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I was so bored today so I decided to make another trainer =P, never trust me when I say I am retired šŸ˜‰

I’m not releasing it yet, I want to give you a chance to put a message on my trainer!

If you would like to have a message on my trainer, make a comment like this:

(If you want to have your message in a specific color, put it in the comment as well.)

My Message (Blue):

Message here


~ Thomisback

P.S. To all the spammers: If I notice you are spamming I’ll block your IP from all my trainers and websites.

Also I deleted my blogroll because almost everything of it is outdated.


78 Responses to “Suprise!”

  1. My message (Blue):

    Thomisback trainers are the GREATEST!
    Hope you continue to make more,

  2. My message (green):

    This is trainer is remarking the great comeback of thomisback! Never lose your hopes on what is not reliabe…didn’t make sense…well…ENJOY THE TRAINER!


  3. hi tom thanks for comming back im an big fan of your hacks but i wish i could find an trainer for adventreu quest that wroks right now

  4. yea 1st i rule nice

  5. thomisback your awesome and you tricked me please make a cptrainer with the water party items as permenanet items thanks send to this email

  6. i want to have cp trainer 3 where is it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! help me find it plz plz sos

  7. woot first post i cant wait for the trainer to come out! p.s. how do i get cp trainer 3 to work?

  8. this is not a trainer message but, lol you said never trust me when i say that i retire. lol i was the first one to see that you are back, im like ur biggest fan. Thanks,

    My message (red):


  9. wicked your back!! other hackers think your rubbish at hacking but i think your one of the best and please ont get annoyed by hackers.

    PS. please fix dragon fable and adventure quest hack packs.


  10. ummmmmmmmmmmmmm thomisback can you make a trainer for underground army please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the web site is

  11. what how do i do it?(blue);

  12. my message (blue);


  13. what is the hack pack for? which game?

  14. i will be back later

  15. Yeah Thom! we knew you would come back! anyway

    My Message:

    Thomisback 4EVER! GO THOM!!!

  16. Yae your bach well not really i cant wait till next trainer = ) i always check this site everyday i was gonna put trainers on my site but i don’t have your trainer maker anymore = ( cause it don’t work vist my site at

  17. w00t this is awsome

  18. how long is going to take?

  19. hey thom can u re-upload new trainer maker w/save cuz new one doesn’t work.

  20. hey thom can you make a adventure quest trainer that has real a gold hack blade of awe hack and LV.999 hack that works

  21. welcome back thom!!!!!!


  23. YAY Hes the best


  25. Please fix the aq trainer pleeease I really need the aq and df trainers
    YAY he’s back!

  26. my message: (blue)

    hacking rules =)

    (not my message)btw a trainer for underground army would be good

  27. hey thanx for comin back we rele needed you cuz some of us dnt have the right stuff to make trainers n we need ppl like u to help us so like i said thanx for comin back

  28. coooooooool i cant wait for it.can u post it on magaupload or raidshere

  29. i want the general purpose trainer back for one and byond that … i think i’m good for the time being though i’d really like a free way to search the swf’s for the values needed for the universal trainer

    ONE ever!!!!!!!could you make an adventure quest trainer?

  31. he has made it but is going to release it later

  32. uh wuts this all about??? and which game’s trainer is this?????

  33. Whoo thom is back yay

  34. hey thomisback Im trying to make a trainer with visual basic 6.0 can u help

  35. i think you should make it (blue) and dude thanks for comming back im a big fan of you =] next i think u should make the trainer Fantasy Online

  36. Man i thought i were gone wow but u are back luckyly!
    Message(Blue):Thomisback is rocking
    Message: visit

    By- Raushan

  37. i think u should put it (blue) i thinkthe next trainer should be, World Of Warcraft

  38. you know if u can

  39. You rock and u trick people? and where were you pls email me at telling me how to make hacking trainers pls

  40. What exactly is the game for the trainer? In other words what is the link of the game. I suggest something thats 3dish. Most people now enjoy those games, instead of the 2d side scrolling.

  41. YAY camandment # 11……All shall do the dance

  42. are u going to stay and what is the trainer for?

  43. oh can you make a cptrainer 4 with the walk htrough walls cheat cause other people can see it in som places

  44. Hey Thom when is Purecheating going back up?

  45. cool, when i be back at home my 1st thing will be to see it

  46. Message (blue),
    Will this next trainer be detect-proof so cp wont detect it? Thanks!
    Also, click on my name to be transported to cp!

  47. Message (aqua or blue),
    Hey, if you can tell me how you make CP trainers, I’ll be glad and surely I will thank you! Teach me how to at: OR Hope I learn and hear from you!

  48. My Message: Red

    ADD DF Trainer Item Hack Your Hack Is The Best.

  49. My Massage (Red):
    Your Trainers Rule Thomisback DF and especcyaly AQ there is nothing better then your trainres!!!

  50. Yo thomisback i was visiting ur website everyday even when u left and now luckyly u came back thnx alot!

  51. hey thomisback can you unban me on your forum vuz they banned me i wanna go on your forom

  52. my brother an i love your hacks! thank you so much! But please make another AQ and DF trainer.

    Thanks again,


  53. Btw Blue šŸ˜›

  54. hey thomis i knew youd come back šŸ˜‰ and is it bout adventure quest cuzz i need to have one that works!

  55. My message(red)
    Thanks for comeing back thomis!I knew you would, and i love your trainers
    Evil Kiler

  56. Message: Red

    Pie is the best- gold angels
    (the gold angels part is part of the message)

  57. Lol Link Is Broken xD

  58. did i get ip banned cause its not letting me on purecheating and i dont see any trainers but if not when is the trainer gonna be out

  59. Thomisback your the best!!!

  60. Fuck yeah your a back I cant wait to see it

  61. ummm basically whoooot!!!!!! ur back!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and… trainer links are broken.. i think…

  62. oh i almost forgot u rockkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  63. Thanks!!! The new AQ hack beta is AMAZING!

    PS: Please tell me what the autobattler button is for? Is it if you want to fight the same monster again and again? Or does it fight for you?

    Anyways, thanks again!

    ~ Mom

  64. My Message(blue)testing 123

  65. sorrry for the web site!! it was an accedent, i wont do that again

  66. I want the blogroll back!

  67. ohhhhhh fuking yessss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    oh yeaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh
    thomisback is back homies!!!! oh yeaaaah

  68. yo make a cptrainer 4 dude cuz all of them suck well not cptrainer3

  69. *wipes tears of eyes* yay! *dumps girlfriend* I am happier now than when I had 10 girlfriends.

  70. you thomis nice good job on the AQ 1.1 trainer it has all the pet hacks and shit nice man good job and if you would like to team up count me in

  71. yawwww! I luv my happy summer!

  72. hi is there any chance u could make a trainer for stick arena its at if u hav the time alot of people make trainers for this game but most stink. if u make 1 im sure every1 will download it its like the best game ever

  73. OMG thom ur back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i love u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
    i love u *kiss*:-)

  74. [u]Hey thom r u gunna makeCPTrainer4 yet because i was wodering and if u are that will be sooooo COOL!!!!!![/u] šŸ˜€ šŸ˜€

  75. My Message (Green):

    Say hi to your mum for me

  76. My Message (Green):
    Hope you enjoy the trainer, also visit:

    for help and suppot with the updated news, hacks, and even more

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