is just an alternative way to become a famous and rich player!

New trainers ;)


I made some new trainers,

Stick world:


Impossible quiz:

Quick note:

Runescape, Robot Rage, Habbohotel, Heroia, Boombang, Shockplay and Kapilands are not flash games.

Territory War is really hard, I might do it sometime else.

Adventure Quest and Dragon Fable are secured, but i’m still trying to find a way to make a trainer for it.

No, I don’t have a Webkinz account, if someone has got a spare account, or if I could borrow the account for a few hours it would be great, e-mail me at

Stickman Sam 2, there is nothing to cheat on.

Have fun,

~ Thomisback


19 Responses to “New trainers ;)”

  1. hey i was wondering if u could find out how to become ninja for ur cp trainer,cuz it doesnt work wuts the code?

  2. o and also i was wondering if u could make a new and better stick arena trainer?

  3. cuz this guy named jake who made it made it kinda hard

  4. hey how do you make trainers?


  5. Hey, isn’t there a way you can figure out a way to make a shockwave trainer?

    Editors comment:
    Nope sorry there isn’t.

  6. i need a trainer for unreal flash

    Editors comment:
    Download Flash player 9 and it should work.
    Ever heard of reading my posts before commenting? :s

  8. i’ve been asking but havent got the answer could you make a trainer for swords and sandals 2? please big fan LEDUX
    Editors comment:
    Sorry, it’s secured 😦

  9. I am very intreasted to know how you make all these trainers!!
    If you know email me at

    Editors comment:
    Ok, you may e-mail me anytime 🙂

  10. nvm on my first 3 comments

  11. Is there anyway to make a trainer for Urban Sniper??????? email at

    Editors comment:
    Urban sniper is secured.

  12. how u make trainers

    Editors comment:
    Learn programming languages, look on google.

  13. umm thomisback email me how you make all these cool trainers wont tell anybody. LEDUX 🙂

  14. PEOPLE! It’s not a secret or anything he just is smart and knows programming.

  15. From these games, I know only Doodle, Clubpenguin, Runescape, Adventure Quest and dragon fable. Bragon Fable sucks.

  16. i want a trainer for runescape

  17. i got adventurequest trainer whit unlimited hp and the monster you attack turn hp into 1 and unlimited mana

  18. do you reckon you can make a robot rage trainer

  19. Thomisback’s Adventure Quest trainer (New)
    dosent work when i login in fix pl0x?

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