is just an alternative way to become a famous and rich player!

Let me know what trainer you need ;)


Please tell me if you need a trainer for a FLASH game, this means when you right click on it it should say “About adobe flash player”. Please use the comment button to reply, and if I create a trainer for it, I will give you credits for it and put the link to your website on it which is great advertising!

 ~ Thomisback

(Hopeless looking for flash games :p, I can’t find any good ones thats why I need your help :))


439 Responses to “Let me know what trainer you need ;)”

  1. I need a trainer for gaia online (

  2. i need a trainer for kapilands

  3. would need a trainer for robot rage,stick rpg and CO(conquer online) is the game adress

  4. TOMMY make plz a new Cp trainer now it dont works plz make a new 1

  5. I need a trainer for club penguin can you make another one?

    Editors comment:
    Nope, sorry

  6. Thomisback if u can do you think you can make a trainer for Habbo Hotel i mean it stinks having to buy credits.Thanks Otot54 Game on!!

    Editors comment:
    Sorry, but that’s not flash 😉

  7. I really really realllyyyyy need a cheat for free membership on club penguin and i really need it to have unlimited money that u can acsually use. like the membership so u can acsually bye things plzzz………..

  8. i need one for mine sweeper and how do you make a trainer?? plz tell me

  9. Hey like gaia online said,can you make a trainer for gaia online please reply

    Editors comment:
    I tried it but it doesn’t save 😦

  10. where do you get vb6??

  11. I really need a trainer for boomabng it suck when u have to pay for credits to have fun and when everyone else has millions of items im the poor little one

  12. Can u plz make aa trainer for club penguin?Plz?

    Plz reply on this website!Bye!

  13. how do you make trainers

  14. Make a trainer for Club Penguin. One that uses codes similair to WPE 2.

  15. Make a trainer for THE SIMS 2

  16. Could you make a trainer for Dragonfable…?

    Editors comment:
    Working on it…

  17. can u tell me how to make a trainer n i wont disturb ever again e-mail 2

  18. Can u make trainer for Champion Archer?

  19. How do you make a trainer

  20. email me how to make a trainer at

  21. can you make a trainer for demonic defense 3 heres the site


    Editors comment:
    That’s not a flash game 😦

    Editors comment:
    That’s not a flash game 😦

  24. can you tell me how to make a trainer please

  25. i need a trainer for heroia (

  26. i need a trainer for runescape called runescape trainer what you dont get banned for what you can get skills up
    and coins could u make it because im
    always on this site its cool

  27. Otot54 Says:
    May 12th, 2007 at 1:37 pm

    Thomisback if u can do you think you can make a trainer for Habbo Hotel i mean it stinks having to buy credits.Thanks Otot54 Game on!!

    Dude lamo imposable …. as Habbo Hotel is’nt flash also the creits are server sided and that measn that u’d have to hack the server -.-

  28. Hey its me again Clubpenguin fan Can you make a trainer for Stickman Sam 2 heres site

  29. Oh ya sorry to bother again if you can make a trainer for Adventure Quest heres site thank you thomisback!! 🙂 i should change my name into thomisback’s Fan well heres the site and ill be so happy if you make the trainer 🙂


  31. this is the best game ever! please mae a trainer for this

  32. ya it is also i need the code for ninja in cp

    P.S territory war roks!

  33. Hey can you make a trainer for webkinz please i know its not flash player ga,e but it really really needs hacks!

    Editors comment:
    I don’t have a webkinz account, could I please yours? Or if you have a spare account it would be nice 🙂 E-mail me at

  34. Hi, please can you make me a trainer for shockplay

  35. its me again thanks for the stick RPG trainer :).
    im like your biggest fan.could you make a swords and sandals 2 and swords and sandals trainer please. big fan LEDUX

  36. i need robot rage trainer

  37. i have told you so many times to please make a trainer for kapilands!go to and please make a trainer for it and email me at

  38. can you make a cp trainer 3 that you can do all of it at the same time instead of having to click go to 2nd part of cp trainer 3+i need one for adventure quest

    Editors comment:
    I’m still trying to get Adventure Quest working, read my posts before commenting!
    And if I would combine the two parts of the Cptrainer3 it wouldn’t fit on the screen anymore.

  39. can make cp trainer 4 with furniture and combine the part 2 plz!!!!!!!!!

    Editors comment:
    It wouldn’t fit on the screen 😉

    Editors comment:
    Read my posts before commenting :s

  41. offff,,,,i know you make trainers for flash games.with i neeD A TRAIENR FOR HEROIA!!

    Editors comment:
    Heroia isnt a flash game!!!

  42. can you make a trainer for pawn game?? please 😈

    Editors comment:
    What’s the link I can’t find it…

  43. Can you make a trainer for BlackKnight heres Site

  44. hi I just wanted to know if you had a money cheat for webkinz?

  45. Hi, I just wanted t know if you can make a Club penguin trainer 4 like there could be a button were you could not get bannded? Pleease?

  46. The trainer I need is a webkinz trainer. I know it is not flash but can you just try pleeeeease

  47. can you make a club penguin trainer that people can actully see the hacks that you are doing?

