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Dragonfable trainer… again…


The dragonfable trainer still doesn’t seem to work for some people, your lucky if it does work.

I’ll try to fix the trainer as soon as possible, first im going to to try to finish the webkinz trainer.

~ Thomisback


9 Responses to “Dragonfable trainer… again…”

  1. hey dude srry if it’s hard to hack webkinz i was the first to then they relized what was happening and hid the main money some how but you can still easily cheat he games
    so anyways srry about that and also the main money was only hackible for about 4 weeks when i was doing it then i just went to the games and then they just ban me lol so anyways your gona have to keep updating the trainer if you make one so good luck

  2. Please create a Swords of sandals trainer

  3. yo none of the old trainers can be downloaded and email me if u ever get a workin dragonfable or adventurequest keep up the awsome stuff and with the clubpenguin stuff only the person playin can see the clothes or walkin anywhere no1 else can

  4. Dude when are you gonna finish the DragonFable trainer i need a answer now please tell me becose when i download DragonFable trainer UPDATED The “OK”BUTTON Doesent seem to work i meen.Actualy it doesent show up.”NEED SUPPORT”

  5. GET UP AND FIX TRAINER Pl0x i need it =( im already in AQ cheaters clan. All i need is a DF amulet hack that will work on quest the one i did on GzP dosent.

  6. need dragonfable trainer working plz fix it

  7. FIX THE TRAINERSSSSS!!!!IM MADSADDD!!!! no but seriously id love it if you could go and fix the trainers htye show a random page for me 😦

  8. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!the trainer never show up every time i press ok just the window but never the game please fix this ;(

  9. Can you please fix the aq hack cause every time I click ok nothing comes up the screen is blank fix it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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