plz!!! my old penguins got banned!!:evil:

  41. i need a member acount plz!!! my old penguins got banned!! 👿

  42. how do you make a penguin trainer? O and people please comment my site its thank-you

  43. Thomisback I need help on something, where is the LONG ID list?? This one Is short!

    PS: How do you make the EVIL face? I want to know :0

  44. plz give me the membership my was banned for ever!

  45. Can you make a trainer for webkinz here is an
    acount to use

    Editors comment:
    Ok I will try 😉

  46. can i have membership account please cause im new and u made cp trainers so ur cool

    Editors comment:
    I might give away another members account sometime…

  47. LOL this is awesome i LUV the CP trainer i look SO COOL with all the items i LUV the elfs outfit!!!
    if its possible could u make a trainer for I luv the CP TRAINER
    its awesome LOL

    Editors comment:
    Thanks 🙂 Boombang isn’t a flash game so I guess you will have to find someone else, sorry 😦

  48. Plz give me that acc..
    I’m ur greatest fan!

    Editors comment:
    Don’t have any accounts anymore!

  49. Hey I need CPTrainer 4 but I also need it to let me buy stuff.Please email it to me.

    Editors comment:
    It’s not possible anymore!

  50. Hello,
    Thomisback I’m sorry your Membership hack doesn’t work after all that hardwork making CP Trainer 3.

    Editors comment:
    Hey, there’s still a lot of other stuff you can use 😀

  51. Hey Thomisback your really smart.I mean I can’t even develop my own trainer,so I depend on you to make a Trainer.

    Editors comment:
    Thanks 😉


    Editors comment:
    I don’t have any members accounts anymore!

  53. Hey!! i need a membr account!!

    Editors comment:
    Don’t ask me :p

  54. Hey What is the item id for the whistle on cp trainer 2?

    Editors comment:
    Find you by going to the item ID list

  55. y-y-y-y-y-y-ou a-a-a-re g-g-g-ivin-ng FREE MEMBERSHIP AWAY?!
    *GASP* 191x
    I was a member once
    awww… the old days…

    Editors comment:
    No im not…?

  56. Cmon i really wann be a stupid member so just make me it please!!!!!!!!!!!! 😦

    Editors comment:
    Nope U cant, it’s been fixed by Club Penguin

  57. I left a comment
    *another gasp*
    I miss old days *boooooo….*

  58. when I go to
    some apeares

  59. pleaze im being so like not cool without membership plz i just need it plz plz plz plz ooooooooooooo plz cmon my parents cant afford the money for the year thats why i need u to pay for me just email me and ill give u everything

    DONT GET ME BANNED!!!! JUST USE THIS TOMMOROW NOT TODAY. ohand delete my older buddies please.


  61. Please i wants a membership acount.I have been playing clubpenguin for 3 months and i cant have membeship.All my friends make fun of me that i dont have membership so i wants a membership acount.My email is

  62. I know how u feel Run I have been playing CP without membership for a year!!

  63. damn when will the dragonfable trainer will be fixed………:-(

  64. arrrg wen will it be realesed aaaaaaaaaaaaahh im boredd
    i need DRAGONFABLE TRAINER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  65. Thomisback I love all the trainers you made!I really like the CP trainer 3 one.It was asome!But when i play clubpenguin i don’t have membership.I am sick of penguins showing off ,and making fun of me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!So please can i have the acount.My email is

  66. Use thomisisback trainers! They rule!

  67. Hi i need a free membership for club penguin my penguin brydan13 > thxx!!?!??!

  68. hey i love the cp trainer 3 i love it love it love it love it

  69. shrineofdivo what isyour email address??

  70. shrine ofdivo

    whats your email:

    Im going to email you some free accounts…

    and could i ahev your Cp Account?

  71. Wow!

  72. is anyone on?

