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Adventure Quest updated with X guardian option


The trainers was fixed by BattleOn but I already updated it!

Download the new autobattler/trainer from:

Good luck,

~ Thomisback


110 Responses to “Adventure Quest updated with X guardian option”

  1. The “OK” button doesn’t seem to come up, wether I click the google ads or not, maybe a bug? 😦

  2. omg dude thnx!
    kewl trainer

  3. again good job. I just can’t get to some places on the map

  4. YAYYYY Firsst comment an hey dude that is awsome i got guardian armor but u can do other guardian stuff dats bad bud really good efort!!

  5. hey can u put the old cp trainer 3 back on cause i figured out how to make the coin problem work!i accidenataly deleted them from my computer and i cant find the old cptrainer 3 any were!and 2 make the coin hack work with the new 1,press the button for 999999 coins and go play cartsurfer!u would earn like 7,000 coins!plz put the old cp trainer 3 back.

  6. thank you

  7. its not loading its jsut white balnk

  8. great work on the trainer one question did you signed up for cheat engine just making sure nobody is trying to that there thomisback thanks for the hard work keep it up


  10. its so wicked man!!!

  11. lol
    the hack works big time
    thanx yo

  12. hey thanks man! I appreciate your work! Everything works great except it still doesn’t allow you to do guardian stuff. You can use the guardian tower’s services though

  13. i doesn’t work anymore the ads doesn’t apear

  14. yo thx your the best how do you make trainers

  15. how do i work this thing? i downloaded flash element TD trainer and when I try to run it, it just pop up a program that has blank white screen on it.

  16. Hey
    I don’t see the OK button!!

  17. hey the x-guardian button doesnt work. the only thing i can only enter the guardian tower, but i cant go to guardian-only areas, and i cant purchase guardian items, and i cant level up in dragonslayer cos it says you have to be guardian.
    can anyone tell me how to get this to work???

  18. holy shit thats so fuckin awsome

  19. when im using the new AQ hack i use the auto battler but as soon as the enmies health get to 25 it wont go down anymore……. what do i do

  20. as you should have noticed already aq has updated adventure quest. It is now 33.3..I am not sure if you have already got this message, but i’m here to help you =]>.

    Keep on hacking,
    llk; OR Dan

  21. Hey on AQ UPDATED after i attempt to login i get an error and it is

    Processing Error

    an unknown error had occurred while processing the login.

    The game database may be offline or having problems. There could also be a web communication problem between your computer and the game web server.

    Try going back and log in again

    It didnt do this yesterday or this morning its started happening when i got home from school and it does this to all your AQ trainers

  22. when i try downloding it it says the file is corupt

  23. maybe he cant make a trainer for runescape ore habbo ore something i need it hard becose i am be hacked! :[

  24. i like this trainer but i’m stucked in the town i can’t do anything and i can’t get more than lvl 50 even if i have the guardian option on

  25. your trianer is great, but I got caught by battleon and now I can’t log in through the program (i can still log in through the normal battleon homepage) I really want to use your program again, so what do I do?

  26. Hey, for the AQultimate trainer, how do i type in the certain format and get the weapons or armor or w/e..?

  27. Great trianer but i can NEVER kill the damn monsters the regenerate… and there hp is always at 25…. plz explain this to me… email me at

  28. Can anyone tell me why i keep getting taken to the reapers hideout whenever i try and enter any shop, even using the shop hack :S

  29. please make cp trainer 4 thanks 😯

  30. can you make maple story trainer 😯 😯 😯

  31. i would like you to train my guy good please

  32. im board the ok button wont show up and it was about 5 mins…

  33. i clicked a add and finaly it showes up -.-

  34. hey this is awesome but when i use the guardian hack i dont have on the guardian armor. y doesn’t it show it

  35. he yis there a money hack on this if there isnt u should make 1

  36. do u think you can make adventure quest hack that lets you do any quest including old ones

  37. if i fight a monster it has 25 hp and when i hit him he stil has 25 hp how can i kill those monsters?

  38. hey when i download the file and unpac it my pc say that there is something missing can someone please send me a working AQ hack. my mail is

  39. hey this trainer worked before but too bad artix came up with the game server detecter. now we cant use the trainer oh man. so can you make another one?

