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I’m teaming up

I’m probably going to team up with someone, please be patient. x)

I don’t have a lot of time, I am still on HOLIDAY πŸ˜‰

~ Thomisback

P.S. If you want my old hacks, ask someone to reupload them in the comments!


75 Responses to “I’m teaming up”

  1. cool!!!im the first one!!!!

    oh and r u still on holiday!!!!

  2. man that must hav been the longest holiday

  3. Estimated release?

  4. What do you mean teaming up?


    2. i wanna team up with you

  6. yaay cool blog dude lol πŸ™‚ πŸ˜†

  7. what do you mean “teaming up”

  8. k im wundering is the wat is the new hack gana have: like dmg hack or autobattler im not sure if the other ones have this but if not plz put in

  9. add a dmg hack


  11. Me team me (Is this for making trainer ?)

  12. yay first commect XD thomis nice good job on the AQ 1.1 trainer it has all the pet hacks and shit nice man good job and if you would like to team up count me in

  13. i got some trainers ill tell you about give me your msn so i can add you in sharing folder ill give you all the wroking AQ trainers go in them and see how good there hacks are and make one even better i really look forward to working eith you if you agree?

  14. well i am new to makeing trainer but i would like to team up with u

  15. ok cool

  16. Could you upload the dragonfable hack plz Thanx πŸ˜€

  17. I really liked the Stick Rpg Trainer Thanx XD

  18. First comment!!!!

    Cool, but, whaddya’ mean “TEAMING UP”

  19. I recommend making a trainer for Dragonfable or Club Penguin 1st because their both so popular !!!

  20. woot woot first comment but i doubt it lol anyway thom u rule wat kind of things are u putting in the new aq trainer gold lvl and ztokens just wondering ty bye

  21. hay how in the world do you get trainers from the trainer maker to my website plz help

  22. Hey thom just 2 ask who are teaming up with

  23. thats a great idea!! it will be a lot faster!!

    maybe even MORE hacks!!!

    I just cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. He Thom!

    It is great that your teaming up with someone now you can get all the help you need!

  25. man can you upload your trainers to
    couese megaupload reauired premium sometimes.

  26. ok thyom what ever will float ur boatand woot first comment!

  27. Hey Thom Your The Best!

  28. but why are you going to team up?

  29. thats good. you and the other guy, possibly me, can make trainers fasters!

  30. Thom in The AQ Trainer Full Add This Please
    Fast Save Gold/exp
    Auto Click
    Macro Record
    Auto Battle
    Add Limbo The Master Quest
    Clan Hack

  31. Thom In AQ Trainer Full Added This Please

    Fast Save Gold/Exp in 1 Second
    Auto Click
    Macro Record
    Auto Battle
    Packed Size Of Monster 1-4
    Clasn Hack Permanent
    Guardian Traveling Hack
    Armor Hack
    Spell Hack
    Guest Hack
    Pet Hack

  32. oh, and, have u found a way around the encrypting game protector thing you posted in red?

  33. Yeah It’s me again I want you to use plunder to upload your files, Because it’s very annoying to use megaupload.

  34. wtf still on holiday … cool … i have already school today..!!

  35. If you really come back you will be a hero. I like hacking. I know how to get dragon amulet with wpe pro. I know how to inflict NAN damage I would like you to learn me create trainers thank you

  36. hey thomisback how do get a mod sign in club penguin

  37. thomisback who is you partener

  38. hey Thom add me ok i have to tell u something really important

  39. o Adventure quest auto battler and free guardian!!! (Updated)
    o Ant buster (New)
    o Bot arena 3 (New)
    o Bunny invasion (New)
    o Candy and Clyde (New)
    o Champion archer (Old)
    o Crimson Warfare (New)
    o Defend Your Castle (Old)
    o Demonic Defense (Old)
    o Doodle (Old)
    o Download all the old trainers – pack πŸ˜‰
    o Download Wpnfire trainer (New)
    o DragonFable trainer version 4
    o Dragracer3 (Old)
    o Elemental turret defense
    o Fishy game (Old)
    o Flash Circle TD (Old)
    o Flash Element TD (Old)
    o Furniture ID’s
    o Helicopter game (Old)
    o Impossible Quiz (Old)
    o Item ID’s
    o Momentum Missile Mayhem (New)
    o Monkey Snowfight (Old)
    o Motherload (Old)
    o Ninja game (Old)
    o Ragdoll (Old)
    o Slotmachine (Old)
    o Sniper (miniclip) (Old)
    o Stick RPG (Old)
    o Stickworld (Old)
    o Tank007 (Old)
    o The Challenge (New)
    o Thomisback’s Adventure Quest trainer (New)
    o Tower defence
    o Trainer maker with save feature!
    o Unreal flash (Old)
    o Updated CPtrainer3 – you can buy some free items now
    o VR defender

  40. WHO????WHO!?!?!?!?

  41. when is the trainer coming out and wat features can we be expecting?

  42. i want the old hacks back!!

  43. hey thom when is the real aq trainer gonna be done?

