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Flash element TD trainer!


Someone requested a flash element TD trainer by commenting, well here it is!

Download it from:

Good luck,

~ Thomisback

(Let’s see who can finish the game and become number 1 in the highscores 😉 Also, join :))


6 Responses to “Flash element TD trainer!”

  1. O ya I suggested it! thanks dude you make trainers in like hours! you rock!

  2. it there anyway you could tell us how to make programs?

  3. Hey, I am trying to find your trainer but I cannoot get it from the link here. Please help me, I’m already addicted to that game Thanks!!!

    Editors comment:
    Try downloading from my blogroll!

  4. can you make a trainer for The Classroom,StickRPG,and motherload?

    Editors comment:
    Already did 2 of them 😉

  5. oh wait you already have motherload sorry:(

    Editors comment:

  6. when it makes you click the ad what does it mean im confused

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