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CPtrainer3 updates


I still got many people asking about the (veryeasy)CPtrainer3,

Well I added some new options, you can now get some items using and they will stay pernament on your Club Penguin account, there is also a custom color cheat but this hasn’t been tested yet.

Redownload it from:

Good luck,

~ Thomisback


111 Responses to “CPtrainer3 updates”

  1. W00t first to comment

  2. hey can you add a pirete on on the cp trainer 3 very easy

  3. Thomisback is a nice friend. really talented trainer creator, but you sure that it’s real?

  4. still cant buy stuff

  5. Nice Job man you become a man that i might never become to be

  6. second yeah

  7. What part of the furniture and item ID’s do u actually need to type in?

  8. Good job again mate!

  9. can u make the new adventure quest trainer coz the old one is to old

  10. there isnt coming a ok button

  11. Where do u actually live

  12. what are the furniture ID’s for?, how do i use them?

  13. I forgot to tell you this thom.You can go to by typing:

  14. the hacks of the trainer only works for 1 use.To use the hacks again you need to extract it again

  15. thx!

  16. woot 2nd to comment 😛

  17. i find the I.D’s sorry about my comment =(

  18. The I.D.’s dont seem to be working properly why?



  21. how come when you download cp trainer 3 and play club penguin and try to buy something it freezes.

  22. can u plz fix the membership hack and make it not load long

  23. how do you use the ids the apperently dont work for club p trainer 3 it does for cp trainer 2 but guess what i treid somthing with 2 computer and when your wearing hacked clothes other people cant see it so that really made me sad so FIX IT PLZ!

  24. You should do sherwood because it is gettin lame without cheats.

    Plese and thank you.Please May You Do This

  25. where can i get micromedia flash player 7?

  26. Please Fix The DragonFable Trainer

  27. Hello,

    For some reason it’s not working with the stuff, like to get the free items.

  28. thnx for the ultimate aq trainer but wat are the encryption keys

  29. Do others see you on the newspaper thing?

  30. u will be gettin more things like the patch and green duck right? then we all could be minin and stuff, if u wer to get 1 more item i would say to get the minin helmet evryone wants tht!

  31. what program u use to make trainers?

  32. Do you have MSN, if so whats yuor address? I’d like to talk personally with you.

  33. plese make trainer that you can enter code of item and get it forever.Your trainer then will be the best trainer ever.


  34. its not working!!!!!!

  35. i dont get how to start

  36. hmmm the updatet trainer dont works… there dont appear an login window

  37. I need a swords and sandals 2 trainer.

    Money Hack, Lvl hack, and stat hack.

  38. hey man,can you make a triner special for free membership hack???if you need help just say

  39. can u make a trainer for internet rpg or desktop tower defence i really need them

  40. thomisback stop deleting my coment! ireally neded your help big time!!

    Editors comment:

  41. how do u get the items to stay on your account?
    what items are they?

    Waddle On!

  42. Nothing works on the trainer.

    Waddle On!

  43. try out the trainer urself thomis.

    clothes hack is cs.

    clothes dont stay permanent.

    cant buy things for ur igloo or upgrade.


  44. how do you access to the club penguin cheating in purecheating .com

  45. I GOT BANNED 😦

  46. what are the new id’s in buyings things on club penguin send the to

  47. I can’t find the guide for CP trainer3 so i’m putting it here
    do i need to download Megauploader to see the guide?
    I’m confused plz help


  49. Plz add me to ur contacts on MSN My name on Msn is :[Dr. Evil:[ i want ot talk to u

  50. Hey Thomisback,I also got The Eypatch hack ByOur Selfs Can you Bepieve That If You Check On Youtube And Search Darkever64.You Will See All Of My Videos,By The Way How Did You Find Out The Eyepatch Hack,Me

  51. tom make one for the mac i cant use it its so annoying!!!! 😦

  52. how do you make a trainer plz tell me

  53. Thom, how come when I buy stuff I only get a loading screen?

  54. And, how can I use the item codes? what should I put?

  55. 🙂 cool trainer! i love the eyepatch

  56. dude when i type in a clothing id code, nothing shows up. not even on my player card. fix it!!!

