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Dragonfable working for sure now!


Before finishing the trainer requests I decided to give Dragonfable another try.

Well, i’m still working on a lot of options but I don’t want to keep you waiting so download it from:

Good luck,

~ Thomisback

EDIT: ADDED SHOP HACK (Ok, there’s a list included in the .zip now!)

EDIT: ADDED CLASS HACK (Ok, there’s a list included in the .zip now!)

EDIT: ADDED QUEST HACK (Ok, there’s a list included in the .zip now!)

EDIT: ADDED LOAD TOWN HACKS (Ok, there’s a list included in the .zip now!)



132 Responses to “Dragonfable working for sure now!”

  1. Thanks it works very good


  3. Yay! Thanks so much!

  4. NO! the dragoncoins are NOT working!!!

  5. it dosnt work the gold and dragon c dont work it says infinite funds when you click buy on somthing

  6. well i noticed on this that if u click 9999 gold and 9999 dragon coins hack and u go to a store and try to buy it it doesent give u anything it says insifcent funds and logs u out can u please try to fix this? For Dragon Fabel trainer 3

  7. Sorry to leave a comment again but i noticed if u go to aries battle arena that it doesent give u any trophies for u wining??????? pleae fix it

  8. wait…i looked the text again…cause i know what it do…it only shows the dragoncoins numpber…so its kinda sucks…can you fix it? i want the Cowchicken Armor so badly!

  9. make an AGE Of SPEED trainer plesase

  10. I love you

  11. Dragon coins dosen’t work Display only =( can you increase the monet amount! I have 9999coins 28k for DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM weapons.

  12. the trainer u did for dragonfabel got stuck on the loading

  13. Please Upgraded The DF Trainer Add Change Class
    Dragon Amulet Hack Work In Quest And Item And Guardian Work Quest And Trainer Shop
    And Customizae Dragon Please And Fix The Dragon Coin Hack I Buy Insufficient Please Fix.

  14. Please Respond Is Possible I Paid Dragon Amulet Hack Work(100%) And Guardian Work(100%)
    And Fix Dragon Coins Hack Is No Work

  15. it only changes the number of the stat’s but not the damage or gold and i didn’t think you could hack dragon coins. anyway thanks for trying

  16. Thanks, Thom!!! Finally it’s working!!!! πŸ˜‰

  17. on the new dragonfable update, when you go to buy something with 9999 gold of dragon coins a error comes up saying that its a insufficient fund. Any ideas how to fix that?

  18. Dude the dragon coin cheat doesn’t work when u buy stuff it just says insufficient funds.And could u please add Dragon Amulet access?

  19. Sorry man but gold cheat doesn’t work also

  20. First comment yay

  21. Its great. But when you use the hacks on pvp it won’t work!!!

  22. Hey i cant download the trainer

  23. Gold and Dragon Coins don’t work next time could you add a Dragon Amulet hack too

  24. what are the ID’s for AQ trainer?

  25. Where an i get the Codes?

  26. uhh??? DC hacks are supposed to be serverside. not on your pc’s side.

  27. hey man i am having problem when i buy sumthing .. it says sorry, ur computer have disabled this feature.. ?? how can i enable it .. plz reply on my email id

  28. Thank You Very much

    btw: you are a f**king legend


  30. The trainer not works.
    In the loading scene, appers one red background.
    SΓ³ isso, mais nada! Que merda! Fix it, plx!

  31. Extract the STINKING PROGRAM
    then it will work

  32. Hey class number 8 is chicken lord i think it worked on me! THANKS!

  33. The Ok button Dosent pop up for me

  34. 12 is dragon master class!

  35. 13 is the real dragonriding action! I love your work man

  36. please can you make cptrainers free membership workif it is impossible i am sorry i wasted your time

  37. Thomisback on the trainer i figured out how much places the town thing has 1-119 type any number in 1-119

  38. Thomisback, is this what your looking for???

    —Index of Dragon Fable IDs—
    315355 – teodortenchev
    217286 – The Allstah
    6146 – tomy_b
    208163 – shadow2k5 (lvl 18)
    1326906 – Gotta love AQ (lvl 3)
    156736 – AdventureQuest
    1644078 – destroyer of worlds
    172289 – the dark success (lvl 8)
    172341 – charizard47 (lvl 19)
    1510854 – yay4yoshi (lvl 10)
    400398 – Adecool (lvl 13, rogue)
    214690 – Tyson_80 (lvl 5, warrior)
    1929362 – SkullZone
    1914226 – harvestmoon61
    234372 – GSunny99
    903424 – elbow dude (lvl 8)

    If not, sry, thats all i found…

  39. Please Create DragonLord Class ID

  40. Nice work!!! BTW, it won’t let me but with Dragon coins and with ordianry coins, i would suggest enabling 999,999 coins. This website is AMAZING! Thank you SO much!!!