  44. yeah dude team up with me im professional in Visual Basic I made, and now made
    So if you want I’ll team up with you.

  45. can someone reupload the trainer maker and other old trainers or email a copy to me and i can store them to send to others who want them

  46. ur the best!! trainer maker xD

  47. … i wonder…who will you team with?

  48. Hi im trent and i play cp make trainers post your trainer and stuff so if you like ill team up with you my site is

    also i would love to team up with you so you can teach me how to make cptrainers and stuff like that im got a very good site

    PLUS: i make a thing called a hackypacky its a hack pack you can put your good trainers in it ok


  49. awwwwwwww idc that ur teaming up but i whana see beter cp hacks and aq hacks dont work right =(

  50. Adventure quest auto battler and free guardian!!! (Updated)
    champion archer [old]
    cptrainer3 furniture id’s
    cptrainer3 item id’s
    Download all the old trainers – pack πŸ˜‰
    o Download Wpnfire trainer (New)
    o DragonFable trainer version 4
    o Dragracer3 (Old)
    o Elemental turret defense
    o Fishy game (Old)
    o Flash Circle TD (Old)
    o Flash Element TD (Old)
    o Helicopter game (Old)
    o Impossible Quiz (Old)
    o make maplestory account
    o Momentum Missile Mayhem (New)
    o Monkey Snowfight (Old)
    o Motherload (Old)
    o Ragdoll (Old)
    o runescape
    o runescape cheats
    o Slotmachine (Old)
    o Sniper (miniclip) (Old)
    o Stick RPG (Old)
    o Stickworld (Old)
    o Tank007 (Old)
    o The Challenge (New)
    o Thomisback’s Adventure Quest trainer (New)
    o Tower defence [old and new]
    o Unreal flash (Old)
    o Updated CPtrainer3 – you can buy some free items now
    o VR defender

  51. in the clubpenguin trainer i need free blue wings plzzz

  52. izzit tat we can’t use the X-guardian thing now? cause of the update? or is there a way but we must do something? pls tell me. I am NEW. Thx.

  53. hey can i team up with u

  54. Hi thomisback, idk if you remember me, but im Mikeambrose3,, and i know alot of visual basic coding, if thats what you use. Could i team up with you or the person your teaming up with? I use to have VB C++. But i removed it cause i didnt have full version. But please let me help. And can you upload the Visual Basic Files to and give me the VB Full Version download link, but please let me help.

    P.S. Please reply to wordpress comment or email me at the email address above, thanks.

  55. can someone upload the aq auto battler plz and thx

  56. actually dont make cptrainer make a dragonfale one

  57. When is the trainer?anyway when will you create it?

  58. I m Bored Thomisback ….. banned from purecheating …..

    Miss ur trainers

  59. i cant get on purecheating lol and when is ur trainer coming

  60. do u think that it would be possible to put a hack in ur trainer that can hack ur dragon!!! like raise the stats or something!!! that would be amazin if u find a hack to do that!!! i tried it with CE and WPE PRO!!! but i cudnt do it!!

  61. hi thom i will like that in an other or the same adventure quest beta trainrt that the stores work beacuse stores dont work…i want them to work plz,beacuse in thunder mountain in the quest i will like to purchse the aurmour and all….asnd i cant in normal mode beacuse im a low lv and cant pass the quest.

  62. i want to be with u thom plzzzzzzzzzzz i like ur hacks
    (: (;

  63. Well I’d really like to team up with you I know a bit buot hacking. I tried a sucsesfull memory hack on runescape, but we all know that it uses the server, so not compleatly sucsesfull. I understand that flash multiplies all vlues by 8 to to get past mhacks, il be willing to learn PHP to trie php injection wich count hack nito the main database, and im a huge fan. an x-guardin hack shound be easy, cause the variable shound be X-guardian as long as its not a code for the value that activates Guardianship. An autobatter wold be much harder to make. a gold hack would be easy if you count find the var just batte a monster, and change the var to an amount of gold. same with xp. and please re-upload the trainer should also redo the shop hack. Any way id love to be your partner if you email me and i dont respond, please try again, i get alot of spam

  64. hi thom i want the trainer maker plzzzzz u rock
    thomis the coolest hacker i like ur joke about retire
    (; (; (: (:
    and a new cp trainer wod be so cool
    can i be with u as a hacking team in cp

  65. Hi!
    I dont know if you remember me but I asked you If you wanted me to help you a long time ago. Well, I still stand by that offer, and seeing that you want to team up I thouhgt (Bad Spelling) that I could Do it. (or at least help?) πŸ™‚

  66. Thomisback …… Why didn’t u reply

  67. What is Weapon SWF and how do i use it?

  68. ur hack unable to work!!

  69. Monkey Snowfight hacks plz

  70. hey i hope this will have an autobattle theres a guy who has trainer v1 using macro and it plays for him and he gets 600,000 gold in 5 minutes.

  71. where can i get aq auto battler

  72. Cool, teaming up, I can make a few hacks…

  73. how do you make cheats for runescape i want to know

  74. does any good hacks work anymore?? ffs no one is any good anymore

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