  48. can u tell me the boombang trainer site please

  49. heyy its me Clubpenguin fan i changed my name can you make a trainer for tank2007 heres site

  50. Can I request a “Runescape” trainer and a Halo:
    Combat Evolved. Please And Thank You 🙂

  51. Can you make trainer for Runescape and AdventureQuest ?

  52. I need Cp trainer2

  53. Could you please make a trainer for adventure quest at : and dragonfable at :

  54. i need to download cptrainer3 NOW!!!!!!!!!!plezee?

  55. Make a Fishy! trainer

    Editors comment:
    Already did it, download it from my blogroll.

  56. I nid a new Cp trainer that works Pls help

    Editors comment:
    There is none.

  57. i need a better club penguin trainer

    Editors comment:
    There is none.

  58. Plz make me a boombang trainer v.2 like multiply chest and othe things so send me when u did it ok ? plz do it

    Editors comment:
    Will try soon.

  59. can you make trainer for Ragdoll Avoider on

    Editors comment:
    Already did it, download it from my blogroll!

  60. can you make trainer for Ragdoll Avoider on

    Editors comment:
    Done, download it from my blogroll 🙂

  61. i meant 2 make a trainer 4 fishy on
    P.S I missspelled it on the first one

    Editors comment:
    Done 😉 Download it from my blogroll 😉

  62. hey jus asking for CP trainer 4 are there one of them

    Editors comment:
    CPtrainer isn´t even released yet

  63. make a trainer 4 runescape 1 like unlimited gold thx

    Editors comment:
    Runescape isn´t a flash game…

  64. hey man iv been looking for day and have fond nothing can you make an adventure quest hack plz plz

    Editors comment:
    I’m trying to but it’s highly secured!

  65. Can you make a trainer for webkinzs? the website is thanks

    Editors comment:
    Trying to 😉

  66. can u make an trainer for battleon?

    Editors comment:
    It’s secured but I will try it again sometime!

  67. my email is

    Editors comment:

  68. but are there some club penguin trainers / hacks?

    Editors comment:
    Don’t know, try YouTube 😉

  69. we need pawn hacks

    Editors comment:
    I tried it but the game is secured 😦

  70. plz i need this trainer

    Editors comment:
    It’s highly secured, be patient!

  71. i need battleon trainer

    Editors comment:
    It’s highly secured, be patient, I might make it sometime!

  72. I have flash and it says About abode flash player.thats all i need to say. O O

    Editors comment:

  73. Did you make cp trainer 3 coz if you did i tred to follow everyones links and it just takes me to ifastnet web hosing prease tell me were to find cp trainer 3!!!!
    please reply!!!

    Editors comment:
    I did make it, and you can download it from my blogroll 😉

  74. i want a trainer of runescape that can hack dragon scimitar and 500000k gold coins

    Editors comment:
    Runescape isn’t possible!

  75. could you plz make cp trainer 4 soon caus3e i wanna be a member and they have to fix it first

    Editors comment:
    Club Penguin fixed it, so it’s just not possible anymore!

  76. fix or make a pisture put the videos on here and posts

    Editors comment:
    Working on it!

  77. by the way make a cp trainer plz that would mean loads

    Editors comment:
    I will try to make a new CP trainers as soon as possible!

  78. Yo please please please make a trainer cheat so i can edit my lvl and stats for dragonfable another Adventure quest game >.

    Editors comment:
    Both those games are highly secured, but I trying to do it 😉

  79. plz make i very good new cp trainer i smake you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 we want cp trainer 4!!!!

    Editors comment:
    Loads of options won’t be available anymore, but anyways I’ll try 😉

  80. the cp trainer3 members hack does not work pls fix that XD

    Editors comment:
    I can’t, Club Penguin fixed it!

  81. Hi thom,
    Can You Make Runescape Auto Magic Trainer Because CP traner member hack doesnt work please i tried to go to purecheating but it wont it will go to

    Editors comment:
    Purecheating is down, and Runescape isn’t a flash game so no I can’t make a trainer for Runescape!

  82. Can you fix cp trainer 2 and cp trainer 3 (or make cp trainer 4) because the members hack isn’t working!!!

    Editors comment:
    Will try, but there won’t be a new membership cheat anymore!

  83. Hi could you make a good cp trainer like i whis the coin hack worked but it dose not

    Editors comment:
    If I make a new trainer there won’t be a new coin cheat anymore!

  84. dude do you know how to hack adobe 9 flash player cause i can get up to 8 but i dunno what they did if you can please email me on how to get past the security

    Editors comment:
    Just get flash player 7 if you want to use Artmoney, cheat engine etc.

  85. srry to double post but just wondering if you do java trainers

    Editors comment:

  86. o yeah and i can’t view any of your trainers or at least the game part
    any thoughts on this

    Editors comment:
    Get flash player 9!

  87. I need a trainer for Counter-Strike. THX Very much.

    Editors comment:
    Counter-strike isn’t even online?

  88. why cant i get to the cove with cp trainer3?

    Editors comment:
    Club Penguin fixed it!

  89. can u make a trainer for runescape probably would be the hardest yet

    Editors comment:
    Not possible

  90. Hey! Can you make an AdventureQuest trainer? And tell me wtf a trainer is? >.>

    Editors comment:
    It’s highly secured but I will try it!

  91. i realy need a dragonfable trainer cause i just sick of no one haveing 1 so plz dude

    Editors comment:
    It’s highly secured but I will try!

  92. Hey Thomis,
    y can’t u do a trainer 4 shockwave games?

    Editors comment:
    Cus I can’t!