  41. class id:
    2 warrior
    3 mage
    4 rogue
    7 guardian
    8 chickencowlord
    12 dragon lord
    13 dragon rider (cool)

  42. id load town
    1 falconreach
    2 oaklore
    3 prologue ??
    4 guardian arena ??
    5 bug
    6 bug

  43. make a runescape trainer please

  44. First of All, Dragon Coins and Gold Coins will NOT work because they are both server side.

    The current only possible way to hack the gold amounts would be to use Cheat Engine or other such Programmes to change the amount of gold you get from a quest. (Please note that the different quests appear to have a gold limit. Good quests for gold would be Pumpkin Patch and 100 Room Dungeon. In there the gold limit is higher, thus allowing you to gain greater amounts of gold.)

    Aside from that. The rest of the hacks work fine. However if your damage is still low. My best advice to you is to Download Cheat Engine yourself and do a little hacking of your own. It is possible to Hack the Trainer. Thus giving you the advantage of using the trainer and hacking at the same time.

    If you’re still facing the red screen. Go re-download, and check if you have WINRAR. If you don’t, go download that too. If you have both correct programs, you should NOT be facing the red screen.

  45. For those of you who are still Confused about the Client and Server side issue. Here’s a basic explanation.

    In basic single player RPG’s like DragonFable and Battleon, There are two sides to the game. The Client which is controlled by you. And the server which is controlled by the design team.

    Certain things such as Damage, Stats, Health and MP, Potions. Which are determined by the Clients Action, can be changed with cheat programs. to give you an advantage.

    However, things such as the Gold you gain from each monster, the Exp you gain from each monster, and your current Gold and Exp are determined by the Server.

    To make things simpler to understand. The server’s word is law. You can change some things. But certain things can only be changed if you are the server.

    If you still wish to change your gold and exp. Your best bet would be to charge into Artix Entertainment HQ and connect yourself to the server. Or send them key-loggers and viruses, and attach yourself to their server. But both will most probably get you arrested and placed in jail.

    Just as a minor note to those whom know how to use Cheat Engine and other such programmes. You can hack the amount of gold and exp you get from a quest, but not your current total gold and exp.

  46. Please Add Dragon Amulet Hack Work In Item Only And Add Enable All DA Quest And Guardian Enable Trainer And Shop Please Tomorrow Added This Hack And Item Hack Categories Armor,Neckale,Ring,Belt,Sword,Axe,Mace,Staff

  47. Hello,
    We would like to do an interview with you about your blog for . We’d like to give you the opportunity to
    give us some insight on the “person behind the blog.”
    It would just take a few minutes of your time. The interview form can
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    Editors comment:
    Sure, I’m doing it now, thanks!

  48. man even if we have those armors we cant level them up so wat is the point in having them?

  49. Thom please make a trainer for heli attack 3 with all guns and infinite ammo and invincibility please i beg you

  50. please tell me how to use id hacks??

  51. i got a lvl 24 a lvl 18 and a lvl 8

  52. Hey the Class town shop etc hacks don’t work for me anymore
    Did they update DF?


  54. Theres only problem the pvp thingy wont work i won like 20 times i still didnt get anytrophies

  55. With admin menu theres more shops than item merge. I reccomend using the admin menu shops. The ids are different and if you have a dragon i reccomend shop id 37 free food!

  56. id quest:
    1 2 3:none
    4:Battle Arena
    5:Marsh Madness
    6:The Root of all Sneevil
    8:The Elemental Cave
    12:Creepy Undead Forest
    13:Elemental Attack
    14:Enchanted Grove
    16:Sneevil Box Fort
    17:Save The Mill!
    19:dragon amulet
    20:Bandit Camp
    21:dragon amulet
    22:dragon amulet
    23:Fiery Heart of Mt. Shining Star
    24:dragon amulet
    25:Its A Dirty Job…
    26:dragon amulet
    27:dragon amulet
    28:dragon amulet
    29:Slay Gorgok!
    30:Willowshire Burns!
    31:Race to the KeyGems
    32:Spirits in the Inn
    33:Whale of a good time!
    36:Friday The 13th – Part II
    37:dragon amulet
    38:Critter Cave
    39:The Crystal Shard
    40:Oaklore Keep (NEW)
    42:Hot Headed
    43:Taming Snailmail
    44:dragon amulet
    45:dragon amulet
    46:dragon amulet
    47:The Grinders Paw
    48:dragon amulet
    49:GM Arena
    50:Bungle in the Jungle
    52:You need more iron in your diet
    53:Growing Problems
    54:A Hero is Bored
    55:Hydra Boss
    56:Zorbaks Prank
    57:Ambush In The Bushes
    58:Sir Koffagus Sarcophagus
    59:The VurrMen Ruins
    60;The Ice Dragonlord
    62:VurrMen Tunnels
    63:Alls Well That Ends Well
    64:Sir Jings Weapons
    65:Friday The 13th – The Last Stand!
    66:Night Of The Living Pumpkin
    67:Pumpkin Pi Bomber
    68:Artix von Krieger
    69:The Pumpkin Patch
    70:Well, Well, Well.
    71:The Keep Invasion
    72:Sneevil-Jistu Dojo
    73:Sneevil Boxopolis
    74:dragon amulet
    75:Techno-Turkey Terror
    76:Aeris Battlespire
    77:Aeris Minor Tournament
    79;100 Rooms of Fiery Doom!
    81:PostWar Frostvale
    82:A Frostvale Tale
    83:Icemaster Yet’is cave
    84:Haunted House
    85:Crystal Clear Lake
    86:Yaga Stone Circle
    87:dragon amulet
    88:The Vampire Tower
    89:Sir Vey’s Camp
    90:For The Birds
    91:The Mollo Tree
    92:A Piece Of (Fruit)Cake!
    93:Missing Equipment
    94:Burn It All!
    95:Big Daddy’s Pad
    96:Snuggle-Gram Delivery!
    97:Love Is In The Air
    98:dragon amulet
    99:The Irismancer
    100:The Black Dragon Box
    part1 i will post part 2 soon