  57. yea i did it but it wint work

  58. mww ur on my buddy list

  59. ghost days is right. it doesnt work

  60. i cant buy any member stuff…

    can someone tell me what to do if a error window comes up that says

    sorry, this feature is disabled on your computer

  61. when i press ok it freezes

  62. the eye patch does not work

  63. Dude! You try the it, We did no worky, Maybe, you should give it a try. Now!

  64. I want to be able to buy stuff!!!!!

  65. Yeah.Cool trtainer!!!!i love the eyepatch!!!:)and another items i have the another free items

    Waddle On!

  66. I get the error screen that says This feature is disabled in your computer. How can I fix this?

  67. hey hwy you have the ok thing it dosnt work ok dosnt come up i have try many times FIX in &-(

  68. Same as the other guy, I get the error screen that says This feature is disabled in your computer. How can I fix this?

  69. the cp trainer 3 is not working al it has is a blank screen. wat do i do

  70. Same as the last guy, I get the error screen that says This feature is disabled in your computer. How can I fix this?

  71. how i can get id to have items??????????

  72. do the permenent cheat for the beta tester hat or the mask from penguin chat 3 if you cant atleast do it with the beta tester hat

  73. hey! i discovered a new item code!! here it is (found it myself)
    Name: Life Ring
    Code: 344
    its awesome, i am doing trial and errors then when i typed 344 the life ring popped out! its really cool

  74. THis trainer doesn’t work!

  75. Same as Richie, It says that on mine to! Fix Thom, Plz!

  76. what i think you should do is make your own catalogue with lots of clothes on it like the eyepatch and green duck which stay there when you log on then off again. you should put all the halloween clothes, all the pirate clothes like the black and white striped top, and all of the wild west clothes.
    your cptrainers are kwl !!!!!!!!

  77. listen up k thomis ur color think makes u bann!

  78. u gotta make another one that where the coin cheat works plzzz!!
    im loving the free items but now im getting bored of them…

  79. Fix It Thom! Fix it!

  80. ids dont work what do i do

  81. it says ok i clicked it but after that it wont load can u fix that please

  82. it says ok but after that its just a bunch of hacks and stuff and it wont load please fix/help

  83. hi dude i have a little problem……..when i turn on the “free member” button and try to buy something that is for members it either loads forever or loses connection. wat is the problem, can i fix it somehow?pleaz email me if anyone knows.

  84. sry for my language but i cant even download thia thing. im just real sorry sorry sorry sorry.

  85. dam what the heck the cp trainer 3 is cool but i do not know the id works what is the id codes and and the membership works but when you buy something it stop that sucks!

  86. can u plz fix it!

  87. thomisback can you give me the hack ID for cp trainer 3 can you?

  88. as you can tell by my name, im new to hacking.
    Although I do know some about it, but the ‘item hack wont work

  89. Hey … Im Useing the CP-Trianer 3 … and For Some Reson it Wont let me buy anything but free items … when i press buy on member items it says lost connection is lost … always please help

  90. Hi i was wondering how can u get old items and keep them in ur inventory u said something about buying free item?

  91. How do u get the items to stay on your account? One other thing is how do u but items?

    Waddle On!

  92. WOOT Im Last TO POST

  93. you get band

  94. you have to make one that will work on the members stuff like come on


  96. well how to you make cptrainer?????????

  97. Yeah, it’s sorta not working. :/ I tried to buy items, but it just fucked up like Jake’s.

  98. my cptrainer3 wont fit in my internet page

  99. how do u play cp trainer 3?

  100. Well that sucks,u cant buy any member stuff like cp trainer 2

  101. what im hearing about cp trainer 3 i think it sucks!

  102. I can’t make it work. It says “movie not loaded…” –.–

  103. can you say how to use it??? please need

  104. I want to become rockhopper
    my penguin is not a member
    but has 1010 cons and I want to become rockhopper so badly plz plz help me I want to be rockhopper so bad

  105. hey for you that cant fit all the page on yoor srceen right click on destop minmise everything first, hover you mouse over display mode and change the screen to 1024 by 768 ther i solved you problem !

  106. um the eyepatch works but not the green duck and forest map please fix

  107. umm the clubpenguin trainer 3 dosnt seem to have a press okay thing can you help me?

  108. Hello, I have a question ! I want to know ! Why the cptrainer 3 loads forever?

  109. johny,no answer in that question

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