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Two more trainers…


I got two more trainers for you:

One is for elemental turret defense,

The other one is for VR defender,

I got some bad news,
There is a program called SWF Encrypt,, which secures a game.
Almost every game is getting secured using this now, which means I can’t make a trainer for it.
I’ll try to find a different way to decrypt the games, but it’s going to be very hard.

Also, I will be gone for about two months in 3 – 4 days, so I need some mods on my website, you can apply for a mod status now by going to:

~ Thomisback

 Edit: I removed the instant kill and changed it back to the old one because for some people it didn’t seem to work…


15 Responses to “Two more trainers…”

  1. first comment!! woo hoo! w00t w00t! can i be a mod?

  2. How can i tel if you game is loaded or not :-\

  3. Well ur VR defender leads to a bot arena trainer that dosnt even load anyway o.o

  4. Well on it My Rank is Newbie, but.. I have alot of experience!
    Hope to talk to you soon … umm I have Applyed =P


  5. Dammit i wanna be the first to leave a comment!!!!!

  6. yo i sent u a pm on ur site its an application for being a moderator its really good please read and get back to me

  7. uhm do u need exe crypter??? or some other cryptors???? i can give u a email if u want it 😉 o yea and good luck

  8. amayeta is evil!
    ur awesome!

  9. Hi ThomisBack your trainers are awesome!! and will you plz plz plzzz make a trainer for Im begging you!

  10. Heyy, when i go to i will get the error database and not be loaded….

  11. toon town trainer!!! tooon town trainer!!!!

  12. Please e-mail me where do you enter Furniture ID’s on CPTrainer3?????E- mail:

  13. Why do all your trainers not work

  14. maybe i can help i have skills in vb6


  15. ur stuff iz tootaly assum make sum mor pllzzzzzzzzzzz

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