  40. it doesn’t work. after i pushed the “ok” button thers a white window

  41. yo my trainer for adventure quest doesn’t want to load help me please email me and tell me what to do

  42. guys, all of the game trainer are not working, MAKE ME ONE Now!!!!!!!11

  43. it whont play why


  45. the blody game trainer is no fuc**** workin FIX IT

  46. when i use it the game screen just go’s grey

  47. It’s because AQ just got updated into a new version. That’s why the engine doesn’t work!

  48. ok you need to update aq trainer it’s now version 33.55

    also I request a hack for tank ball 2 at

  49. plz fix the game its out of date plz and thx

  50. cool

  51. Fix the adventure quest ultimate trainer please,It dosnt work AT ALL

  52. yes, it does say wrong game version detected. the other version of the trainer was detected before, but it was fixed. after some time, this was detected again. please fix this problem permanently please we need your help…..thanks in advance

  53. hey how to use the trainer?
    i clicked on the x guardian button but im still a normal player

  54. Adventure quest dont work either cause
    your comp is going slow and it shows a blank screen
    its freezing your comp while playing.
    and the normal one:it says V33.3 and the
    new version is V35.3

  55. Hey I just wanted to say ur trainers are the best but the AQ trainer isn’t working anymore could u plz fix it.

  56. its not working FIX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  57. Hey Can anyone help me!!! because my Adventure Quest Trainer is only in Gray Screen How i can play it plsss Help me

  58. its not working

  59. please fix it thomisback

  60. not working

  61. i cant get it to work i tried it like 100 times!!!!


  63. i cant go on the screen is frozen

  64. Dude, people, stop yelling at thomisback to fix it. I want him to fix it too, but he already has a hard time!

  65. hey man
    i need the new aq hack for 33.55
    is it ready ?
    please upload it

  66. eh yo bluds yo can any of chu tell me y me traina aint warkin

  67. it just cams up wit a grey screen

  68. Hey my screen just stays white it does this with all aq trainers but DF works fine

  69. hey some one please fix it i am dying!!!!!

  70. Where is the ok button ???? pls

  71. It doesn’t work for me!!! the blank screen always appeared and there are no advertisement only a blank screen!!!

    E-mail me:

  72. lol he retired

  73. good guy u fucken noobs guy the gay a brake u keep makeing him made he will quit

  74. Im not trying to give you a hard time but Please fix it sure i can get the blade of awe cause i need a guardian blade

  75. Hey, good luck on fixing it. You’re the best!

  76. help me please i cant download it i need cheats bad
    plz E-mail sum 2 me

  77. his trainer works its just that battleon servers have updated there non-hacking systems,making it harder to hack

  78. its a grey page wen i try using it i have adoed 9

  79. Right click it and then click select all that should do it

  80. only a gray screen for me sombody fix plz!!!!!!!

  81. dude it stays blank screen i want to try really bad how long does it take to load

  82. hey could u fix the thingy i have been trying to get to work for ever now so please fix it!!!!!

  83. can you make AQTrainer with X guardian option and Z-Tokens pls
    this to new updated!!!
    you can e-mail me to
    Thank you very much!!

  84. how can i work the trainer??????? its only a grey screeen *tears*

  85. ok….the stupid thing isnt loading up and its weird its just stuck and i just want it 4 the gaurdian hack cause payin 4 it is stupid-.-

  86. when i open trainer thing it says stuff at top of screen but i dont its a gray screen and if i right click on it it says movie not loaded

  87. Movie wont load… Please fix it.

  88. can someone help me download this cheat

  89. can someone help me download this cheat plz

  90. when i start up this trainer the ok button comes up and all but once the trainer starts AQ doesnt come up. Theres just a gray screen. Does anyone know why?

  91. come on guys man hes been helping you all this time and all you can do for him is yell at him case it stoped working hes probly going to stop case of yall (yell at me if you got to just dont yell it him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

    yall should be ashmened (or however you spell it)

  92. what can i do if the grey window stafs grey when n ipressed ok

  93. The trainer starts but is a grey screen

  94. pleaze help me

  95. dude the trainer isnt working. the ads dont load even after and hour!!! on my laptop it works, but not my computer!!! solve this thing please!!!

  96. Hey, I think we all should stop criticising this. If you want to do so, just forget this and go earn money the right way. Thats if you do not know how to appreciate favors. He has no obligationat all to help all of you. Me, for one, don’t use cheats so this doesnt affect me.

  97. you must click refresh then it dosent work whath the hell

  98. its not working right the ok button doesnt show up if u could fix it that would be great thanks in advance

  99. why can’t i open the hack any time i open it just a black screen please help me T_T_T_T_T_T_T__T_T_T_T_T_T

  100. plz help me then i load aq hack then press OK,its load but not working white window and nothing ploz help me!!!

  101. dude how do you get the trainer i cant find out how to install it or down load it or some thing so i don’t know were to get it

  102. really i cant find out were to download it or something

  103. HEY IT DOSEN”T WoRK WeeEEELLLLLLLL good try Juge time!!!! 10 0 0 0 0 0 00 00 -7 -100 -843284209


  105. doesn’t seem to work….


  107. it`s not working

  108. Hello im trying to do this trainer but when i loa dit up no advertisement comes on and it doesnt work for me

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