  57. Kiroz, when do you search for the gold value in Cheat Engine (v5.2 or v5.3)? I assume it’s the quest’s gold value? If possible, can you please type up some instructions on how to change the amount?

  58. so I got like level 29,29,29 even before the trainer is finished.

  59. 101:Return To The Intro
    102;The Worst Prank Ever
    103:The Sweetest Thing
    104;A Golden Opportunity
    105;Give Until It Hurts
    106:Defeat Gananana!
    107:Opening The Black Box
    108:Bassault’s Assault
    109:Xan Bossfight
    110;The Hot Gates
    111:The Sneevil Dumpsite
    112:Egg Recovery
    113:Crossing The Line
    114;Summoning Help
    115;Breakfast With Warlic
    116:Battle Krakhim
    117:A Visit To Cysero
    118:The Dread Dragonmaster
    119:dragon amulet
    122;Sepulchure’s Flying Fortress
    123;The Temple Of The Four Winds
    124:The Spidermancer
    125:Miner’s Barracks
    126:What’s mine is mine
    127:A Named Elemental
    128:The River Of Fire
    129:The Hatching
    130:Titans of BattleOn!
    131:Sunbreeze Grove
    132:dragon amulet
    133:dragon amulet

  60. How do i use that hack?

  61. I figured it out Kiroz. Kudos on your cleverness.
    Click quest and multipy gold by 8 (best to kill something and not have 0). Search it. Kill something, and multipy gold by 8. Use this for next search. Then change the value.

  62. can you make a dragon amulet option

    for the dragonlord customization and train

  63. thomisback, u gotta fix your shop hack man don’t work yo!

  64. its still doesnt work the only thing thats works is working damage and every cheat ever 0.2 sec, plz make a dragon amulet hack too

  65. Oi tommy. the trophie dosnt work because UR PUTTIN THE LVL ON 9999! and btw thomisback dragon coins dosnt work

  66. actually is good

  67. MAke a baby dragon skill hack (or something like that) and dragon amulet hack

  68. you can use normal DA hack, just target program the trainer lol

  69. Ok this is anoying when you try to buy somthing it just freezes and when I try the ques hacks and other stuff they wont work

  70. so, there it is. lets see what I can do with this hack
    I’ll be telling CY to patch it

  71. to the question about the gold if im right there isn’t a way to fix it
    beacause all it dose is change the appearence of the gold that you once had it happens on cheat engine 5.3 on runescape and eternal lands and others ive tried so don’t get your hopes up but with thomises skill we can be sure to get somthing good in place of it


    Visit the above topic for information on hacking DragonFable! Have Fun!

  73. Hello, I wanted to know, do these systems do damage to your computer?
    Please visit and comment! Thankies =)

  74. to the people asking for a gold hack, the most he can do is increase the gold you are about to get from quests, and that can be done in a second with ce. i just use trainers for their convience.

  75. excuse me but nan does negative damage and does not kill apparently

  76. how the hell are yall loading the number values for all of that stuff

  77. if u want to use thre damage hack clik enable all cheats then the coin will com to >=( put u hit then som just a attack 3500 and with final bomb som 7500 and ur level will be 9999
    ty for reading =)

  78. i change my guy to a dragonrider now i’m stuck on the loading screen 😦

  79. hey people..what i suggest is that u enable all cheats and go to “the challenge” and do it on extreme mode..u will get 5000exp and 300gold in each run…and u will kill it with 1 hit πŸ™‚

    good luck!

