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Updated :)


I fixed the adventure quest and bot arena 3 applications.

Download Adventure quest from:

Download bot arena 3 from:

Download The challenge trainer from:

Happy cheating,

~ Thomisback


39 Responses to “Updated :)”

  1. You should add 1 hit k.o to bot arena 3

  2. Great work, it works, but, i think most of us would like you to fix the dragonfable trainer, not that we are telling you to.. But great work on the aq trainer

  3. Or like weight to 0

  4. How do you make these trainers!

  5. Good job man!

  6. ay do you have aim? if you do aim me up its texasnikkakt, i wanna ask you about the readme files for your battleon trainers. Ill ask a few here the notepad file equipment list says something about item hack, mind telling me how i do it because there is no item hack on your trainer, also wat is your enable decrypter hack for? pls ans thank you for the engines

  7. hey with the adventure quest one i login click on enable Super stats and enable x-guardian and when i go to that grey castle thingy for the guardians to get my armour and that weapon i come out and i cant click on anything and my character has gone

  8. You should make a VR Defender y3k trainer. The game can be found at

  9. Request! Hey, can you make a trainer for Battlgrounds. []

  10. Request: I would be pleased if you made a trainer for mythania, can be found on The game is not released yet, but in about a week, it will, you can also make a trainer fot this V..

    Heaps of thanks, Memz

  11. bad news´……… they have uppgraded it now and aq dont work for me 😦

  12. # GrimReaperzz Says:
    June 14th, 2007 at 9:33 pm

    hey with the adventure quest one i login click on enable Super stats and enable x-guardian and when i go to that grey castle thingy for the guardians to get my armour and that weapon i come out and i cant click on anything and my character has gone

    I have this same problem. When this happens, the start battle button disappears as well and the trainer doesn’t allow you to auto battle…Please help!

  13. Hey the AQ trainer has wrong version now
    think they added creation orb final battle

  14. Been wierd things with the AQ Trainer, I click Enable Super Stats I go battle Akriloth and the other monsters but when I defeat them they give 0 XP and Gold also the stats only go up to 2000 for some reason.

  15. can u make a desktop tower defence hacker for put gold here and alll towers lvl 5

  16. Hey i get a runtime error everynow and then with AQ i think it is runtime error something and it mentions something about resizing or something if anyone else gets this error can they please put down the number of the error

  17. The Aq trainer is weird sometimes when i come out of places i can’t click anything and it all disappears…

  18. Keep up the good work!

  19. hey i was wondering if there was a way to get deaths shop working or maybe a gold hack?

  20. great trainer though

  21. adventure quest trainer have a bug!:if im guardian and i select battle is braked

  22. i have been using ur AQ trainer to continuously fight carnax. first i started fetting no experience, then i started getting experience again, then i started not getting gold and experience. and can u fix this and can u make a infinite gold feature and select your level feature thanks

  23. im geting no exp from monsters! HELP! My other caracters can, but my lvl 76 cant 4 some reeson. Also, can u make a gold and z token hack?

  24. i cant get exp in normal AQ either! HElp! can u make an exp hack so i can level?

  25. how in the world do i do the weapon hack with the trainer

  26. hey the adventure quest trainer isnt workin i t works up to the point till i get to the login screen then it just goes blank

    what do i do?

  27. there is a inform that the aq staff have changed the internet connection into internet explorer and fire fox which means that they dont let u log in useless u use one of those internet browsers.

  28. i think u should think of a way to disable that option because if u dont your hacks will be useless cause they can detect if u r using the right browsers or not

  29. by the way……
    i love your trainers….
    it would be nice if i could use it for a little bit longer

  30. the aq trainer is out of date we must wait untill thomisback
    updates it

  31. hey do you have a tutorial link for this because i have no idea how to get it working when i click it a grey screen appears with cheats at the top
    what do i do now?

  32. ultimate aq needs updating cos the running flash version id 33.3 and its now33.55 so please could you update it 4 me cos its great when its working!!!!!!1

  33. it’s not working for me can somebody plz help me!!!!

  34. well , dragonkid the reason you are not gettting exp from monsters is that you’ve reached your daily limit its like 200000 or something

  35. I keep getting a blank screen

  36. the Adventure Quest trainer does not work

  37. The aQ hack isn’t working for anybody now (i think) And its probabaly because there has been another update and its now 33.66 !!! plaese can u make another cheat for Aq .Thanks so much for your work tom keep it up !!!

  38. 😦 can u please figure out a new way to hack AQ the bastards fixed it, the trainer was awesome!!!!!

  39. Can you please make an adventure quest trainer for the new version???

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