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So the adventure quest server is full?

I’m always having this problem, it’s so annoying!

Go to:

Complete the survey and you will be able to login anytime for two days 🙂

Good luck,

~ Thomisback

P.S. Webkinz trainer is too hard…I guess… 😦


22 Responses to “So the adventure quest server is full?”

  1. sory but wat do you have of loging in if adventuere quest is detecting cheats

  2. are you gonna finish the webkinz trainer?

  3. and if you try to loging yo adventure quest the first time and insteed of ckliking back in the trainer click the auto batler you will see what hapens if you first start if you than enable auto batler you cant go farder
    cab sombody explain that to me

  4. Please help, CP Trainer3 comes up with “Page cannot be displayed” where the ads are supposed to be.

  5. Thanks but already did that 😀 keep working on
    Dragonfable trainer

  6. Why dont you make your own trainer for stick arena.

    I know this will be like impossible or very difficult hacking, but maybe you can make a trainer for runescape. Well if you do it will be a great hit because usually they don’t work and get you banned.

  7. trainer with auto doesn’t work u need a bypass now cuz it detected me 😦 it even recorded my ID so mean =0

  8. um the fishy trainer isnt workin anymore can u makeit work again?

  9. Aw i really wanted the webkinz trainer well oh well i will ask one of the other hacking guys like jake

  10. How do you make the trainers(if you use a program plz tell me!

  11. Thom, how come the Adventure Quest with the Guardian option cannot work any more???
    BTW, please repair the dragonfable trainer. And change 9999 gold to 30,000 gold because I wanted to buy the Doom Weapon. And if you could, please add dragon amulet and guardian hack that works properly.

  12. Hey the problem with the Dragonfable trainer is it wont load.

  13. Hey Thomis I know a way to get a guardian hack on the trainer just edit the thomisbackaqtrainer and add the Guardian hack and I will be so grateful thank you.

  14. how do you make trainer

  15. what did you put as base url for df trainer?

  16. sirlemons, you use Visual Basic 6.0 to make trainers. For more info go to

  17. thanx dude it really works

  18. then if its 2 days it wont be good again thats true not good after 2 day….

  19. plz i want to become a gardian

  20. 9999

  21. 90

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