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Download links up again and a trainer ;)


Sorry guys bit late but at least the download link in my blogroll work again, so happy downloading 😉

Also I made a new trainer for Flash Circle TD!


P.S. www.purecheating doesn’t work yet but it will probably be fixed soon!

~ Thomisback

(If you need any trainers feel free to comment, but it must be a flash game!)


58 Responses to “Download links up again and a trainer ;)”

  1. hi ur good at making trainars

  2. I say 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 :)!!!! THX SOOOOOO MUCH THOMISBACK!!! I got banned from Cptrainer 3, but hey, thats Life! 🙂

  3. hay thom can you make a dragon fable trainer??

  4. can you give us an explanation about the trainer 3?

  5. can you make a trainer for Commando please email me back you can see my details and email meplease

  6. Aren’t you gonna spam that thomisback?

    Editors comment:
    Thanks, I just did 😉

  7. hey can you make a trainer of battletank

  8. can u make a trainer for stick arena?

  9. P.S mods are grey

  10. CP trainer 4 has been released but where i don’t know. Do u know where to find it…../////???

    Editors comment:
    Simply, it’s not.

  11. Can you make trainer for AdventureQuest this is game on

    Editors comment:
    Nope, it’s secured.

  12. its is bowmaster prelude and i will now how to make a trainer plz make a trainer for that and tell me how to make

  13. plz will u make a trainer for bowmaster prelude

    Editors comment:
    Will try 🙂

  14. where do i get cptrainer3?

    Editors comment:
    Download it from my blogroll 😉

  15. Hey. plz make a dragonfable trainer, it would be greatly aprecciated if you did

    Editors comment:
    It’s secured!

  16. can u make a trainer for dragonfable ? the site is

    Editors comment:
    It’s secured

  17. can u make one for runescape please it would really be worthit so do it and it will work

    Editors comment:
    Not possible

  18. here is website:

    Editors comment:
    Not possible!

  19. A heli attack 3 game trainer would be nice

    Editors comment:
    Its secured!

  20. the link for cotrainer3 dont work it says page not found but i think its because next to it in brackets it says (old)and thats why it dont work please fix it 😦

    Editors comment:
    It’s fixed 🙂

  21. Can you make a thing thing 2, thing thing 3, thing thing arena 2, and a stick rpg trainer?

  22. can ya make a trainer for maplesea its a game that my friend plays. can you?

    from me

    i like the cptrainer3 it’s really kool

  23. can u make a trainer for thing thing arena 2 the site is and thats where more games are made its also my site 🙂

  24. please make me an easy to use for runescape, like the pattern for your AQ trainer.

    the website for runescape is

    make it have a lot of options.


  25. oh, sorry for double posting,
    runescape is not flash.

    instead, make a guardian trainer for me (AQ)

    but if you can make runescape, why not?

  26. too when the dragonfable trainer works can you send me the file my email is

  27. can you make a clubpenguin trainer 4 with more hack bars and real membership and fixed coin hack

  28. can u pleaz make a trainer 4 pokemon crater

  29. please make a endless war 3 trainer please 😛

  30. Flower pokemon crater isnt a flash game it is a text based game

  31. hey i think you should make a runescape trainer because its hard to train lvl up your skills get runes get arrows buy armour buy weapons and get money and keep up the good work with all ur trainers

  32. cp trainer takes a long time to load. can you please fix that?

  33. who want a battleon account free just give me lvl 20 up dragonfable character my character in aq is a x-boost guardian account lvl 74……

  34. can you also try and make a cptrianer that lets non members buy furniture, upgrade their igloo and buy clothes fro their penguin. is that alright?

  35. can you make a trainer for DF that will work?
    P.S:The AQ trainer wont work for me either

  36. hey is this the stick rpg complete trainer?

  37. Hi can you make a Cp Trainer 4 for me? I’ve been waiting for ages!!

  38. please (cryinglysaying)please tell me how to download cp trainer 3

  39. Mind making a simple stick rpg complete trainer? just with the basics, please?

  40. can you hack me auto lvl 130 and all supers and be able to do what ever i want

  41. dear thomisback,
    i did the 999999 money hack for cp on cp trainer 3 and i can’t spend it, could you please tell me why this is? ='(

  42. dear thomisback,

    can u make a runescape trainer because its hard to earn money and get aurmor wepons and arrows and evrything else. PLZ MAKE A RUNESCAPE TRAINER.

  43. Please make a cp trainer 4 and can you try to make non members buy stuff with out the blue circle keep going around?

  44. dear thomisback i can band you!!!

  45. can anyone make a hack for xeno tactic the site is

  46. every one that keeps on saying make a trainer for rune scape he left an editors comment and said not possible!!!

  47. oh yeah… thomisback… where do i get the cp trainer 3??? some one left a comment at another website saying to get cp trainer 3 by thomisback and i went to ur website and i dont know where to get it…. on an editors comment can you give me the site to go to cp trainer 3 and that is FREE!

  48. can u make a bow master prelude trainer? Thx

  49. how do you make a trainer? other than that can you make a trainer for habbo?

  50. can u make a trainer for yugioh online and silkroad online?

  51. there is a game called Conquer online ive tried to make several workin trainers and i dont have the thomisback touch for it, lol i dont suck its just that its a little bit confusin after debuging it im fine but buildin it its like *doesnt actually say this* but critical error run away!! so send me a email on a tut to do that or just make 1, i dont want to take too much time for u, ur future friend AzGuNz, fyi search azguns in and see what ive done to command and conquer online, the game im wantin is much harder

  52. thomisback you gotta make a CP trainer 4 and fix cp trainer 3 you’ve probably already found out that club penguin fixed what cp trainer 3 exploits…….a new trainer for club penguin would be awsome we cheaters need a new one…..c’mon i know u still want to make trainers

  53. can you make cp trainer 4 please I need it sooo bad

  54. u rock nice trainer ^^

  55. Were do I get DF Trainer 5.3


  57. yo how do ya make cp trainer?

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