  93. On cptrainer3 how do you upgrade your igloo?

    Editors comment:
    You can’t Club Penguin fixed it!

  94. a trainer for FLYFF

    Editors comment:
    Not possible!

  95. can you please make a CP trainer 4 so that you can walk on walls and other penguins can see you and so you can walk with the newspaper?
    plz do….

    Editors comment:
    Maybe, sometime i’ll have to finish the other trainers first!

  96. can you make a trainer for habbo hotel?

    Editors comment:
    Not possible!

  97. do you have a trainer for club penguin

  98. and i need a trainer for hockeyhall3

    Editors comment:
    Allright, will try!

  99. Can you please make a Trainer for bots. ( http://WWW.Bots.Acclaim.Com

    Editors comment:
    Not possible

  100. how do u make trainers

    Editors comment:
    Learn computer languages!

  101. Yo can you make a trainer for webkinz?

    Editors comment:
    Working on it!

  102. i want CP trainer 3

    Editors comment:
    Download it from my blogroll!

  103. I need a trainer to adopt the black puffle in Club Penguin

    Editors comment:
    Probably not possible anymore

  104. i need the Club Penguin Trainer 3!! now!!!

    Editors comment:
    Download it from my blogroll on the right hand side

  105. i need a trainer for habbo hotel can u help me in less then a day plz:)

    Editors comment:
    Habbo isnt possible

  106. I need the cp trainer 4 by monday (it is saturday)if you can. At least have it as fast as you can

  107. i need a trainer for neopets

  108. i need a trainer for tamatown

  109. ummm sorry to ask but wheres your blogrole please tell me as fast as you can it would mean alot thanks

  110. hey can i ask you somethin how do i get past that place it wont lemme download ur stuff it keeps on bringing me to freeposting thingamagica can you tell me why cant i get through thanks.

  111. Can you please fix the problem with the buying and the ohter problems for the club penguin trainer?

  112. hey is sherwood a game you can work with thanks.. heres the link if you can make a trainer i would be very happy thanks

  113. will ya make 1 for

  114. can you make one for gaia online or IMVU? j/w because those would be cool to have trainers for but i think they are not flash games :\

  115. i need a cp triener where you can blow up other penguins and it gives a list off all the cloths hcks piz

  116. hey dude can you make a trainer for robot rage please if you can email me at

  117. i tried cp trainer 3 and well it had lots of features but it would of been better if u could scroll up an down on it cus it doesnt fit on my computer

  118. hey i no this is a gay game but my friends told me about it and said they have tried and tried to hack it but they found it imposible so i tried but no i found a way using cheat engine but it woudnt stick so could u make a trainer for runescape


  120. Can you make a Virtual Villagers trainer?

  121. i need cp traner 3

  122. i need a trainer for

  123. can you make the new upgrade for adventure quest?

  124. can u make a trainer for runescape? its a realy good game, i play it all the time and my acc jst got banned =/

  125. Could you make the same trainer for dragon fable but so it works and not just a red screen pops up?
    And also could you make your CP trainer better like we can buy stuff, we get coin hack, free membership hack?

  126. trainer for ruescape called runescape trainer2 download

  127. i need a trainer to find a yellow puffle

  128. runescape isn’t a flash game

    hmm.. I need a..
    habbo trainer but there is one, kind of

    Please, I need a money hack on it and a level hack, and a stat hack. thats all 🙂

  129. Hi Can u mail me when the BoomBang trainer will be out causei really need one!

  130. a trainer for

  131. please make aq hack and item hack (copy past the ite data or i dont know ) to become items for free

  132. damn birds , need unlimited money and HP but if you can do more…

  133. Could you make a trainer for habbo hotel
    Stuff like free member
    Lots of coins

  134. hi i need a trainer for bots in no flash game i need trainer plsss for KO luck unlimited life ….. plsss

  135. hey can u plz make me a trainer for cheats on bb or tell me how to get credits free crdits i got scamed more than 4 times alredy and i have alot of dif acounts but can u give me sum credits on this acount:daisy3prisy plz well thnx if u can do this im going to tell evryone to go on this website bye

  136. can u make a trainer for finding the yellow and orange puffle?

  137. Habbo isn’t a flash game
    just do

  138. Boxhead 2 play

  139. Momentum Missile Mayhem?

  140. DRAGONFABLE UPDATE No. 5!!!!!

    Please i want the DragonAmulet for the Dragonlord armor…can you make a trainer for dragon fable update 5?

  141. OMFG i looked at the old trainer…IT GET 9999 DRAGON COINS!!!!


    if you make a new trainer can you put a 9999 dragon coins option too?
    caz i really need it thx!



  142. i need a trainer for plz an thank u when u get it fininsh email me at

  143. i need trainer that can give you dragoncoins,gold,and dragon amulet…and some states….

  144. i need a cp trainer 4

  145. but on club penguin

  146. hey can you please fix the adventure quest

  147. and dragon fable

  148. try and make an azul baronis trainer

  149. on

  150. Hello can u make a trainer dragonfable i know u already did but can you make one with Dragon ammy thing If u can I would love it jake!!!

  151. make more easy cp trainer 4
    that u cna hack party hat

  152. Greetings ;]

    Do in DFV3 More money hack.. No 9999 Do 99999999 Money, and do hack for dragon amulet..

