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Dragonfable trainer…


It looks like some people are having problems with the dragonfable trainer… I don’t know what it is yet.

If your lucky, the trainer will work you will have to find out for yourself.

~ Thomisback


38 Responses to “Dragonfable trainer…”

  1. the log in don;t work!

  2. Thomisback!
    Please help me!
    How to create a trainer? please help me!

  3. Yo it’s Cheesecumber
    Dude i have bin asking this over and over how long till the webkinz trainer??
    it is taking forever can you please just give me a hint of how long it will take or if ou giving up cause ya

  4. The screen is blank and can do anything (only red color)

  5. hey it dont work i cant even get a screen.. 😥 😦

  6. what happened to cp trainer easyfit version i cant fin where to get it and also that new trainer is weird 😳

    bye 😆 🙂 😦

  7. hey thom can you make a trainer called clubpenguin trainer4?can you fix the money and membership hack too?thats all i wanted to say BYE

  8. This doesn’t load Dragonfable… 😦


  10. can u make a trainer for AQ that has a money and xp hack i like ur other trainers but culd u make a better one?

  11. the adventure quest trainer it had a problem but the one of the free guardian and the othert said that had a proccessing error

  12. hey on the cp trainer u cant buy furniture or close ids dont work in on dragon fable it wont start the game the screen just turns red in on aq trainer it says try a diffrent computer

  13. can u make a club penguin trainer were u can buy clothes in stuff? im not being nooby i just cant get good stuff(i am a noob)

  14. got banned from cp :E using ur trainer wdf?

  15. Dude. I download every of ur trainers and some of dem dont work. why?

    Add me

    and hackers go to

  16. Hey ya dragon fable thing doesn’t work just wondering if you can fix it sooner?

    E-mail me when it’s ready at

  17. Dragonfable V2 dosn’t work cause there is a new version of Build.

  18. plzzzzzzzzzz plzzzzzzzzz fix its i love u plzz if u fixs

  19. after using autobattler in your aq hack all monsters started giving 0 xp and 0 gold!!!
    When I play normally they still give me no xp and no gold!!!

  20. I want a Newgrounds rumble trainer

  21. how do you put your wenguin card in teh comments?

  22. hello i’ve just got ur dragonfable it lokk awsome but dont work can u fix it???

    many thx muncharm2

  23. HELLO?!

    like you can see we want dragonfable xD
    i haved start a new char cause my lvl 28 where deleted…and that wes my gay friends dirty job.

  24. The trainer rocks for the people who it doesnt work for use the V3 trainer

  25. the dragon fable thing dosent work! and no trainers have a working member and gold ability.piz piz piz fix them otherwise the games r boring:(

  26. Uhh ya…i was using your trainer the otgher day and it was doing just fine and today not so much… stays on the red screen and now it doesn’t even work at all :|….try to fix it plz

  27. DUDES GIVE HIM A BRAKE, he ain’t god but he close he will fix stuff but it takes TIME, thomisback ur great at programming

  28. dudes i cant belive u think u say ‘ i want a trainer ‘ and he gets it. not in HECK!

    be patient. now i need a trainer for vmk for antilag and unlimited credits bc i only get lag i never get to shop. speaking of which all the only errors i get, the antilag should make sure shockwave doesn’t get in the way. plz do this. take your time(but not for a year).

    if u ppl noticed that a hack or trainer hasn’t come out for at least about a year, than he might have difficulties. TRAINERS ARE FOR SHOCKWAVE GAMES ONLY.

  29. oi having a wee bit of trouble getting the dragon coins to work it says that i have 9999 but when i try to use them or gold it says insufficient funds and restarts the game. just wondering if you could help thank you FLIP

  30. God dammit!
    LET HIM GO!!
    I know your all impatient for dragon fable trainer!!
    Use cheat engine its the same but you need to be a LITTLE..
    Just let him time to make it theeennn have fun 😛
    With cheat engine you can Hp hack damage hack(wasnt able to do)
    and EVEN!!
    So go to youtube and search for how to use cheat engine on AQ oorrr Dragon Fable
    Thanks and have a good day 😛

  31. i cant log on!!!!!!! i just see a white screen!!!!!!!

  32. HP hack for cheat engine 5.3 or 5.2

    First go to a battle, open the cheat engine , then look your hp in the battle, multiply this hp by 8, the result you put in value camp, and click first scan, later your enemy attack you and you lose hp, now multiply this hp by 8, and the result put in value camp, and click next scan, now appear a address only, click two times in this address, now change the value to 8000, and click frozen.
    Now wait the enemy hit you again, and now you have infinite HP =]~~

  33. hey i cant buy any furniture in the club penguin trainer it just freezes on the loading screen when i buy something can u help dude

  34. when you start a new game in dragonfable what do u do

  35. when u start a new game in dragonfable what do you do

  36. haha nubs just leave him alone he probaly wont fix cuz ur givin him pressure

  37. hi when i start its just got my guy standin der i cant click anywhere or anyfin can u HELP me plz!!!!!!!!!!

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