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Thomisback retired


I feel sorry for you guys, but I retire from this website. Sometime I might come back, I might not. At the moment I get so many emails and alot of spam, I’m not answering them anymore.

I’m sure members at can help you, i’ll be on there sometimes as well.

You guys can now make your own trainers, so create your own website, post trainers and get well known.

Good luck,

~ Thomisback!

(Comments are from now on automatically approved, I don’t care if you spam, you will just be wasting your own time.)


152 Responses to “Thomisback retired”

  1. why… WHY?!??????????

  2. but i need a trainer

  3. please

  4. WHYYYYYYYYYYYYY????????????

  5. Aww. I feel sad, but you’ve done more than enough for us. Thank you

  6. well…good bye thomis and thank you again for shareing you knowledge with us all

  7. Thom, you rule. Anyone who doubts why you are retiring this blog are the very reason why you are. So fuck them. In the ass. That’s right, everyone posting in these comments who is saying “WHY” “please” “but i need a trainer” and all other whining little bitches can suck on some old guy’s big fat dong.

    Thom thanks for the trainer maker, for the other newbs who don’t know how to make one for themselves in VB. No complaints from me. 🙂 Hopefully you don’t have to change your email address. :/

  8. sorry about that thom have a good life

  9. Thats friday the 13th for ya!

  10. nice dude, it peoves that u got a life

  11. on the dragon fable one all i see is a grey zscreen

  12. spamspamspamspamspamspam

  13. yes! another BIG problem is out of the way!

  14. wow, u guys r a lil emotional about this…

  15. thanx for the cheats but there are other clubpenguin websites too

  16. dudes let thomis back rest with these clubpenguin stuff its not like ur not going to hear from him in ur life!

  17. hey i mean cmon i cant make the dang trainer.s…

  18. guys thomis gets too many requests how would u feel if u were him i mean he cant do them all so i say thaty thomis did the right!!!

  19. i need a adventure quest auto battler !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Why Thom ………

  21. dude to all u done bye!

  22. NOO! why thomis why now??we love your trainers and your da best!Plz dont retier!

  23. thomis i was hoping that you would make another adventure quest auto battler but your your retiring hope you have a good life lolz i really needed a adventure quest auto battler but your retiring 😦 so…………………… ”sniff” goodbye we’ll miss you

  24. and hope you come back some days 😀

  25. hey ppl say something

  26. c’mon ppl are you guys death

  27. >:-( say something

  28. Damn.. One of the greatest trainer makers? retired??….
    Well this might be the last time I can say thanks for everything and for the trainer maker. I made a McDonald’s Video Game Trainer with that.. My very first trainer :D… Well, Good luck in life dude. We’ll miss you.


  29. 😡

  30. lolz i’m you now you can be me 😀

  31. ops forgot to add 007s

  32. cause it doesn’t work anymore

  33. (”’)(-_-)(”’) i give up but please make another aq auto battler

  34. lolz say english nub

  35. why should i?

  36. thx for the trainers!!! but… unfortunately my dragonfabl trainer isn’t working

    – Kyle

    ps. you’ve done a great job

  37. lolz i’m a copy of you from your FANS lolz

  38. just realized it’s friday the 13th… irony!

  39. its 14th lolz

  40. lmao @ Adam Bohn’s comment. dude, he just released a trainer to make hacks for AQ/DQ and basically any flash game, with full tutorial on how to decompile it, and gave it away. How exactly is a problem out of the way? Now that he isn’t releasing this, people will learn how to use the new tool, and now you have THOUSANDS of BIG problems.

    You funny.

  41. Nooo!!! Why I have not yet opened the trainer not even a sec!!!!
    i need you 2 fix dis pls i need fucking help!!!

  42. stupid idiot!!! i’m just a kid!!! i dont get anything of all that shit of how to make a trainer you ass!!!

  43. don’t be mean just because he is leaving be happy anyway did you read he will be coming back once in a while.
    he given you a tut on how to make your own tut
    prehapes you can make a empire of your own! 😛

  44. your own trainer i meant i’ve all ready made my own aq and
    df and club penguin trainers.. they’re private anyway…

  45. How can you do this?!?!?!?
    LEAVE US!!
    im ashamed of you!

  46. Why are you saying bad stuff about Thom he has been great over the time he has been making trainers. And you just throw it back at him when he has retired. Dont go saying FUCK THOMISBACK you know what fuck all of you that have turned down Thom just because he is taking a break. Go make your own trainers and get off of this site if you are going to say shit like that.