  153. Hi can you make a trainer for flyff(a MORPG)? I need exp and penya(money) badly.

    The site:

    Thank you

  154. could you make a trainer for the game kriminals on because it is a very popular game in holland

    greetzz Mr_nero

  155. i need a good adventure quest trainer

  156. Hey.Ireally need a trainer for club penguin becuz all the other ones for it dont work. the things i need on it is membership and money to be able to save.


  158. can u make a webkinz trainer

  159. we need a better AQ trainer, there are a lot of glitches [not bugs but glitches] with the current one, auto battle has some very strange visual/ battle sequence effects, and it would be nice for a money hack, usually they dont work but it still be nice

  160. Need a trainer for Neopets flash games. Also looking for a Flyff one as well, need money for both =) Would be greatly appreciated! Can contact on my email and AIM, sexyslyfox

  161. Do trainer for dragon fable on dragon amulet and do trainer on runescape too…pls

  162. Do you think it will work?

  163. you must fix thomisbackAQtrainer

  164. can you make a one with a dragon amulet?

  165. Can u make a runescape trainer please

    Thanks all your trainers have been very usefull

  166. mind giving me basic instruction on how to do a trainer? email me at

    thank you.

  167. dude was up is there even a trainer for boombang if there r can u tell me oh and heres the web site and how do u get to your blogroll thnx

  168. oh and email me when u do

  169. Will you make a runescape trainer

  170. can u make a dragon fable with free dragon amulate

  171. Can u make a cp trainer 4 plz & put igloo items to to redecorate the igloo ^.^ plz

  172. could u plz do runescape plzz becuz it is a good game but it sukz cuz u have to wait sooo long to lvl up so on it how but put like lvl 89434 and make it get 939473937494 coins and then put a hack to be a free member and that would make my day and could u plz do that for me

  173. Thomas u da best!!!!! Can u make a hack the dragon amulet for free and to be able to buy weapons and pets with the dragon coins and gold cheat???? Hope u do peace

  174. Hi. Just wandering if you could make a trainer for Elemental Turret Defense please? with unlimited power and gold:)

  175. we need cp trainer 4

  176. Hasn’t he got enough on his hands ced?
    Thomisback RULES!!!!!

  177. Hey can you make a trainer for this zombie gross shooting game called the last stand Its fun i would recomend All weopons and barricade Hp Inf Thanks and Theres no cheats and this game is hard and also triple dammage no reloading eaither!

  178. where is cptrainer4

  179. I need a hack pack for this so called PAWN its not fair for ppl to go faster and kill a lot quiker than i do Plz respond if u have a trainer or hack pack for this game.

  180. make a trainer for dragonfable

  181. can you please make a trainer or an aimbot for pawngame people say it is unhackable so can you try to hack it and make a trainer if you can you are the best ty if you do.

  182. I need a runescape trainer plz

  183. One problem with dragonfable trainer gold and dragon coin hack doesnt working

  184. I love playing dragon fable can you add a autobattler and a a working gold and dragon coins hack to 99999999 and also a working DA Hack thanks in advance

  185. Is it possible to make a trainer for Kapilands? and use it without being banned?

  186. Hey! I Need 1 for habbo hotel and or gaia online please and thank yooh im derricks sister 😛

  187. can you make cp trainer 4 with some more glitches like clcik a button and you get a mod sign and make everything work plese plese make cp tariner 4 cp stands for club penguin

  188. ok me agian and can you make free memebrship and coin hack work ?


  190. can you get me cp trainer 3?

  191. stick arena

  192. can you make 1 for there .com PLEZ!!!!!!!!!!! 😦 I REALY WANT TO BE A MEM BUT I DONT WANNA PAY!!!!

  193. i need cp trainer 3 that is not win zip file

  194. RuneScape is Java not flash…..

  195. can you make a rune scape trainer plz?

  196. i need a runescape trainer and a cp trainer 4 thxs and return my emails plz thom there ugent

  197. I cant buy anything in cp trainer, please update that! i cant be patient anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  198. cp trainer a better 1 and runescape dont listen to other kids like habbo hotel make trainer for what really matters i heard this kid say a minisweeper trainer?!!!whats his problem?everyone needs a runescape 1 no mateer if people blackmail u we need a runescape trainer plz!!!!!!!!!(ps i speeled stuff wrong) alos a club penguin 1 people want more by popular demand

  199. can you make a trainer for Pawn Game plz!


  200. could you please make a trainer for stick arena the game is wicked fun wit hacks but some i cant download and i can download all of yours so i guess that means i can download stick arena trainer from you to. thx

  201. i was just about to ask for a runescape trainer lol

  202. I need a club penguin CPTrainer4 cuz i waqnna put stuff in my igloo cuz its sooooo boring! And can you add an igloo upgrader to it tooo!?

    Thanx a million!!!!

  203. I was just woundering if you could make a Trainer for FlyFF. I want you to include a Money hack, Spro hack, Atk Hack, Dex Hack, Ivisible hack and possibly a lv hack. If not it’s alright. 🙂

  204. Hey We need another SA trainer becouse they are making a new SA coming on thursday couse i really wanna use a plasma gun hack and chainsaw =) its gonna be cool but if they delete the original and add that one its ok so please make same options please It would be great!

  205. when will this send my non win zip file of cp trainer 3?