  73. shrine cool account

  74. etrius i also got u a new instrument if you didnt want a snare drum then im sorry 😥

  75. ohh you ready got it oh k but im gettin u more coins
    i might get u like 2500 or 3000

  76. i had to go to bed etrius cuz i was doing what i was doing on a school night ill try to wake up early tomorrow and get u your 2500 or 3000 coins or maybe even 4000 it depends 😉

  77. how do you work the id list and when you put an id item does another person see it and also do I just copy and paste the numbers into like face if I want a face item thomis hit me back soon please!! and anwsome website :p

  78. i wish i can hace 1 membership account pls

  79. have not hace..

  80. do u have cp trainer 4

  81. Hey can you make me a free member because whenever i try becoming a member on the cptrainers it never works

  82. Can u make a Virtual Villagers trainer please? thank you

  83. I really want the account and if anybody wants to be my friend on webkinz just ask my username is masterchief4202

  84. nice trainer

  85. ok what exactly do you type in then item ID boxes? I have all the item ID’s but nothing will show.

  86. IM HERE! My CP acc is Frozen4322

  87. i have 34920 coins my name is Renewy in club penguin,first i hack it with WPE now i hack it with artmoney,this member account will be mine :devil:

  88. Man, thomisback, you’re so cool. I have to admit that I was really a good trainer maker until I found out about your website! it just rocks me off my feet! man I can only make those stupid dumb trainers which can change your points and everything, but having an autobattle and avatar hack thing is just cool. thanks

  89. Hello,

    Hey, thomisback! Nice Site, I’ts Me Lol!

  90. cool

  91. please give me the member ship i really need it plz i do anything give it to me please please pldease.

  92. did i win

  93. yo thomis make a cp traniner that makes servers empty for non members and free member ship plzzz

  94. hey um could you make a neopets trainer and… well have you given the members account away?

  95. Yo if you havent announced the winner yet, sign me up for the member’s account! I’d really appreciate it man, thanks!


  96. Yea he gave away the members account ages ago

  97. can you still get free cloths? p.s. pleas i want a membership pleas i rilly want 1

  98. how do you make a trainer?

  99. hi my username on clubpenguin is antonioblee so pleqase make me a member

  100. i saw my friend, in club penguin of course i have a guitar because i use the cptrainer3 and he said:you have a guitar, ok where is? the penguins can’t see your clothes if you use cptrainer!!

  101. i want a membership plz plz plz plz thanks.Anyway Great website!
    Plz visit mine!

  102. how do i get cp trainer2?

  103. can u make a runescape cheat site coz im way bored nuthing 2 do on runescape so please make one have u got this now hurry up on making it oh and if so thx

  104. I really want to be a free member!!
    I hope i win!!
    and good luck to everyone else!

  105. hey i need the link

  106. Sup i have the third trainer and its so cool its way better than the second one. anyways for the free account all we have to do is post and the 1000 poster will get it or what? By the way thanks for CPtrainer3. =)

  107. hi dude u rock i like all the trainers u made i really like cp trainer 3 i want to meet u on club penguin my name is vdh33 dude i really like u im not a member im ur bigest fan to well c ya

  108. ok im your 1000 hit lol

    thnx bye

    p.s. i really need a free membership lol



  109. can u please give me a member account i could give u lots of coins my e-mail is

  110. Mike92 quit cp 4ever 😦


  112. how do u keep the cl
    othes u get

  113. what are the chances of getting the cp member account anyways??

  114. Thank you for the trainers.
    i know that it is not easy.
    i’m the biggest fan of your trainers.
    and of you ofcourse.
    a free member account should be great!:D
    i hope that i win.
    if i do not win still thanx to you

  115. you are great 😀

  116. plzplz i need a member i have onebut not a member it has 27,000 coins it took me very long but then i found cptrainer2 and it was cool but not as cool as cptrainer3 thanks for making it thomisback u rock but plz i need a member if any of u have 1 send it to i wont ban it promise never ban it i dont even kow how to ban it for ever i will just play i wont change igloo ill just get money.thomisback plz could i have the member account plz plz i really w.ant it i wont do anything to thomisback

  117. plz can i have the accont i dont have a meber penguin cause it cost to much plz my email adress is

  118. i need the member ship account because i had about 2000 in my old one and i got banned for havin 2 much

  119. I really need to be a membership on boombang do you know how please help me please I need to be a member!!!


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