is just an alternative way to become a famous and rich player!

About the trainer requests


 If you want a trainer, please post a request on in a thread.

I’m getting to many comments and I can’t sort them out anymore, also I don’t feel like looking through 51 pages of comments.

So if you want a trainer, please post a request on also if you need help, go there and a member will try to sort you out. (Include the link to the website please)

I’m just doing this because we will all help each other and keep a neat overview of the community. (Also other members will be able to help you)

Thanks for your understanding,

~ Thomisback

P.S. You can get items using the new cptrainer, just redownload it from the blogroll. Make sure to unzip the whole folder and do not move around any files.


17 Responses to “About the trainer requests”

  1. (enter) site
    then, on most played games / most popular
    go to swords and sandals 2. thats is the game
    or, google – Swords and sandals 2 Full version.
    (That is the one I want you to do a trainer for)
    as funny games is a demo. is a demo too. so google swords and sandals 2 full version 🙂 STAT HACK, MONEY HACK, AND LEVEL HACK.

  2. I come on this website, like every day
    5 times. I’m so obssessed with it that I come on to check for updates

  3. Hi I am suggesting that you shud add more items to the CP trainer lke boots and stuff =D Thanks anyways

  4. do a desktop tower defence trainer plz

  5. i cant seem to see any forums on that forum site

  6. you should update the dragonfable trainer

  7. plz make a cp trainer 4 and plz email me the web to make trainer at

  8. the item hack doesnt work!!!!! has club penguin fixed it? 😦

  9. purecheating’s website is down

    and cp trainer still doesnt work even when i unzipped it and didnt move anything

  10. please create df hack to become DA and soe other hack for df

  11. plz help!!!
    How to use the adventure quest trainer?

  12. The ITEMS work!!! GOSH!!!!

  13. the element td doesent work

  14. can u plz make a swords and sandal full game trainer coz i like that game so much and alot of peeps like it to (i hope) u could amea level hack stat points hack and money hack opps and a hp hack i cheat is ,,,,and a name then clik randomaze som 3 ties and u get best aromor and stats

  15. how do i open up cp trainer 3??? that stupid sonic thing is like blocking it and theres no “ok” button!!!!!

  16. plz make a new adventure quest auto battler

  17. i want you to make a nicktropilis trainer

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