  206. i need it fast

  207. thanks

  208. can i also get a runescape trainer too thats not win zip file thank you

  209. and a adventure quest trainer non win zip file while your at it

  210. yes me too i really need a runescape trainer… like a trainer that do all the xp automatiquelly or a money hack or something plz if you gonna do one plz email me on to tell me if u gonna do one or email me when its finish!! thank-you

  211. yes and a hack that could get us member for free for runescape

  212. can u make me a trainer 4 cp that is alot like cptrainer3 but other people can see it!

  213. dude u gotta make the stickarena trainer

  214. say whats that furniture catelog for?

  215. hey lolol i got bored so i decided to use ur cp trainer 3 and got banned for 5 days.haha. no prob tho. can you just make a cp trainer with[members and unlimited cash] thats all i need. cal it “cp trainer ultimate.

  216. Can you make a trainer for drag racer v3?

  217. Can You Make A Trainer For Virtual Villagers 2: The Lost Children?

  218. yo thom. if someone asks for a ‘mouseavoider’ trainer, tell them to click play, right click on start, then go ahead and roll their mouse over red or whatever color they want to reach the finish. LOL i used it on the level that says “tricky”

  219. hi can u make a trainer for zardwars and runescape? i need them.

  220. Can you please make CP Trainer 4,plz,plz,plz?

  221. Or can you make a adventure quest trainer?

  222. With the cp trainer why can’t you make it that we can receive ,every item that has came out?

  223. hey can u plz make a trainer for acclaim bots i cant figure out how to hack so if u made a trainer that would make it alot easier for me and alot of others thank you.

  224. man you are so cool theres just one more thing can you make a frog racers please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  225. i ment a frogracer trainer

  226. I need a Trainer to get some cash, items And as much xp as you can get, If you can get one… ( for runescape )
    email Me on

  227. can you make a trainer of runescape

    -thank you-

  228. Habbo Hotel Trainer Please.

  229. please make one for this game it is hard to get money…

  230. could you mack a gaiaonline trainer

  231. i need a trainer for adventure quest that can raise your gold amount and token amount and also chane the monsters hp to 0

  232. hey can u make aimbots for halo pc or CE?cause all the mods or aimbots stink

  233. Will you people stop asking for a trainer for runescape,Flyff and many other non flash games.ok runescape they cant have a trainer and flyff is a downloading game and you need special files.and many other post were eairly then this one was what people have already made trainers for.

  234. can you make a new aq trainer?

  235. there r a few trainers id like u to make, if u can great if u can no prob.

    -undead assult
    -fire spawn
    -stick arena
    -interactive buddy

    thank u for taking time to read this i think ppl would love trainers for these games it would be great fun. i dnt jst request for me i do it for every one. = )

  236. woops a few spelling mistakes… lol

  237. I kinda need a trainer for sherwood dungeons. So if you could get one that would be great…

  238. ppl u cant make a trainer for runescape!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it runs on java not flash. jeez how many times do u have to be told common dnt let ur iq go down jst cause its summer be a knowlagable gamer. even if u could make a trainer for runescape it woldnt work to long because the code on wich the servers and game itself run on changes stop being idiots and dont reques runescape any more!

  239. Uhm, is it possible to make a trainer for

  240. plz make one for Temple Guardian!

  241. I need hacks for, my Abobe Version is: 9,0,16,0. Please help me.

  242. hey can u make me a trainer for maple story or if any one does ill give u 300m on maple story no joke a trainer like stickarna or like clup penguine i beg of u or ill give u whatever u want just plz make one foe maple story

  243. right this is the thing… it is almost IMPOSSIBLE to hack runescape and make a trainer because it is server sided and the values constantly change say if you take 1 step forward find the value then fly on and agility course then find value while flying will be more then 1 and then u have to change your walk value to your fly value what WILL vary just like gold, anyone can get bank and inventory gold but it’s shop trade and drop gold you want what you can toy about with by times your money value by say 8 like dragon fable then you find out certain values for money (careful it CAN delete your money by changing the value) so don’t ask for runescape trainers because it’s impossible to make a trainer but you can hack it manually thank you for reading

  244. hello can u make a Runescape trainer??????????????????????

  245. can you plz make a runescape (rs) trainer
    it can makes how much gold
    it can makes how strong
    it can spaw items
    can you make all of this?

  246. can you make a cptrainer with every free item


  248. IMVU PLZ make a hack for imvu cause i need creds wellthousands of ppl do but imvu is the one i would like u to like make a cheat thing or something plz 🙂

  249. or that is kinda hard too but imvu first plz if u can :):))


  251. i would love to have a hack/cheat for nordicmafia or omerta.
    nm ( might be .no !
    omerta (

    thnx 🙂

  252. Umm can u plz make a runescape trainer i really need one email me if u did.

  253. i need clun peguin 3trainer with the stuff i seen on your tube with lots of thingf and butten of things around it kinda on the right and button and if u no what i mean contact me here

  254. or make me a spechle trainer that wont get me banned teal mee here

  255. make me pawngame hackpack im finland=)

  256. is a webgame

  257. hello i need a trainer for dragon fable i know there is one but it doesnt work for me i see words and a red screen i sat there for 23 minutes waiting so please tommy i have about 42 trainers my desktop is full of trainer murloc one i do infinite NaN damage i love them AQbest trainer doesnt work for me so please make one thqats works for sure dragon fable for me please your biggest fan Dragon master

  258. yes and e-mail me at if you get a good working Dragon Fable trainer again your biggest fan Dragon master

  259. can you please make me a trainer for

    thank you

    p.s can i also have one for dragon fable thanks.

