is just an alternative way to become a famous and rich player!

Time for holiday…


I will be going on holiday for a long time!

I will be back at the end of august, beginning september.

I will post a trainer maker by me soon so you guys can make your own trainers!


~ Thomisback


38 Responses to “Time for holiday…”

  1. i love your site i never will go anywhere else!!!!!!!
    i just love it!!!! i wish that every site was like yours!!!!oh my god your amazing!!!!!!

    from alex

  2. ok then good luck then ill miss and i hope u will make trainer for sword and sandals 2 ok cya then !!!!!! =) 😀 xD

  3. first comment yay!!!!! 😛 😀 xD =D =)

  4. aaww thats to bad but thats cool that we can make our own trainers thats cool

  5. Yaay im the first to comment!!!

  6. yay 1st post w000000t!!!!!!!

  7. cool been waiting for a make ur own trainer

  8. oh cool i can’t wait to make my own trainer!

  9. Yeah!! First comment…..
    Anywho, the trainer maker will be for all people for only the mods?

  10. Sorry to hear i like ur trainers so much HAAHHA I AM THE FIRST POSTER

  11. sweet…. hopefully, you don’t forget to put the “trainer maker” up =/

  12. Heyy, i hope you have fun on holiday

  13. how do we do trainers?

  14. plz plz tell me the trainer maker

  15. Oh Great =)

    N i lurve Being a Mod on Purecheating

  16. Don’t go! What if Aq updates and patches?!? who will we rely on for supreme hacks!!*Shutters to think how much xp,gold,tokens he wont get*O well have fun on Vacation!you deserve It!

  17. aw.. thats sad.. lol. almost 2 months no new hacks.. lol

  18. when will you send it??

  19. sounds good bt after the holiday ull make mre right cause im sure none of us have the skill it takes to make a trainer. : )


  21. I wish you good times Thomisback!!!Oh and if anyone wants to come to my site its
    Oh,and thank you for making awsome trainers this year!Well…

  22. I wish you good times Thomisback!!!Oh and if anyone wants to come to my site its

  23. are u guna make me a mod or no?

  24. thanks.

  25. 1st mjcomment awesome

  26. 1st comment awesome

  27. Whens the trainer maker going to be done?

  28. u rule!!!!!! a trainer maker…. i like it….

  29. Whens the trainer maker going to be done

  30. I cant wate to downlowd the trainer maker I RELLY WANT TO DOWNLEWD IT

  31. yay first freakin comment

  32. Good day for a holiday Thomisback have a nice vacation.

  33. so wheres da link i wanna make 1?

  34. Yippie!!!! You finally trust us with the trainer maker!!!!!! thank you so much!!!!

  35. well i hope u have a good time Mate

  36. sweet! a trainer maker!

  37. kool lol dude you rule!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. hav a good time when u come bak if ur reading try update cp (again) i cant get free items

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