is just an alternative way to become a famous and rich player!

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Here are the most frequently asked questions:

Q: The membership cheat doesn’t work… why?

A: Club Penguin fixed it 😦

Q: The coin cheat doesn’t work either… why?

A: Club Penguin fixed this as well 😦

Q: The trainer doesn’t fit on my screen… how can I fix this?

A: Download the easyfit version from my blogroll or change your resolution, here is the guide:

Q: The membership installer says the account is banned, how come?

A: Someone banned it, probably to spoil our fun which is very lame, don’t blame me.

That’s it for now,

~ Thomisback


9 Responses to “FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)”

  1. how do you get that thing? get back to me at email at me or go to my weblog and leave a comment on a post or a page! bye for now! see you later! 😉

  2. the database is over-loaded at the moment, please try again later is not a ClustrMaps (reg or +) user

    Editors comment:
    Im trying to get it to work….

  3. Hi my Clubpenguin isnt open on the CP trainer 3 can you tell how can i set the clubpenguin in cp trainer 3 pls help me

  4. man look itz me 3dxflag i thin your site is cool i started 1 1 day ago so i wanna be your patner and want to help you and i 2 want help from you lets be friends wat do ya say ?u can even e-mail me at my blog is

  5. yo dude

  6. Yo dude, how do u make your own hackin device? I wanna make my own SO BADLY!!!!!! Is there like a site or somethin? Does it cost money? And how do u even make hacks??????

  7. the easiest way to make hacks is to play around with packets on wpe pro in fact i just found a way to make your penguin flash using wpe pro yesterday


  9. can u make cp trainer 4 and fix all the problems

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