is just an alternative way to become a famous and rich player!

New trainers!


I got some new trainers for you:

Monkey snowfight trainer:

Some slotmachine game (Very addictive lol):

The sniper game on miniclip:

~ Thomisback


32 Responses to “New trainers!”

  1. i want a trainer for…… a another cool game!

  2. Can you make a trainer for Heli Attack 3 on miniclip please?please reply!I check this webstite everyday!Bye! 🙂 :p

  3. This is might be a bit difficult but can you make a trainer for adventure quest if possible that has buttons that allows you to be a member please.
    please reply.

    Editors comment:
    Adventure Quest is secured dude…

  4. on the monkey one it gives the opponet the wins and me the loses

    Editors comment:
    Then switch sides :p

  5. i want a trainer for Drag Racer 3

  6. Wow dude!! SO MANY TRAINERS!! You are the master of the trainers!!

    Editors comment:
    Thanks 😉

  7. I need a trainer for dragon fable

    Editors comment:
    Dragon Fable is secured but I will try it again sometime.

  8. I create Trainers too, but yours are a lot better than mine!
    How do you get the flash file into the trainers without a load error? Please tell me. E-mail me

  9. Every time i use the monkey snowfight trainer it always says connection error for no reason!

    Editors comment:
    They are probably fixing the bugs…

  10. can u make a trainer for VMK

    Editors comment:
    That’s not even online :S

  11. can u make a trainer 4 habbo

    Editors comment:
    Habbo isn’t a flash game

  12. cn u make a trainer 4 stick world?? please i love tat game..

  13. plzzzzzmake a runescape trainner i knoew its not flash game but plzz plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz try

  14. Hey guys I tried the Monkey Snowfight trainer but it loaded to the error screen!! Any Ideas??

  15. hello does any 1 liste to to me???????????? } =:

  16. Hey Thoimisback can you PLEASE make a trainer for Interactive Buddy? It’s a flash game.

  17. please make a trainer for interactive buddy

  18. plz make trainer for Desktop Tower Defense and if there was a trainer for it it was broken and not working and now i wanna a trainer for DTD the site is here
    ………….plz do it Thom youre the best…

  19. i rly need a runescape trainer plzzz plzzz plzzz plzzz plzzz plzzz plzzz plzzz plzz zplllzzz plzz plzzz pllzzz plzzz make 1 plzzz plzzz plzzz plzzz


  21. how can i download cp trainer 4

  22. yo when u makin the webkinz trainer

  23. i wana know where u download it

  24. ya make an interactive buddy trainer

  25. plz can u make a cp traner for runescape ur my only hope

  26. can u make a traner for runescape ill do enithing im just not rich just one this gp hack plz ill never ask agen onest

  27. just send the traner to

  28. make rs account changer and the trainers for clubpenguin member enable ses its disabled from my comp and its gets stuck

  29. you r great

  30. I want to be cp trainer3

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