  260. i need a trainer for

  261. i need one for 1 hit kill

  262. habbo trainer

  263. Hello there. I’m Pigglie from You probably don’t know me but oh well. :B
    I would also like a Trainer for Gaia Online to hack Coins. $_$

    P.S: Thanks!

  264. I Want LIke Free Membership , Gold … and Stuff

  265. i need a trainer for this game
    is it possible?

    if you can make one thank you!!!

  266. i need a trainer which is Custom cp trainer3

  267. Hello everyone ^.^ There are a few things i would like to say.

    1. Stop asking for runescape trainers, it’s encrypted and would be fixed very fast if you did somehow hack it and of course you’d almost positively get banned.
    2. Stop asking for CP over and over, enough people have already asked, no matter how many times you ask it won’t make it get done faster.
    3. Don’t ask for trainers on downloads since he’s only doing flash games.
    4. A few people have asked for Sherwood, it’s Shockwave so he won’t make a trainer for it but if you want to hack it get Artmoney or cheat engine and Google some stuff, I’ve also hack Tankball and created godmode, unlimited spikey ball things, speed hack and i have complete control over the point system.
    5. For all you pawn people I’ve tried to hack it and failed… Many times… But then again I’m not exactly the best so there’s still hope.
    6. I’ve looked everywhere for a Defender trainer but have found none.
    I tried hacking it and making a trainer for it using the instructions in the blog but couldn’t find the .swf. It could be one of those files that don’t display correctly but i might’ve made a mistake. The site is If you make a trainer that’s great but if not i know it’s summer and you’re working on a bunch more so it’s fine.

  268. hi, could u make me some really good AdventureQuest and DragonFable trainers plz

  269. I need a trainer for runescape plz

  270. i will have demonic defends 4 trainers

  271. need a trainer plz

  272. Hi Thomisbach i need a trainer to Habbo hotel
    And a tranier to Travian

    Thank you


  273. Hey thom its 345138 from pure i dont go on alot anymore also maybe one for all the haplands?tell me when u get back and pls tell me how to use the trainer maker cause when i do the instructions i f—ing mess up

  274. hey could you make a adventure quest trainer
    with gaining exp and gold nonstop while
    fighting monsters..
    when you cant get anymore exp or gold while
    fighting monsters like can make it carry on
    if you know what i mean lol..

  275. make 1 for pawn game and email it to me plz the website is

  276. Hi, i want a trainer for bang howdy, if it possible, ty

  277. Stickarena trainer would be great!


    ~ E th

  278. 345, i’m pretty good with the trainer maker, what you need help with?

  279. could u make a good trainer for runescape and hobowars.make sure they work too.

  280. Ok, Guys are you all like 8 years old? First you can’t hack runescape.Only people who have gone to university to learn that stuff.If you want a stick arena trainer go get jakes.You noobs,You could be decent enough to get a hackpack.But you guys probably won’t no what one is.Habbo Hotel can be hacked but no one has done it yet or everyone would have lots of money duh! So stop being stupid,ok.Good

  281. will you make a trainer for dragonfable that gives you a dragon amulet and that gives u 9999 gold and dragon coins that you can use to buy things

  282. i need cptrainer3

  283. cn ya make a trainer for stick arena


  285. can you please make a trainer for DRAGON FABLE…a trainer to get DRAGON AMULETS & BECOMING A GUARDIAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Id really appreciate it..its a WEB RPG

  286. oh hi thomisback oh ya can you make a trainer on cause i’m trying to banned this girl since she scammed me make a moderatar thing and make a credit thing thanxs your the best thomisback really no joke 😀

  287. i need runescape trainer

  288. can iu make a gardien and autobattel trainer to battleon send it to my at i dont know where u blogroll

  289. i need a runescape trainer plz (

  290. can u give me 1billion in shade server of flyff??…..^_~

  291. Can you please make a dragonfable trainer with actual working gold that goes to 10000 and dragoncoins. Also can you maybe try to make a dragon amulet hack that lets you do quests. Thanks. Reply asap and in good descriptions

  292. what server?

  293. i need a trainner for pawngame . com

  294. can you make me a dragon fable or adventure quest trainer send me a mail if you do:

  295. can you try and make cheats for webkinz please

  296. please make a trainer for tanks

  297. where will I find these dragon chests in

  298. i need an item duplicator and an auto bot for dragon fable

  299. can u please make a trainer for this game so i can play the full version of part 2 and not the demo

  300. heya i’m lookin 4 hackz for bots acclaim can u help me owwt?

  301. Hey please try to make an aimbot or some type of hack for

    Thanx. =P

  302. can you give a trainer of AQ? my email address is because the trainer i download from here is not working yet!

  303. The dragonfable trainers doesn’t work.

  304. the aq auto battler is not working

  305. i need a trainer for pawngame plzzzzzzzzzz

  306. can u plz make a trainer forpawn game plz plz plz im dyin and i nee d rank im a nooby

  307. hey i need to no how to get a cp trainer

  308. can u tell some hacks for pawn?

    i need hacks for health ammo killcoins

  309. GOD help me i need a trainer for the online game pawn

  310. i need to get some cheats for it please

    nice setup u got here!

  311. um… make a new dragonfable hack where u can actually use the money =p

  312. pawnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!! pawn the game cheats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! more!!!

