is just an alternative way to become a famous and rich player!



I created an Adventure Quest auto battler, you just press then button and it will fight for you. (Hint: Go eat popcorn while auto battling lol)

If you want really fast experience and gold, go to “Zorbak’s hideout” on the map.

Then click on “Twilly vs. Zorbak!” keep clicking on all the balloons until part 2 loads.

When you’re up to the stat roll, if you lose that’s ok, if you win click on “I didn’t win”.

Now you will fight a level 300 Undead dragon, press the “Enable auto battle” button and the monster will die and fight it again and again until you reach the maximum exp/gold limit.

Dowload it from:

I have even more good news for you!

I was messing around with dragonfable, and I was able to create a trainer!

The first dragonfable trainer ever, can be downloaded from:

Good luck owning monsters,

~ Thomisback


29 Responses to “Owned!”

  1. Why the Dragon fable Trainer wont work at all? I have tried at the login point but dragon fable wont come out?

  2. thanks for the auto battler but i cant play aq because of the server cap and Dragonfable doesnt work at all i just see a red screen

  3. -Btw, Your autobattler rocks.
    As on the before AQ Trainer, the level didn’t save. BUT on this autobattler the gold AND level saves!!! now I’ll just go watch tv and eat popcorn for the day, then when I come back. LMAO LIKE 100 MIL OF GOLD!!!!

  4. DF trainer doesn’t work.
    sorry. also please with those (insert food you like here) with (insertfavorite toy or whatever here)on top, make a DA hack

  5. uh dude is purecheating working now?

  6. Yeah hes right

  7. I know!

  8. are you to make a trainer for runescape that saves!!!

  9. hey, the adventurequest game can now detect cheats so i can’t get on

  10. Like i no this sounds nooby but how AQ trainer work…

  11. ye can you fix that please becuas the old one is stil working

  12. when the screen say that cheating is detected you can put some numbers in the browser at the end look at this link and see it

  13. playing with browsers is really fun

    this one is realy strange

    also i;m sorry for al those comments

  14. Look at the title it said Owned.He tricked us!!!!!!!!lol



  17. Hey thom is there a way to log in when it is fulland you dont have to be guidian?

  18. how do u use the auto battler i cant figure it out

  19. did any of you go to school, because none of you can speak proper english.
    let me guess, you were hanging out with your gangster friends that have nothing better to do in life exept wear really low pants.
    let me guess “ditching school is cool”
    you’re all complaining way too much.
    can’t you go one day without playing a useless game that won’t help you at all in life?
    everytime they upgrade their server, you have to wait for thomisback to make a new trainer, because all of you are to stupid to make your own. you all just sit there clicking the auto-battler button, thinking that your pro.
    trust me, my ten year old brother is using an auto-battler, and guess what? it’s nothing special.
    it’s disgusting how he’s just sitting there instead of playing with his friends OUTSIDE if any of you know what that is anymore.

  20. Thom you gonna update aq trainer?

  21. u just press auto battler and have a pet and you pet will battle for you ^^

  22. lol its not works only grey screen because its patched

  23. lol its not patched its out of date…

  24. make a trainer for

  25. all of the trainers you made on adventure quest are already not working, It used to work but it doesnt now. Please make a new trainer for adventure quest that never really breaks. Just please I beg of you. Anyway thanks for the hard work you gave to make us all happy. Thank you. 🙂

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