is just an alternative way to become a famous and rich player!

Some news


My webhosting deleted my account because of cheating, anyways I will get it up again soon because I got like 100 backups :).

(For those who don’t know i’m talking about

Sorry guys, I’ll fix it as soon as possible 😉

~ Thomisback


12 Responses to “Some news”

  1. dude can u please make a trainer for kapilands please

  2. how come i cant get to the cp trainer 3 download?

  3. :arrow:thomisback still rocks 8)

  4. dude i like your cp trainer3 but i cant change the dance clubs name

  5. hey Thom here is a idea maybe you could start making tutorials on how to hack things for cp with hacking engine already made like WPE pro or cheat engine cause itsj ust waiting for new hacks to be found !

  6. when is the going 2 b fixed? i wanna download some of ur old trainers like cp2 thx!!

    Editors comment:
    Just be patient ^^

  7. hey u said AQ was secured right? well u said swords and sandals were secured also so plz dude work and make a trainer for it

    Editors comment:
    Nope, swords and sandals is really strong secured!

  8. Hi can you make a trainer to Habbo hotel swedish and all version or somelike that ??? plz answer

    Editors comment:
    Habbo isnt possible

  9. Could you make a trainer for ZardWars?

  10. can you please make a trainer for Vector TD?

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