is just an alternative way to become a famous and rich player!

Hey, is fixed, if you want to copy some posts from the old one go to and login.

Happy posting again,

~ Thomisback

P.S.  Trainer requests will be done as soon as possible


30 Responses to “”

  1. Hey is it possible for you to fix the dragonfable trainer?

  2. 1st, and you’re awesome

  3. hey Thomisback you are awesome
    can you just put the date next to the AQ battler when it’s fixed so you don’t have to post everytime? thanks

  4. well…there is a new DragonFable Trainer? thats can make you Ammy and dragonLord?

  5. ur cp trainer doesnt work.

    none of the clothes hacks work even if i put in the id and each time i try buying something from furniture catalog with membership hack, the thing doesnt load up

  6. btw will the trainer get u banned?

  7. There is a possibility it will get you banned there is a hack on there for dark colour if one of the mods caught you, you will get banned for it

  8. can you make a trainer for Sinjid: Shadow of the Warrior?

  9. Hey thomisback some1 is using ur dragracer trainer as his !!! Heres the website:

  10. runescape trainer!!!!!!plzzzzzz

  11. Best website EVER. Do you mind if I post the dragonfable and AQ trainers on ?

    Editors comment:
    Go ahead 😉

  12. Could you plz fix crimson warfare?

  13. MAKE A RUNESCAE TRAINER!!! Its at I hope you do!

  14. BEST website EVER!!! How exactly do you DO that? Have you found a way to open it in flash? Can you decrypt? Keep up the gd work!

  15. please fix the server problem, I can’t go to purecheating

  16. aq trainer not load up plzzz fix it

  17. thomisback cant you tell me what the id’s are for all of the things please?

  18. i need a trainer for diablo2 heres my email

  19. can you please make a trainer for stick arena

    ps: you are like the smartest person i have ever heard of i mean ive seen trainers before but they stink compared to yours. = )

  20. BROKEN WEBSITE. wont work fo me

  21. how do we actualy use ur dragonfable trainer i cannot even loadi t up so headache

  22. how do we actualy use ur dragonfable trainer i cannot even loadi t up so headache how to load The screen inside nothing only got a red screen Sia

  23. I need help with the Ultimate AQ thingy, it loads but all i see is a grey box when it works, im guessing im supposta load AQ there?

  24. What happened to my other post? O well can someone help me with ultimate aq hack? Whenever i load it up i see everything fine but i see a grey box instead of AQ (im guessing) can someone help me?

  25. can u make a trainer for gunz im not sure if you can tho it uses GG >.> i know ur pro but r u THAT pro?

  26. Hi wanted to ask again for the >FIXED!< version of ur trainer maker , would be grat if u can gimme the direct link to the download

    greetz pudding.^_^

  27. hey i cant log in what i need to do?????????????????

  28. If you turn runescape into flash i think he’ll think about making one.

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