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A mistake…

I made a small mistake in the trainer, none of the plugins showed up.

I have fixed it now, download it from:

~ Thomisback


63 Responses to “A mistake…”

  1. Hey Thomisback The Trainer Is Not Working For Some Reason Can You Fix It Please! 😦

    Cool First To Comment

  2. thanks thomisback

  3. Hey Thom…those plug-ins work great. Do you have a list of the different IDs and what they do? Also, do you plan on adding guardian/x-guardian status hack, log in hack, z-token hack? Let us know

  4. Oh yeah I ran into a issue where I couldn’t go to any shops…thought I’d let you know. Think you’ll add a auto battler?

  5. Thom Make a X-Guardian Work in Guardian And Add in AQ Quest.txt and shield.txt and weopons.txt and monster id list complete and add auto battle and fast save gold/exp please you is the best hacker in the world

  6. in DF Trainer all old system and add guardianship hack, Dragon Amulet hack, and enable all dragon amulet quest hack.

  7. thomisback nice work yay also good to have ya bak on the site 4 a while

  8. Thx and cool plug-ins 😉 exuse but when is the full version coming out?

  9. thx the trainer works, but can you make a guide on what all the functions in the trainer are.

  10. I forgot can you add a z token changer

  11. and could you make somthing like hmmm xp hack just a suggestion

  12. hi tomisback i love your trainers but i can download from megaupload 😥 plz could you post it on rapidshare please im begging you ~ will

  13. can please upload it somewere else the megauplod cause i cant download from there

  14. Can you upload it somewhere else i cant download from megaupload

  15. Thank you for the following plug=ins. Your website had inspired many people and students in learning that using Visual Studio for there advantage in making Flash game trainers. If you ever have time I would like to add you on any instant messenger ( I prefer MSN instant messenger ). I’m still not done yet, do you have any idea when I your going to release the full version.

  16. I forgot to add something too, the Megaupload website is not available for the file download. Please host it on another free file hosting website. May I suggest Mediafire?

  17. Bullshit in MEGAuploud just download and install there program mageuplod program or somthing simple well idiots that dont now how to use there computers then put it in raipashared

  18. yo man how come when u do the cptrainer free member ship no one sees you in those cloths seriously

  19. hey thom i just dowloaded your trainer and its awesome but can u plz add a ztoken thing and a exp hack or lvl hack plz and ty and if u can add me on msn

  20. thanks tom

  21. wat flash player is recomennded pls cause screen wont show up

  22. Hopefully this is alright but I been it DL problems before and I’d feel bad if I read bout ppl needing help so I uploaded the Trainner else where, in advanced I apologize if its upsetting in anyway. Anyway here you go :

    File Name: Adventure
    Size: 2MB | Description: ~ Thomisback’s AQ Trainner

    Download Link:

  23. hey thomisback i was wondering if you can make a hack so you can enter the amount of exp you get after each battle. I found out you can do this in dragonfable my self. So then everytime you win a battle you level up. That would be sick!!!! I also hope for like z-token and gold hacks and also wondering if you think that this hack will ever be patched because it is going to be so good!!! Thank you Thomisback.


  24. Thanks thomisback that trainer goes over the roof speacly that Item hack for gurdain stuff you turned into a man no one has become yet!

  25. Yay, Thomisback has return! 😀
    I can’t wait till the ClubPenguin trainer cames! I wonder how it is…
    Anyway no one can stop Thomisback, not even himself! 😉
    Wow, it’s so cool can’t wait. Visit my website:, It’s not so good but anyway i want Thomisback and you other people shall post at it.


  26. hey thomisback..this is the first time im looking through ur blog.can you change the upload web to something else?like rapidshare or something? please?

  27. Hi Thomisback can you plrase fix the trainer i will not load there just come a light black screen in the swf place :/

  28. Thomisback for some reason this isn’t work in my computer
    WTF are doing with this trainer ???

  29. please make CPTRAINER 4

  30. thanks for the hacks. btw if you look under the banner there is a 3 letter combo , type those letters into the box to the right and after that yo have to wait for a lil while for the download to be ready… i downloaded it and i think it kicks ass.i would like to see an autobattler but i can wait.. lol ofcourse if we could find a way around the xp cap it would be better… lol i capped out last night after the server reset……. damn it.. lol

  31. just a tip for those of you who want to get exp fast, if you are a guardian go do the berserker class until lvl 7 and you get a skill called Grisly Scream it does dmg based on your HP and with the super Hp/Mp cheat it does 500-4000 dmg on monsters, usually a 1 hit on normal ones and uber bosses take a few ( to bad it doesnt work on gilgamesh) but try that, ive been getting 2-4 lvls a day since the realease of the BETA! the real trainer will be amazing

  32. Please Thomisback Release The aq full version and your hack is the best on this world

  33. hey thom im just wondering if when or you make your next trainer cam u plz include the swf and hacks cuz lots of the stuff needs codes and theres no codes so next trainer can u put codes in plz?