  80. i starded the game it said undefined and wont load

  81. Can you make the class id hack to let the player to be able to use the skills from guardian class and dragon lord class if you cant make a dragon amulet hack?

  82. what is the quest string value good for and what is the button across from that cat lady’s head and how do i use the zone file stuff

  83. my hack wont load up and i did extract it

  84. i now have a permenent dragonrider armor is their anyway to chang back classhack doesn’t work

  85. Please Upgraded Your DF Trainer v4 Add Enable All Skill(All Classes) Enable DA Quest And Item Add Account Created Hack
    Upgraded Hack Date And Upgraded:Ultimate Dragon Amulet Upgrade And DragonCoins

  86. how do i use it?i clicked on the things but nothing happens

  87. How do i load my character?

  88. hey where can I find this hack? tell me please

  89. ummm its stays on a red sceen

  90. unZIP is my queston um how

  91. afther i hit the ok buton (after hiting add) the screen apears but it stays the color of dragonfable (dark red) and dont tell me download flash player 9 and blablabla!

  92. this doesn’t work… nothing happens ..the screens just blank red…. what to i do?

  93. Like other people, my screen just stays dark red. Do i need to download a different version of Flash? Because i have Version 9… I unzipped the folder and everything, what am i doing wrong?


  95. Could you make a dragon amulet hack because i want to save my items for pvp.

    Thanks in advance

  96. How do you make your armor permanent? or at least have it in your inventory?

  97. Hey… do you think the guys at Dragon Fable would detect the hack and ban you?

    Cuz im a dragon amulet user and i dont want to get banned.. But the 9999 damage i do is soo cool 😦

    I donno whether i should take the risk or not.. or should i just try it on a smaller non-DA account?

  98. Adv Quest hack isnt working anymore but it was nice while it was working πŸ˜€

  99. i knew it works thanx thomis

  100. you need to make a dragon ammy hack too use the cant you use cheat engine and not the wpe pro???
    becuase i tried cheat enigine and it wont work i cant get d ammy.
    please make one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  101. how do u use it

  102. i waz wondering if u could put a few trainers on my site post me ur email if u want to if u do not just post me saying that u do not want to help thx

  103. dear thomis back
    i waz wondering if u could put a few trainers on my site post me ur email if u want to if u do not just post me saying that u do not want to help thx

  104. Your trainers are good

  105. thomi please make Lion King hack

  106. how do i play dragonfable in the trainer? all i see is a dark red screen when i open it…??

  107. Hey, I don’t work for DragonFable, I don’t want to scam you or anything else. I found a way to hack into DF with CheatEngine 5.3 and I want to help everybody that needs it. Send your user and pass to or add me to msn. If you think this is a scam then bug off or make a new account with a lvl 1 on it and buy the end of the week it will be a lvl 29 with the Doom Weapon for it’s class. Please people I just want to help you all.

  108. DFV3 is dont working
    plzz help me

  109. 😦 I can only see red background in the game!! help me!

  110. make it sure now!

  111. it still doesn’t work….

    it stays in the red screen…T_T

    please fix this

  112. can someone just post here how it works?i extract it and then i click on the .exe but what then?explain plx

  113. how does the hack work i can make it work and if u say i have to unzip the folder well… i dont no how to do that? some 1 plez help

  114. the 9999 cheats arnt working plz help

  115. Listen Thom:
    1.Dragon coins hack isn’t working, it just shows that you have 9999 Dragon Coins but doesn’t let you use them
    2.Gold hack isn’t working, it just shows that you have 9999 gold but doesn’t let you use them.
    3.I used your hack dor few days but add’s disappeared.

  116. dude i cant download the thing whats up with it can u fix it thanks

  117. can you make a trainer for runescape like hp hacks and god mode that would be awsome please do so and make any weapon hack and free mem with all mage and never ending runes with atou kill and never ending inventory with all 9999 hacks for all the stats like strenght and mage and ect with speed hack thanks

  118. when i try to do this the ok thing doesnt showup

  119. hey how to unlock trainer

  120. Omg i click it and shadow the hedgehog cums up and i never c an OK button anywhere -.-

  121. when i load it up it just shows a dark red screen nothing else?? please help!

  122. dude THE IS NO WAY OF MAKEING A RUNSCAPE TRAINER!!!its impossible to hack runescape to begin with!

  123. how do you download these trainers

  124. this trainer wen i get it loaded it gets stuck at the red screen

  125. do i have to download dragon fable to play

  126. How do you get it started?

  127. Hi all!

    Very interesting information! Thanks!


  128. pls. how to kill doomkitten

  129. its just a red screen , have they detected the hack now as well , or is it the swfs? y doesnt it work?

  130. i need a webkinz trainer or a dragonfable trainer that is better than those crapy ones

  131. it doesn’t work!

  132. fix it!!

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