  313. yea pawn!

  314. runescape lol

  315. is maple story a flash

  316. rofl copter

    LOL/——— oh never mind lol


  317. a qustion a need a Trainer for robotrage

  318. hey can you make a decent trainer for xgenstudios stickarena other one i had the V1 it said unable to download unspecified error wen changeing level :/ any way take your time your under pressure as i can see ^^ here is my email and thanks alot 🙂

  319. make it pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez & thx

  320. pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez make it & thx 4 the trairers

  321. i need a runescape cheat

  322. hey can you make a trainer for pawngame go if you want to see what it is go to please contact me at my email so i can know when you have made it thank you for your time

  323. i need help cheating im tired of people hacking so i want to shoe them how it feels to be over powered

  324. Thom can you please create a trainer for a game called kingdomofloathing please?

    I await your reply

  325. Thom can you please create a trainer for a game called kingdomofloathing please?

    I await your decision

  326. Hey, is there a CP trainer for the Mac? Can u tell me how to use it plz.

  327. can u give me link to download trainer to pawngame??
    if u dont have the trainer mail it to my hotmail when its finish please reply!!

  328. hi, well im a hacker as well. but i dont like being called one.i think they should call me the best hacker 😉 yea thats right i love hacking your video games all the time. Such as rs , stickarena ,and
    dragonfable. u may have heard of me from other hacker sites.
    but i bet u didnt. because the best hacking ones r private. because n00b hackers show it off. and my hacks work soo well that somtimes they r against the LAW. omfg. i got sued once. a 3000$ fea and a 3 weak jail time. i was mad so i made mine private…go and type private hacking games. lol i know its a give away again. but most stupid ppl go to google or yahoo. u make me sick.(private hacking games) GO HACKERS!!

  329. thom i had fun with macking u look pretty stupid but im soz. id like u to post this on it to make me look ;@

  330. can you make a trainer for boombang? It can be found at

  331. i need a trainer for pawngame because many people have more kills than deaths while i have 4000 deaths more than kills,my name in the game is Tazer.Please help me ireally need a trainer.

  332. u know my email. yea the most stupid hackers got to google or yahoo. whenever u get the trainer for pawngame send it to me. u know my email.

    P.S thom ur good

  333. Hello,
    Could you please make a Omerta trainer for me?
    I really appretice ( Dont know how to spell it ) it.


  334. hi, I need a boombang one. It really sucks to be poor! please!!!

  335. Hi. Wanted to know if you could either make a trainer for GaiaOnline or Imvu ( if this is at all possible thanks in advance whatever the outcome

  336. Hi dude do you have any clubpenguin cheats??????

  337. I need a hack pack for CLub pengiun cause the other one u made wont let me buy anything and i need one for stick arena

  338. the frickin dfv4 i dowloaded wont work anyumore wtf make a new one that will work anf for sure stay working and will not mess up or work with jake and make one beacuse all the ones you make screw up……stop screwing us around!!!!!!!!!!

  339. the trainers for adventure quest look friggin awesome but the will not do anything all i see is a blank screen please fix it and its says its not loaded to

  340. Is it possible to get a trainer for hubbo hotel

  341. The Blade of Innocence a hack tranier for this game

  342. can u make a cptrainer for ms (maplestory) plzzzz that would help real bad and maybe for rs (runescape)

  343. i realy need a habbo hotel trainer plzzzzzzzzz

  344. This is how you get the cp hacking trainer…Go to google…type in web: Cp trainer and get the cp trainer 2.0 and press download then press download agein and press cp hack and put name password then go to your house and press top botton on the left and do anything you want.then go to town.

  345. pawngame please send it to pls or grims help me?somebody brad?


  347. I need a trainer for really bad

  348. Can you give me the trainer for

    Email it to me at plz..

  349. noobs theres a few things u should understand.

    1. dont get pissed if the guy cant hack i kno half of u cant read cpu lingo

    2. he cant hack r.s. and seldom few can hack pawn game

    3.all u nutheads out there thinkin about hakin battleon and dragon fable stop and thnk… dont.its not worth it and the game iz easy as hell ive got two lvl 29 accounts on df and a lvl 106 on battleon withut cheating

    3. one of the key points of hacking iz being a godd gamer in the first place

    4.stop requesting the same games repeatedly it dosnt get it dont

    5.i hav a account on virtually every game and can hook u up just email me at

    …….oh and dont come to me askin 4 cp or webkinz or neopets ty

  350. hi thomy can u plz 1 for boxhead
    im like it realy

    da master

  351. the DF4 hack pac dont wor for me any more can u make a robot ,fable and adventure quest trainer, and try and make something hacking runesape2

  352. hello sir. i am looking for hacks for Pawngame ( or aimbot (the thing were as soon as someone comes on screen they get shot in head) please i know u cant hack it like health or anything like that cause it automatticly crashes i heard there was a program called WPE pro i tried to use it but i got confused if u have any help or even just a reply email me at

  353. i need a hack for the hentai games i love : )

  354. i need a trainer for webkinz cuz i cant get enuff kinzcash and its annoyin

  355. i need pawn game trainer contact me at

  356. trainer for and send to

  357. PAWN IS UN-HACKABLE! ITS SECURED GAME AND CHEAT ENGINE WORKS BUT HOWEVER IS EASILY FOUND AND BANNED. STOP ASKING HIM HE CANNOT HACK OT EVEN IF YOU DID BLINK WOULD FIX IT AND BTW get the mods pass to hack pawn! O YEAH if you get it post it here so that he can make the trainer my copied the files for it 😉

  358. PLEASE! I NEED A TRAINER FOR PAWN ONLINE THE SITE URL IS o really need sppeed hack or wep hackfor it please help and thnxs

  359. please help though i really need it

  360. help me with pawn game the site is and i need wep hack hp hack and speed hack please if you can i really really really reaally need

  361. I need a trainer for pawngame

  362. I need a pawngame trainer because i was band from the game

  363. hey its mike again can you please tell me some hp hacks level hacks weapon hacks potion and spells hack for the game battleon? a trainer for battleon with that would help

  364. need pawngame trainer!!

