is just an alternative way to become a famous and rich player!



I got two new trainers for you:

Tower defence

Momentum Missile Mayhem

I’ll try to fix the Dragonfable trainer as soon as possible.

Post your trainer requests at


~ Thomisback


16 Responses to “Trainers…”

  1. what about the webkinz trainer!

  2. good work

  3. DAmn i was gonna ask you one for mmm but you already made it thanks alot

  4. Lets really hope for it…but there is DragonAmulet Trainer?


    and my X-Guradian option is not working well…
    hope you’ll continue the Great Job guys!!

  5. first comment yey
    hey you are too god to be troo al your trainers they are so good πŸ˜‰

    ps: visit my homepage im norvegian so the homepage is it to

  6. Thanks. It’s really great that you don’t use
    anything apart from campcompany because
    freehosting you have to pay, and alot of other websites just suck..



  7. thanx Thom you rock forever

  8. help on cp trainer 3 !!!!!!!11

    clothes hacks dont work

    membership hacks dont work

    i cant even wear clothes

    i cant even open my igloo

    i dont even keep the clothes!@!!!

  9. Hey, nice work man real nice. Can i make a request for a Trainer for Stick arena? on Xgen. Ty in advance

  10. I am a user of Your Trainers when i download some games which are Dragracer3,Botarena,canny invasion.These game trainers are not coming it seems loadin a blank

  11. hey guys why does the ok button not appear in momentum missile mayhem trainer screen ???

  12. HEY, I thoguht of a good trainer…

    A trainer FOR thing THING 3


  13. Maximus click one of the links up the top its like an advertisement once you click it, the ok button will appear

  14. You told us to post our trainer requests on, I did, and this is the reply I got: “Why would u want a trainer for this its just a waist of time mate?”
    I thought the members were ment to help you! That’s what you said. So I’ll ask here instead, please could you make a trainer for this:


  15. can u make a working defend ur castle trainer?

  16. I can’t figure out how to use the new AQ hack. how do you load your game onto it. Also when is the webkinz hack coming?

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