    Who cares what you all need you all need to get a life and instead of wanting get it yourself and grow up.

  47. grimreapearz is right dont say bad things about him fuck u alllll!
    ilove u thom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i worship u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    and…… i love trainersssssssss whoooooooooooooo thnks thom for all u have done bye…….:-)

  48. Thom you made too much trainers for us and to thank you i hope you visit this site agen an remember that everyone who knew this site will remember you(except the idiots)Thanks And bye Hope you have a great holiday and well…WHO WATCHES NARUTO IM GLAD TO SAY AKATSUKI RulZZzzZzzZZzzZZzzzZzz

  49. Don’t! I madea trainer for club penguin and the trainer had a free membership which worked and its all because of your trainer maker! T_T

  50. well thomisback its been a good time we all should be thanking u bt some of us decide to yell and screem i dont think thats vry nice u said u pop back in for visits and who knows u might decide to come bak some day, i am also sad that ur gone like most of the others bt i hope u helped some1 else start to become a great trainer maker. i think 1 day that person will make there own site and do like u did if u. im happy that ur retired though cause every1 needs some time to rest. i shall not bug u to make a trainer like some of these ppl .

    ps: to ppl who dont understand nt to ask for any trainers i will tell u y u shouldnt. this is now like a myspace that some1 forgot there pass to. no1 will come on and check ur requests . its over guys

  51. well, i know a lot of people are sad your leaving, but hey, you gave us a lot. you deserve the rest. hope you come back some day though.

  52. Thom, I know ur retired, but can u plz uppdate the dragonfable trainer. I got lots off buddis in Norway who wants it udated. plz!!

  53. hey i’m pretty sad your leaving but i dont kno how to do the trainer maker i kno but the cheats don’t work hey grims can you help me?

  54. be mature people. Thomisback isn’t required to make us trainers but he did it anyway. We should thank him, not curse at him

  55. well goodbye thom first time i met you your were the best guy ive seen

  56. so are you giving us the rights to distribute your trainers, and trainer maker, and our trainers out of your trainer maker?
    I now have a site called for trainers.

  57. *clap clap* ill never forget you uve been the god of hacks to me i salout u
    i would like u to add me on msn but ull never ever probley get my message or pay any mind to it so good bye god of hacks

  58. Aw….. I hope you do come back some day!

  59. we are all gonna miss you even though i hope you come back someday i am glad that you get your time off hope you have a good vacation you deserve it thank you

  60. thanks for the cheats you did th right thing

  61. Thanks for all the trainers!
    u hav done enough for everyone.THANKYOU

  62. plz come back

  63. Please Before you leave Thom Please Can you Fix the Trainer Maker. you cant get Past the OK bit

  64. Bye.Sir.Bye.

  65. df trainer doesnt work anymore!!!

  66. You was a good trainer maker.
    So I hope we will see you soon T_T

  67. Dude thanx for sharing these trainers for me, they have helped me a lot.

  68. You rock Thom all your trainers rock! I’m just sorry you had to retire 😦

  69. thom…you did a great job that evrybody loved ( except the one that didn’t work )….but if you can please make a trainer for!!I just dont understand the trainer makers.

  70. thom just one thing can you plz tell us how to make a cp trainer plzplzplzpzlzpplzplzplzplz:):):):):):):):):)☺☺☺☺

  71. Gonna miss your hacks man! bye

  72. it was awesome over the past months because of thomisback he is so so so so so so so so awesome but the aq i not working for me so i hope he fix it be he retire

  73. i am so so so so so so so so sad please dont retire please please i am so sad

  74. YED U RETIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ALL OF UR TRAINERS WERE THE BEST!MAN EVER DAY I WUD GO ON THIS WEBSITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  75. A_style your site sucks and SHADY who cares if it doesn’t work

  76. guys i know what happened. These fuckers americans of Dragonfable made him to retire because he was a hacker. It would be good for everyone to stop play dragonfable for some days to spoil them thank you big guys

  77. i forgot to thank you big guy . Withought knowing you you will miss me alot.I will remember you in my whole life Tom.

