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Wpnfire trainer!

Hey people,

I have been working on a new theme for my trainers, and I just finished the first one!

So I am announcing the first improved trainer, it’s for a game called Wpnfire.

Download from:

Please let me know what you think about the improved theme!


I never expected this but you just have to check out my stats:


Keep visiting my website =P

~ Thomisback

P.S. I will finish the other trainers as soon as possible, I got exams at the moment so I’m a bit slow, sorry!


26 Responses to “Wpnfire trainer!”

  1. I Like The Shadow theme very nice

    Editors comment:

  2. about half the trainers that you have when i try them it says “destonation sever unavalible

    Editors comment:
    Get flash player 9


    Editors comment:
    LOL, thanks 😉

  4. Can you make a new Club Penguin Trainer(because even in the easyfit it is still too big).
    An idea for it would be to put all the cheat things in a file menu type thing(Like Club Penguin Trainer 2)!
    ~ Sir Lemons®
    P.S. Could you please e-mail me about how you make the trainers?
    P.P.S.My e-mail is

    Editors comment:
    Hey, I will try soon to update some of the features 😉 You can e-mail me anytime!

  5. yo this is so hot!

    Editors comment:

  6. I need a trainer for Heli Attack 3 on!Plz make one!Bye!

    Editors comment:
    It’s secured!

  7. The cp trainers are corrupted! I cannot open the zip! It works with everything else, though.

    Editors comment:
    Try deleting your temporary internet files and download it again 😉

  8. i like shadow theme its soo awesome and can u make a heli attack 3 trainer plzzzzzzzz i beg you

    Editors comment:
    Heli attack 3 trainers isn’t possible it’s secured!

  9. Hi i downloaded all ur hacks before IT ROCKS the new theme is very nice

    Editors comment:

  10. Dude i really would like a Dragonfable trainer

    Editors comment:
    Working on it!

  11. can you teach me how to make trainers so that i won’t be asking you again plzzz email me at

    Editors comment:
    E-mail me!

  12. thom!!! amazing!!

    Editors comment:
    LoL, this guy is from my school ^.^

  13. sound AWESOME
    can u add me to your blogroll?

    Editors comment:
    Sorry, I’m not adding people to my blogroll anymore!

  14. Hey i gave you an acount so you could build a trainer for webkinz are you still creating it?
    or is it just hard to make?any way thanks for making one for this game cause webkinz really needs a trainer!

    Editors comment:
    It’s really extremly hard, I will have to do a lot of research! 😉

  15. can you teach me how to make trainers so that i won’t be asking you again plzzz email me at

    Editors comment:
    You will have to study programming languages for quite a long time

    btw can u add me to your blogroll?
    and ur link doesnt seem to work

    Editors comment:
    Thanks ^^ and no i’m not adding anyone anymore to my blogroll

  17. it doesen’t work!!!

  18. Your site rules! Your trainers rule! YOU Rule!!!!
    Could you try and make a trainer for

  19. * 🙂

  20. how do u download it every time i click the place were u download it the my site goes to

  21. when i try to play Demonic Defense it does not work it always opens a new page when i want to play, and you’re awesome to make these trainers!!!!

  22. when i try to play demonic defense it loads and everything, but when i go to the screen to play it it says play this game at this website,and it does not do the trainer how do i fix that??

  23. Hey do you HAVE to have flash player 9? Because if so then i have been using the wrong one this whole time.Thanks dude! ^_^


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