is just an alternative way to become a famous and rich player!

Free membership account :)


If you want to go on a members account, check out then go to Club Penguin cheating and click on “Heres a member penguin!”. If you want to stay up to date with the newest Club Penguin, Runescape 2, Dragonfable and other cheats, sign up and start posting!

Good luck,

~ Thomisback


16 Responses to “Free membership account :)”

  1. plz i would like a free membership

  2. Hey i posted that account! lol

  3. Hi i was wondering if you could make a trainer for webkinz please reply thanks.

  4. Hi i was just thinking how cool it would be to make a trainer how do you do it?
    and what do you use?

  5. WE need A new CP Trainer plz we have to get free membership

  6. i neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed a free mem acc. i got haked =( so i really do need a free mem. acc. ty!

  7. For the CPTrainer, how do I do the room file hack? Im realy confused…

  8. coolcoolcoolcoolcool

  9. Every time I buy something is disconnects me? could you fix that please.

  10. cp trainer 3 doesent work also for cp trainer 2
    whenever i try cp trainer 3 club penguin never pops up on the screen do you know why

    Editors comment:
    Download flash player 9

  11. CP announced the news no more hacking on free membership
    Editors comment:


    Editors comment:
    Club penguin fixed it!

  13. when i go on it dosnt work and cp trainer 2,3 the membership hack does not work so this time could you make a cp trainer 4 and make the membership hack work because when you do the avatar hacks nobody can see your stuff and you can only get the same things and you cant get member puffles or decorate your igloo so please do that

    Editors comment: is down for a while but i´m trying to get it back up again. Club Penguin simply fixed the membership hack.

  14. ya plz make a cp trainer 67 PLZ

  15. can some 1 tell me how ican download in cp trainer 4

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