is just an alternative way to become a famous and rich player!

The final decision and a new trainer!

We have got over 1000 hits now and the winner of the membership account is:

kolton545 (koltonnaples)


Please contact me at, send me an e-mail or add me on MSN so I can give you access to the member account.

 I also made a trainer for Ninja Assault from battleonminigames, which has got an online highscore board!

Download here:



Quick note: If you use the money hack, you have to defeat one more ninja, then it shows up. You won’t notice the level hack, but when your game over you will be number one on the highscore board.

Have fun,

 ~ Thomisback



8 Responses to “The final decision and a new trainer!”

  1. Good choice (to give membership to koltonnaples)

  2. First my name is not koltonnaples i just use it i dont know but it is kolton545 ok lots of peaple call me koltonnaples bacause thats my name when i log in i use it for no resin ok

  3. oh yeah and this is my real e-mail

  4. ok never mined but im banned for 72 hours

  5. I hope i win!

    Good luck to everybody else!

  6. i need a trainer for plzzzzzzzzzz make one im begging u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. nice site i have a problem with the install member account thing i cant see the remainng message of itso i cant do it please moderate this quickly i wanna see the stuff i can do to make it better

  8. i need a trainer for vmk

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