  34. it wont work for me o~o

  35. hello thomisback. its me static agian and i was wondering something. i know you are working very hard and may not not have time for it on your busy schedule but i always wondered if it was possible for you to make hacks for runescape. i just started playing runescape and need some kind of hack or anything. (even though aq beats it by a mile). thank you for your time.


  36. Yay your back!!!!!!!!!!
    Can you plz make a cp trainer?

  37. Hey Thomisback are you gonna put a autobattler on the Trainer cos its briliant

    and with an autobattler it will be the best one you have ever made and now i set myself a target like get 100,000 gold a day and lv up 1 time a day but the only problem like the fenris and mechabot’s all hp has been raised Fenris has 101,000 hp and i got it down to 0 in 181 turns (NoOb)

  38. in the aq full version add the master quest limbo please

  39. how do you use the plug-ins? I really need help, I don’t know how to do it

  40. ok i usuallly dont comment but plz add back all the old trainers plz plz i loved them!

  41. hey tom can u make a clubpenguin trainer where u can hack stuff permantly?

  42. please add a coin token and guardian or x-guardian hack cause i want to fly a dragon or something

  43. omg! best XP ever!!! go kill carnax.. then go to town and use the “win battle” hack over and over, every time you click you get 5k xp and tons of cash, you gotta try it!!!!!!!!

  44. hey thom this is kinda rude and stupid but my birthday is on the 23 and it would be super cool if the trainer came out on the 23 of b4 any idea wen it will be out email me plz at

  45. Your Trainers Rule ThomisBack i cant wait until the full version comes out
    especialy autobattler just click plugins battle carnax until the last chalenge and you makin tons of gold and XP !!!!!!!

  46. hey, thomisback, can u fix the link to the trainermaker pls? its not workin for some reason

  47. hey tomisback i got a problem cause when i open the trainer it doesn’t load anything can u fix it?

  48. Thomisback in Full Version Add This:
    Fast Save Gold/Exp in 1 Second
    Add Limbo
    Add Guardian Traveling Hack
    Add Auto Battle
    Add Auto Clicker
    Add All Classes in Level 10 Hack
    Add Packed Size Of Mosnter (1-4)
    Add Clan Hack (Permanent)
    Add Change Classes (Permanent)
    And Include All Swf Of The Weapons, Shield, Head, Eye ID, Head ID
    And Add Armor Hack
    Please Make you is The Best Hacker

  49. Can i have the old hacks please?

  50. Is there something wrong with the trainer because I can’t log in

  51. wazzup i was woundering in the full if u can add a working dmg hack(not critical hit)

  52. can sum1 re-upload it to a different website or email it to me at cuz i cant download from megaupload for sum reason

  53. please reupload the old hacks including a hack pack including every hack please?

  54. can you repload the trainers agai plzz thanks

  55. NOOOO using the win battle thing doesn’t work it doesn’t save i spent all that time getting 1 mill gold and lvl 81 to find it didnt work lmao

  56. When i complete the Alphanar Reign Quest it dosent let me in any shops!

  57. can you fix the shops, I can’t get them to work

  58. Hey Thomis back could you make the stat trainers free please !

  59. I meant to say when i use Critcal hit i cant enter any shops!

  60. Hi! I want to know.., how you are making trainers? And plese.., can you tell me in what website i can download cp trainer3 full version? Please! Can you put cp trainer 3 download in your website? Please?

  61. Hey! Where i can download your cp trainer3 full version? If you can please put cp trainer3 download in your page…And please can you make trainer (for cp ) when you can buy every stuuf..please!!!

  62. Thanks for the hacks, they work great. for some reason though, when i use the plugins, the game wont let me buy anything until i re open the trainer. could you fix it?

  63. Hello… My Hack program want start ??? I did extract it and enter the ” Program ” but nothing happens

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