  78. That’s really sad you’re retiring..:( But good luck in the future and thanks SO MUCH for all the trainers! I am now a very rich penguin! Thanks a lot Thom.
    Good Luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    In the new trainer when it says to click the advertisements, NO ADVERTISEMENTS APEAR. Please fix this before u leave.

  79. I’m gonna miss you thom, *cry*

  80. Thanks for every thing man

  81. Please dont retire!! I really need an AQ Trainer with a 1 hit kill on
    it! please make 1!!

  82. Hey I love yor trainers when they worked lol nothing wrong just that when i try to play the ads don’t show up…. and oh the reason DF trainer doesn’t work is because someone posted a link to this page on the DF forums hope this was any help 🙂

  83. can someone fix df trainer!!!

  84. Please Come back!!!!!

  85. well it was fun while it lasted i just want to say wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwww you are just leaving us all behind with a lot of unfinished business thom this is your brother. don’t retire.

  86. you do know guys that thomisback isnt actually thowing it all down the the drain he is just THROWING THIS WEBSITE AND HACKS AND ALL OTHER FUCKING TRAINERS THAT HE MADE!!! But im sure he will be out there on msn and chat things and forums. As we know thomisback is a legend and when ever we are making trainers or having trouble making trainers we will think about thomisback and what he has done. Thank you thomisback.
    p.s thom if you ever read this people would be pleased if you made youtube videos

    Games Were Made To Be Hacked..

  87. Thanks man for all he trainers you made. You did more than enough for us. Who ever said
    Probably fucks himself no offense

  88. hey arent u guys who are shouting at thom ashamed of yourself think of what he has done to us and u say good bye by shouting why do u even use hes trainers anywyas.Idiots go fuck your mothers.And thom good bye but ill be seeing u on purecheating

  89. Well thomisback its really sad that you are leaving.Didin’t even have a chance to know u much.You are a legend thomisback a legend of trainers .I will never forget you,never!.I was a big fan of your work and cant believe that you’re leaving just cant.You were such a good guy.I think that everyone wants,that you would come back.Thank you for the trainers and for the trainer maker thank your for everything you have done.I hope that you will come back.You never backdowned for trying to make us happy.Like AQ its was hard to hack it but you hacked it and DF.But you’re not a computer god you cant hack every game.Like Swords and Sandals 2.but yet i really don’t think its possible to make a trainer for it.To hack it Yes to make a trainer probobly not.

  90. I NEED HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  91. all who say FUCK YOU THOmIS are fuckers cause hes been makeing trainers for all and your give him crap talk (sorry thomis)thanks thomis for all the work you’ve done

  92. i made a club penguin site sort of like paintboy100s its its new so u might think its dum

  93. Hi thomisback, please dont retire, im begging you! think about how many people you will let down if you quit… And ive known alot of people that have loved ur trainers soo much. Just please think about it and please come back please!!! Ill bet if you come back everyone will be so happy… and please dont retire or tell me how u do it, but think about it. Its taken me and u time and its worth it too. Thanks, Mikeambrose3
    Thomisback please look at my site and rate how good you think it is. PLEASE COME BACK !!! DONT RETIRE!! IM BEGGING U!!!

  94. Thomisback pleaseeee come back, ill do anything…

  95. 😦 I MISS U

  96. Thomisback please read this….
    Hi i am mikeambrose3, i have commented above, and i really want to follow on to your trainer skills, so please tell me what program you use to make them. Visual Basic? Please email me at please reply to email…

    \Thanks, Mikeambrose3

  97. Sad to see you go, i might make a trainer site after i learn a bit more actionscript… Well, if i do i’ll post my link =] for everyone. Oh, and if you want to learn actionscript (The language flash games use) to understand the files and make better trainers just go on youtube, they have tons of actionscript video tutorials, you just need to know basic programming or it’ll all sound like nonsense.

  98. hope you come back

  99. Visit my website i will make trainers for you i promise -Xzer0-

    the website is

  100. hey damantise remember me your a mod on my site can you get your friends to comment on my site damantise will ya


  101. Oh damn… I was gonna ask you to help me make a trainer for Bubble Trouble 😦

    Well, waddle on!

