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Computer problems…


Sorry guys i´m late but i´m having some problems with my computer, it crashed 😦

So at the moment I almost finished building my new PC, so just keep an eye on my website and I’ll be back today  hope.

~ Thomisback

P.S. I will finish all the trainer requests immediatly when my PC works again 😉


5 Responses to “Computer problems…”

  1. Yo make a trainer for hacking WordPress please it would be the ultimate hack and everybody would love it if not just tell me how to hack wordpress and e-mail it to me at please

    Editors comment:
    Hell no, I like my wordpress and I don’t want anyone to hack it :p

  2. can u give me another club penguin member pls cuz flyball is ban forever

    Editors comment:
    Maybe sometime later… and it won´t be just for you but for everyone.

  3. on the funeture id’s it dose’nt tell you whereto put them

    Editors comment:
    Use Wpe Pro!

  4. can you tell me your e-mail please

  5. please tell me how to get more trainers

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