is just an alternative way to become a famous and rich player!

This website has been moved…


I am teaming up with other developers, I’m moving to!

As a team we can provide better hacks in less time =)

If you are a developer like me and interested in joining the team visit:

~ Thomisback

P.S. The forums are gone… I’m sorry guys…

Also, could someone re-upload all my trainers which are still working to rapidshare or somewhere else? I got loads of people asking for it! Thanks! (I’m still on holiday and I don’t have my trainers with me)


34 Responses to “This website has been moved…”

  1. why are you moving?

  2. Booooooooo where are all the TRAINERS?????????

  3. why did u team up man well when u get back plz make a forum so that atleast there will be a plce to post

  4. Why you move this website?????????????

  5. dont move we need you!

  6. i think maybe you could put them on

  7. dummmmmmmmmbo

  8. You should not be making restricted websites that are going to be moved oh and i have a player on -clifffloyd123

  9. this one is really fun im nintendowii9

    add me if u play

  10. its fun these accounts are not banned

  11. could someone tell me what is weapon swf?

  12. Stupid guys! He said he moved to purecheating! Also, all trainers will be there now, right Thom?

  13. hey thomisback can you till me where all the trainer are or just give me a link. Email me at

  14. where can i find wpn swf files????

  15. thanx in advance

  16. Please dont move!!!

  17. Asteroids Revenge III
    is a trainer I want

  18. dear thomisback, i can make trainers with v6bport but regular vb6 doesnt work on my computer i would join your team but vb6port doesnt allow me to send files 😦 awwwwww

  19. doesnt work

    and do u know how many people want another cp trainer????????????????????

  20. i was wondering can you make a club penguin trainer like your last one but can you put the party hat on it and when you get it can it stay in your inventory.

    p.s. your last club penguin trainer was really good where we got to keep the eyepatch because i found it really hard to find rockhopper but because of you i got it.

  21. hey! the site is offline

  22. please dont move we reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeely neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed u =(

  23. Yo Thom Something Is Wrong With Can You Make A Post Of What It Is Wrong With It? 😎

  24. the website aint workin anymore it was

  25. Now it is working so go to

  26. Thomisback You Rock!!!

  27. awwwwwww

  28. so how do u download cptrainer3????? 😀

  29. iv got some of your trainers but they dont work

  30. thomisback, i the link: the 2 trainer maker links wont work, plz fix that

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