  365. please thomy make atrainer for eudemons online irealy need it PS speak with on microsoft office outlook not in mesenger or on yahoo

  366. i really need a new aq trainer

  367. i need cr by bb

  368. could u pls make some pawn hacks i need really bad i cant kill any 1 my computer lags or is there any gears that get ur computer faster pls.. 😦

  369. demonic defence, it doesn’t work

  370. can u make a runescape trainer email me when u get my message@

  371. need a trainer for please it just like club penguin but its not flash

  372. can you make a trainer for flash element td email me at

  373. i need a virtual villagers trainer bad!!!!

  374. can you give me a pawn game trainer and send it to

  375. can i have cp trainer3

  376. hello kan you make a better trainer for club penguin plzzzzzz

  377. i need cptrainer1

  378. i need wpe pro

  379. i need an item duplicator, auto bot and immortal hack in dragonfable… please and thank you

  380. can you make a bang! howdy trainer?

  381. how do i get wpe pro

  382. i need a trainer for adventure quest where i can find it?i have thomisback trainer but it doesnt work!!!!

  383. i need runescape trainer at

  384. i need a trainer fro club penguin

  385. I need a trainer for mother load on miniclip thnx

  386. how do you get death knight or a person who can
    kill in one shot

  387. how do you get a one hit killer or death knight

  388. i need a trainer plz im so desperate

  389. Swords and sandals 2: crusader

  390. make one for these sites


  391. i need one for pawngame or 🙂

  392. I don’t Need a Hack or Trainer.
    Just Saying it’s nice of you to make these trainers.

  393. i need a trainer 4 aq witch gives me lots z tokens

  394. Hi, i need an trainer for
    I am wery anoyed of all the wating, som i wonderd if you could make one and send it on mail to me?

  395. Hi, i need an trainer for
    I am wery anoyed of all the wating, som i wonderd if you could make one and send it on mail to me? FAST!!!!

  396. hey tom whats up just wondered if you could make some hacks for this really fun game called pawn it uses a unique so its extremely hard to use hacks

  397. a runescape trainer ill give u the site

    if u have made 1 please sent it to

  398. Make a Trainer For Maplestory

  399. sup can u make a trainer 4 me in bots acclaim thx

  400. plzzzz make a Habbo Hotel UK Trainer im sooo pooor nd i wanna be rich !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~

  401. I’m working on a way to hack anything Java-powered. If I figure it out can I tell you here?

  402. i need an rstrainer which gives me free rsgp mills and
    changes ym stats plz !!

  403. I really need a trainer for tppc
    the website is

  404. make a webkinz one

  405. I need a hack or trainer for boombang

  406. I need a hack or trainer for really bad!!

  407. i want to get a doomweapon. to get that i must have 28000.
    and its not so easy to get that. so i need only 60000 gold.
    please… can you do that for me?

  408. can u make a trainer for murloc rpg here is the site

  409. hey thomisback two things one i cant open and 2 can u make a hack that hacks byond games??? if u can email me at plz and thank you.

  410. i need a pokemoncrater trainer

  411. hi how do u make a trainer ive tried to on wpe pro but it wont work

  412. Hello where it’s the hacks i need it!!!

  413. and i need hacks!!!

  414. Hi r u making a CP Trainer 4 plz can u get me free membership thanks

  415. Please creat CP trainer 4. I will be very grateful.

  416. hey uh dude i need the trainer so i can do chest hack

  417. please i need credits and good items please if you could that would be cool when or if you do email me at

  418. well make a trainer auto player or somthing for zardwars im lvl 76 i need a lvl hacker for qick lvls because theres this lvl 110 and i wanna pass him


  420. pls make a trainer for bots


  422. make trainer for Bots acclaim plzz

  423. i want a trainer so i can clone on boombang

  424. Your all noobs! nobody can hack Pawngame nobody!

  425. yea uh i need sum cheats, trainer, or even hacks for i need credits badly. plz help mee….

  426. yo hi can u plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz! make a trainer for adventure quest for money,lvl and guardien ship too plz send answer on this site so plz plz plz make a adventure quest trainer! or a boombang trainer to i dont like to pay for credz! or can u make on for dragon fable i want the adventure quest and dragon flable ones more!

  427. How can i download the CP Trainer 4? I tryed to download it at but it did,t work even if I have an account.

  428. i need a trainer for bitefight

  429. make a trainer for clubpenguin and put an option in it turn the penguine to an invisible penguine and fixed the cpmember freezing

  430. i need a trainer for gladiatus please send me a mail.

  431. hey do you have any cheats for im sick of spending money on that its a rip off!!!! so please!!! help me 🙂

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