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Trainer maker


I have made a trainer maker because I’m on holiday and I don’t have that much time to spend on the internet.

I will explain step by step how to get it work!

First of all, download it from:

(New link, thanks for the one who uploaded it)

Okay, first of all you have to check if the game you want to cheat on is a flash game, check this by right click on the game and see if it says something like “About flash player X”.

Load the game normally, then open your temporary internet files, at the top of internet explorer click on tools, then click on internet options.

Click on settings, then view files. Now you are in the temporary internet files folder. Now look for file which ends with .swf and is a shockwave flash file. Screenshot:


Now right click on the file and go to properties, copy the direct link to the game, screenshot:


Enter this link here in the trainer:


(This is just an example)

Now go back to your temporary internet files and right click on the game file again and click on Copy, go to a folder where you want to save it, I will use my desktop, right click and click on paste. Now the file should be there.

Okay, now you are ready to download some software which you will need to “unpack” the game. Download it from:

Install the software and now navigate back to the folder where you copied the game to, I used my desktop, screenshot:


Right click on it and select the option Sothink SWF decompiler:


Now click on the + at the right and go to actions, then press the + again and click on Main movie, now the source of the game will show up.


Navigate through the source and see if you can find anything useful, I’m interested in a health cheat so somewhere in the source I have found this:


So let’s load the game in the trainer ( as an example) and fill in “” in the first box at the left and the amount of health you would like to have in the box next to it and then click on the enable button.


Now attack the first guy and your health will change to 999999999:


Congrationlations, you have just made your own trainer!

Just a quick note: I haven’t added a “Save trainer” feature yet.

Also some games will not work, they will show up like this in sothink swf decompiler:


I have heard that DragonFable has updated the game and the trainer doesn’t work anymore, I will try to update it sometime.

Good luck making trainer,

~ Thomisback!


107 Responses to “Trainer maker”

  1. Thanks man your a big help

  2. hey thanks man i always wanted to m,akkee a traienr i love ur work lol first tiem posting tho get back soon incase we suck at making them lol

  3. tysm!!!!!!

  4. can you tell me why there is no ok patten on the tranin

  5. I don’t know what to put in the box i tried to do it with mcvg.

  6. I get a the movie thing instead of getting the source codes

  7. I don’t get it.

  8. 😮 really hard to hack club penguin. i only found “” but my unregestered upacker only does first 2 action thingies. any help?.. not sure if thats the link.

  9. U are COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL can u plz tell me how to make a trainer for club penguin? plzzzzzzzzzz

  10. Whooooooooooo trainer maker!!!!! 🙂

  11. this is awesome, i love it, just need to save it! i made one for that ninja sam game on miniclip next i might do motherload

  12. thanks!

  13. zomg!!!now i wont have to w8 for someone to post!

  14. er…i use firefox.where can i see the temp. intern. files?

  15. oh nvm

  16. uh thomis i wanna hack club penguin but i couldn’t find the shockwave file (.swf file) now what should i do? i searches the whole temporary internet files but it was not there so can u send me the .swf file of club penguin? please? i love your trainer maker and your website

  17. hey thomis i couldnt find the .swf file of clubpenguin in my temp in ternet files folder now what should i do? first i went and played CP then i looked for the .swf file but it is not ther please help me !

  18. Hey, how do we make it to where people can download it without the save trainer feature and when will u add it?

    By the way, Great Program!

  19. i cant find the .swf files, just one that belong to advert

  20. how can we make trainers if we cant save the work?

  21. wtf im stuck

  22. i made a motherload and samurai sam trainer XD
    i think i’ll make a desktop tower defence trainer.My bro was forcin me to make one XD

  23. hey man the Dragon Fable Trainer doesnt work anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT HAPPENED

  24. hey!!!!!! im trying but im when im shull start it stays in a black box
    something about thomisback!!!! SOMEONE HELP ME!!!!!!!!

  25. can someone post a small guide on how to save the trainer?

  26. i cant download the trainer maker, it says ‘bandwith exceeded’
    you should try putting the trainer on rapidshare and giving us the link…

  27. its not downloading…

  28. damn i need help for graal online 😦

  29. hey the update worked good for like 2 hour but now i dont get gold or xp :s how do i fix this?????


  31. when i click the first liknk it goes to the site but it doesnt download it?

  32. Y do u pplz wanna make a trainer for a trainer he already made that u can download! ~just look at the blog roll pplz~

    this hads been MATT

  33. wait try to put it on megaupload

  34. what happend to “dragonfable FIXED” dont work at all now…..U RULE!

  35. 😦 it does not download

  36. Tryed to download your trainer maker but seems like i can’t 😦 im just getting a picture when im pressing Download 😦

  37. […] Trainer maker Hey, I have made a trainer maker because I’m on holiday and I don’t have that much time to spend on the […] […]

  38. hey, anybody have a dmg hack for Samurai Sam?or just tell me what frame its in? ty

  39. guys … i’m trying to download but says bandwith exceeded , if someone that already download the file put in an another site uploader i kiss =) lol asdhuashdsa .. .plz put it..

  40. how do u download from the first site?