  102. all of you people are rude just leave the poor guy alone he has done enough for u ok leave him alone.

  103. yh u r right damantise!!

    ohh and can u plz tell me if its just me or the DFV4 trainer (dragonfable) doesnt work!!!!

  104. good job thom u were the best hacker but i can believe i came late i found this website in june thats sucks bye thom when im hackin i will always remember u bye thom :/

  105. thom you rock tanks for all

  106. we will all miss you even me please chat with me at only thom though!

  107. pleeeeeeease dont go i will miss you!!! your so cool!!!

  108. Good luck thom with whatever else you want to do. You have made alot of people happy with these trainers and you will be rememberd 😀

    The time of your life!

  109. Hello matt can i add you im 1 of thoms great mods on pure cheating Also any 1 who see this check out my website we will contuie Thom trainers we are working on some trainers right now for all you guy so please check it out

  110. Also please register we will take request for ur trainer as soon as possible so please register please to make our community better.

  111. no…NO!!!
    it’s impossible!! HE’S GONE FOREVER!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  112. Dude that really sucks. I will pimp slap all spammers off of here.

  113. tomis could you at least make a few mor trainers plz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this place is awsome

  114. sup please dont go please waaaaaaaa y thom y thom to many spam il take care of it no use see ya thom bye

  115. Why? you made such good trainers, i mean you can’t be too old. Come on, People need you. only your trainers have id hacks. But i guess it’s your choice you had your time now we must wait in patience for a new Trainer maker. Thanks thomisback for your trainers and Fairwell.

  116. please chat with me . my email is

  117. how could u do this to us :<

  118. ok this is how it is there r gnna b no more trainers thom isnt comin bak for awhile anyway and stop askin for trainers hes done enough figure it out im an idiot and i can. so gt a life plse and dont hang hear all day!


    i was browsing the internet when i came across this FANTASTIC trainer site. its not as good as Thomisback but its Good and seing as Thom has gone we need someone to make us trainers

    check it out

  120. if you can post somthin about building our own hacks that would pwn

  121. hey thomisback thx for all ur trainer help i understand why ur retiring i hope u have a good retirement be back soon 🙂

  122. I Just Found Out Thomisback website that he owns and still makes trainers come here:
    (But you gotta register first to see his stuff!!!)

    thats the site enjoy!!!

  123. hi thom ur trainers are cool but leave the cp trainer to jake

  124. nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    come onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  125. im going to miss you thom =( your an exellent hacker


  127. Why?! U was so good! 😥
    i hope he will come back! But…
    I´m believe in him! He maded so good trainers for us 😥
    Now it´s our job to tell everyone about the bad news!
    And we must make our own trainers for Public!

  128. what advertisements do you have to click?????????????/ i need real help!!!!!!!

  129. Dam, artix and his workers must be happy since u r gone, bye dude, it does proove that u got a life, LOL. i needa new aq hack since both u and gerard retired, BYE

  130. Sup dude =):):):):):):):):):):(:(=O

  131. hello?

  132. where do i get cp trainer 3?

  133. where do i download cp trainer 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!or 2

  134. you guys are just kissing up to him so he can kake you more trainers well have a long life thomis

  135. i mean make you

  136. I think its Thomisretiered NOT Thomisback!

  137. hi thom how come u retired well i will miss u

    sincerely, lance1243 cp famous one

  138. nooooo thomis i new to this site

  139. hey thom it’s jed u changed ur msn and didnt add me we gotta catch up….hopefully u read this…oh and is purecheating down or something i tried logging in a couple of weeks ago and it didnt work hopefully i can be admin again….plz add my msn if u read this

  140. thomisback was great i wish i could take over the site for him i am a great hacker man why did u have to go u broke a promise to all of us u said im going on vacation and will be back in september but no ur never comin back bye thomisback and have a great life

  141. yay you’re back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  142. u served us well good luck and have a good life i hope u come bac

  143. hes back hes back alright hes back

  144. The Website Name fits your suprise come back lol

  145. its ok thomisback did well. he deserves a long break. hes made so many trainers ppl. he really needs a break


  147. I WILL MISS YOU …… You Were A God To ME 😦

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