is just an alternative way to become a famous and rich player!

How to install a membership account!

I made a tutorial on how to install a membership account, download from:

Another note: When you use *Custom* CPtrainer3 and you change the colour ID to 14, you could get banned. For the rest, its safe 🙂

If you have any questions/suggestions please comment!

~ Thomisback 


26 Responses to “How to install a membership account!”

  1. cmon man it dosen’t work i did all the things u told me and i went 2 CP and all i could see were my accounts there were no new memvber accounts.:-( i am sad i wanted 2 be a member from 200 dayz.

  2. ok that azlor account the password is changed please fix it for me and emasil me the new password

  3. Well I found the members acount but then i dont know what folder you are talking about to put it in? which folder? ( I’m kinda stuck because part of the instructions got cut off.)

  4. Hey!This doesn’t work on mine!Can you show more detail so I can understan!Bye!

  5. It wont open!

  6. hi thom i like your web please put more cheats later

  7. when i did it it worked some1’s member account showed up

  8. Hey, it worked for me! but when other people use this account and i do too, if i change my igloo, will it change other peoples igloos too? Or if they change theirs, will it change mine?

  9. Hmm it didn’t work for me

  10. it didnt work!!!!

  11. how do u hack coins wit cp trainer

  12. man can u show us a video of dis thiingy plz.

    Editors comment:
    Coming soon!

  13. Its doesnt work 😦

  14. Its works now!but i plaed 1 hour and this member be banned forever 😦

  15. how can play clubpenguin with cptrainer3

  16. it doesnt work it says that the penguin has been banned forever :@

  17. Yes its says your ban expire in:Forever

  18. give other member please 😦

  19. what I dont understand is why is the member banned?? 😦

  20. SOL is a flash cookie, SaveGame is just an SOL of the login screen after logging in a member. I have yetto figure out the editing of this particular SOL cookie, but I am working on it 😉

  21. Ok whatever you just said, but hurry up with it cause i need another member account

  22. umm i dont know what you guys are talkin about it works fine but the account is banned forever :dramallama:

  23. The member its banned forever:(((

  24. IT says a Moderator has banned ur account ur ban will expire in Forever

  25. what if u have windoes vista?? how does that work????

  26. i don’t know what to do please can you email me the instructions iit does not show evrything. thanks

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