  41. for some reason i can'[t donlaod =[ wen i go to the download place it just has the logo….help me

  42. Hey man. Can u PLEASE MAKE A Starfighter:Quadrant Wars Trainer.I really want to hack!

  43. man i cant find anything “usefull”at all in the games i choose

  44. can someone whos already downloaded it put it on rapidshare because its bandwith exceeded

  45. hey i can download the trainer its says band with exceeded

  46. sorry i mean i can’t download it

  47. Club Penguin is not a SWF game, it’s a Flash. I’ve been making trainers for years, and me and Thomisback chat on MSN. (Thomisback: please remove this bit but I hope you remember me, i’m p.s your trainer link is broken)

  48. its not downloading 😦
    Plx, put the maker on other hoster, plx!

  49. banwith exceeded thom

  50. doesn’t download. “bandwith exceeded”

  51. Hey! I have searching on the Internet, and I found one mirror for the thomisback’s trainer maker:

  52. It wont let me download the trainer maker 😦

  53. Wow, I can’t even find the stupid download for the trainer at rapidshare.

    thats it 2 check if rite 1 press load game!!!

  55. the “fixed link doesn’t work. fix it

  56. just wondering is tehre a way tat for some games tat dosent work make ti work? or not cuz iget that text ahha

  57. Hey! I have searching on the Internet, and I found one mirror for the thomisback’s trainer maker:

    I uploaded it :l

  58. Yo, when i try to download it, as soon as i click on the link it says CANNOT FIND WEBPAGE and stuff, what is wrong?
    my MSN is

  59. Anyone got a .swf for like Runescape if u can or any good games?
    most are just rubbish.

  60. Hey! This Is Really Awesome! But I Have A Problem…
    I Wanted To Make A Trainer For On A Game “Cards”.
    It Seems To Be Client Side The Hack I Request.
    Can You Help Me?
    Thanks I Will Be Waiting For The Answer.

  61. How to use it

  62. I can,t Download the TRAINER MAKER PLEASE HELP ME

  63. I think the download is fixed now, it wasn’t working last night but i just downloaded it. And the .swf isn’t showing up in my internet files either. I cleared out my temp internet files and went back to the site, loaded the game but when i looked back in my files nothing was there. Anyone know what to do? (I tried putting .swf on the back of the url like shadower said but it came back 404 not found)

  64. Nvm ^.^ I figured it out.

  65. can you post a page on links for trainer maker i dont know how to load adventure quest link page so im stuck but i made a trainer for club penguin with a permanet cloth hack

  66. runescape is not swf and therefore bassicly unhackable

  67. Hey its me again i was wondering… do you put in the cheats it loaded but idk how to enter cheats!Someone plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help me

  68. WHERE IS THE LITTLE PLUS ON THE RIGHT?!????????????????????

  69. torchied how do u find it on firefox?

  70. on the right….. -_- and ive hacked a ton of games now with this even miniclip snake i might do it on some neopets games…

  71. can anyone make a runescape trainer plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  72. wat do i rite in the box and then write the amount for motherload

  73. akon9604 runescape is a online game and all the stuff is server sided and plus its not a flash game, its java based so no u cant make a trainer for it

  74. for AQ what is the hp

  75. thomisback can you make a save trainer mode and when i pressed preview the hacks did not work
    please help me 🙂

  76. yo Thomisback, DOES ANYONE HAVE THE SAMURI SAM TRAINER!? i wnat it, did anyone make it, and have it saved so i can use it?

  77. i dont no if bug or not but it wont load if bug fix it i badly want best stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  78. i forgot i meant new 1

  79. you cant make runescape trainer……

  80. hey thomis why cant i downl oadcptrainer3

  81. it’s to complicated make it shorter and easier to understand

  82. that trainer of uhm…dragonfable don’t work on myn pc

  83. Runscape Trainer Thats Real??????????

  84. how do you make trainer’s ? i just cant read the small words …… SORRY

  85. ya can some 1 plzzzzzz make a runescape trainer!!!!!!!

  86. I need help. When I open up Temporary Internet Files nothing shows up just more folders named with random letters and numbers…

  87. i need a Traner for zis game called Boombang

  88. how can i make a trainer for clubpenguin? just askin

  89. Cool,But can you add Save Trainer please?I want to make a site like this.

  90. guys this is the real link to clubpenguin. i had it in my temp files so i jus gave it to ya so have fun wit it

  91. i don’t know where the box is that u have to put it in

  92. can any1 help me plzzzzs

  93. hey can someone help me my temporary internet file is empty theres nothing in there

  94. hey!
    i wonder if you can do a world of warcraft trainer? i dont have an account but can you do a cheat with an account or create a account free? my friends has word of warcraft and it is soooo fun (if it work you can do gold hack, damange hack, and more cool hacks).

    Love your trainers as well!~ Jonathan

  95. Hello its jonathan again!
    i want have a dragon fable trainer with free dragon amulet Please Thom!

  96. i cant do it on trainer maker!~Jonathan Again

  97. verey go and u get to do aney fing u whant

  98. a go pro gram and i will gat u aney fing u whant

  99. it’s a dead link you can’t open it.


  101. it would make sence if the download link workd but when i try to download its not downloading and it just says register, should i register??!?

  102. thom why you can put here and bb trainer i have need it

  103. helpz i cant download the trainer maker

  104. How did you make the trainer maker?

  105. where can i download flash player X please say it me

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