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WPE item codes

Some WPE item codes:

Eye Patch – 105

Cement Shoes (Invisible) – 355

Jester Hat – 426

Winter Boots – 365

Night Vision Goggles – 102

Snow Shoes – 301

Purple Hoodie – 224

Black Glasses – 113

Brown Glasses – 114

Quilted Vest – 218

Sunglasses – 101

Winter Cape – 448

Turtle Neck Sweater – 357

Bunny Slippers – 366

Hockey Stick – 220

Tour Guide Hat – 428

Spy Phone – 800

Black Sneakers – 352

Blue Sneakers – 357

Blue Scarf – 179

Ear Flap Cap – 450

Orange Jumper (Invisible) – 230

Red Jersey – 277

Blue Jersey – 278

Blue Ball Cap – 436

Red Ball Cap – 435

Pirate Dress – 258

Admiral Jacket – 285

Pink Duffle Coat – 283

Coffee Apron – 262

Pizza Apron – 263

Roman Helmet – 451

Skateboard (Invisible) – 371

Parka – 243

Kimono – 248

Purple Dress – 253

Black Suit – 261

Pink Letterman Jacket – 279

Green Letterman Jacket – 280

Black Letterman Jacket – 281

Acoustic Guitar – 234

Angel Halo (Invisible) – 466

Ballerina Outfit – 256

Earring (Invisible) – 130

Blue Snorkel – 132

Ski Goggles – 136

Feather Boa – 174

Pink Scarf – 175

Bling Bling Medalion (Invisible) – 183

Matador Outfit – 286

Red Backpack – 306

Gold Wristwatch – 322

Black Electric Guitar – 338

Blue Viking Helmet – 456

Gold Viking Helmet – 460

Pirate Bandana – 490

Credits: Tom1606

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5 Responses to “WPE item codes”

  1. Thanks for giving me credit… or that would have been COPYRIGHT INFRINGMENT… 😉



    Editors comment:
    No problem LoL

  2. Oh and some are ALREADY changed… like the pirate bandana… 😦

    Editors comment:
    When you have found new one’s tell me 😛

  3. How come I get an error screen when I edit? It says This feature is currently disabled on your computer

  4. because your not a member

  5. how i can use yhe codes??

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