is just an alternative way to become a famous and rich player!

CPtrainer3 Easyfit

I made an easyfit version for the people experiencing problems.

Download from:

Updated item ID list:

Updated furniture ID list:

Note: Not every ID works!

~ Thomisback


35 Responses to “CPtrainer3 Easyfit”

  1. help! plz where should i log in when i do the hacking?????!!!!!!!!!

  2. Can I be on your Blogroll Thom? You are on mine!

    Editors comment:
    Sure 😉

  3. hey!
    can other people see your items?

  4. it got me banned again

  5. cheeseman8 You are unlucky

  6. um… it wont let me buy anything.. i wanna upgrade my igloo and i cant… i cant even buy a puffle!!! =( i need help and lots of it… and how do i get a spring dress from the ID thing.. i couldnt find it anywhere!.. answer me soon

    Editors comment:
    Club Penguin has fixed most stuff now…

  7. nvm… nvm.. but where do i type the furniture ID’s?

    Editors comment:
    Use WPE Pro… There is no option in the trainer (yet?)

  8. i download it but it says its all corupted or sumthing

    Editors comment:
    Clear your cache, and download it again.
    Also you need Winzip or Winrar to unzip it.


    Editors comment:

  10. I want to be a penguin member plz!!!!

    Editors comment:
    I’m working on it 🙂

  11. Hi thom i downloaded your trainers and i am very impressed all i want is a triner in which you can log off. when u log off all the tings we hack in d trainer are saved. as we cant buy anything in the trainer we can log on to CP from the website then ova there we can buy stuff so plz make a trainer. and i wanna be a member soooo bad i waz playin CP from 200 dayz as a non- member!!!. so plz email me at and i wanted to ask you whether we could make a site together>…?

  12. I downloaded WPE Pro and have one virus !!! help me

    Editors comment:
    Some virus scanners say that WPE Pro is a virus, but it isnt.

  13. Dude e-mail me a vid for the item hack!!

  14. On CP trainer easyfit the screen is too big. How can i solve this problem?

    Editors comment:
    Try changing your resolution, look on google how to.

  15. WPE Pro is a virus

    Editors comment:
    It isnt, just some virus scanners say its a virus because you can gain unfair advantage using it.

  16. dude i got banned

  17. dude thanks for the great trainer i love it
    but i cant buy stuff those damn arrows just keep

    Editors comment:
    Club Penguin fixed it

  18. when i try to download it it says that file is missing or invalid

    Editors comment:
    Try again now.

  19. I cant buy anything and i wanted to get into the members party…but it says lost connection? What do i do? Oh and great trainer thank you!

    Editors comment:
    Club Penguin is fixing a lot of cheats!

  20. ok i click that purecheating thing but it opens up to a page where do i download from there could anyone help me. email is or just post how to do it here

    Editors comment:
    It’s closed down for a while, just download the trainers from my blogroll!

  21. where can i download cp trainer 3???

    Editors comment:
    Look at my blogroll

  22. why i cant download cp trainer 3 at your blog???

    Editors comment:
    It’s fixed, download it from my blogroll

  23. i cant download cp trainer 3

    Editors comment:
    Try again now

  24. you see the clothes but other no

  25. Thomisback your trainer and your site are very cool!!!! i love CPtrainer3 Easyfit! you are soo awesome!! how did you made an super mega awesome Trainer for Club Penguin??!!

  26. Dear Thomisback , when i downloaded your CPtrainer 3 easy fit i said, “wow this trainer is soo cool,, i push the buton click here for free membership and i said ” i am going to buy something,, and surprise , loading forever!!! why isn’t working i said ,,isn’t working? ok i must use the ID list,, when i write all the codes i ‘m exit the trainer for 30 minutes to eat something , and when i open the trainer again to play i saw my clothes are not in my penguin now, and they are not in the tab!!! how did this hapend?
    wherever!!for now is top to use your trainer! for now, i use the CP trainer2 made by jake and is big screen!!!

  27. need a trainer for

  28. ummm. where is cp trainer 3
    i dont see it. i want it:^(

  29. i have cp trainer 3, but I was wondering if the easy fit 1 and 2 were ever combined. I would like that more… CP trainer 3 ROCKS

  30. i really want cp trainer 3

  31. Hey Tomisback..When Ill buy some Puffles my connect failed..And i cant buy anything why??

  32. I have the same problem how GMAN

  33. The variables for Club Penguin are based on easy encoding which is extremely easy to get around too. Thats why Club Penguin add Server Sided servers on the Membership and Gold. To access these hacks still you would need a great knowledge in the server side Flash 9.

  34. i cant get cptrainer3 to work the (ok) will not come up or anything

  35. When i try to buy it says lost conection what i must do plz??

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