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Custom CPtrainer3 by Thomisback – Download now!!!


Ok guys I have been working on this trainer in secret 
It has got quite some nice options, my fingers hurt because of the hours of programming it took me, so I will just give you the link now 

The zip:
I you think its a virus ask other people around and verify its real.

Happy cheating,

~ Thomisback

Edit: I have updated it and you can now put furniture into the walls using one of the options in part 2 of the trainer and you can walk on every single object! (See screenshots at the top)

People please comment!!!


159 Responses to “Custom CPtrainer3 by Thomisback – Download now!!!”

  1. Your Website is really cool!

    Can you please go to my website which is, CPFREAK.WORDPRESS.COM

    I promise, you will love it.

    Editors comment:
    Sure, I will check out your website now!

  2. Are the hacks server side?

    Editors comment:
    Most of them are, but there are still some which aren’t you will just have to mess around with it 😉

  3. yo will you make it for a mac computer or hell with it i can not use it because i got a mac waaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  4. It wont load for me 😦

    Editors comment
    Clear your cache and try again. If you still have problems you can add me on MSN anytime:

    ~ Thomisback

  5. Ok… Thomisback…

    Mine will cut off the words and the color list and the hack list…

    Can you make a drop down menus instead? Just Like CP Trainer 2?

    Because, mine will just cut-off most of the stuff…

    Editors comment:
    Try to change your resolution and it should work!

  6. will you get banned with this

    Editors comment:
    This won’t get you banned, but if you’re stupid enough and ban yourself, it’s not my fault.


  8. so what do you use to make cp trainer 3?

  9. Umm, is there any way to keep items from the item id hack or keep the coins from coin hack? Thx.

  10. How do you change your resolution? Because mine gets cut off too.

    Editors comment:
    Right click on your desktop and click on the settings tab.

  11. it did ban me i as rockhopper

    Editors comment:
    Don’t take off the hat if your Rockhopper, it bans you instantly,

  12. Never mind I found out how to change it. Thanks anyway



    Editors comment:
    Download and install flash 9

  14. how do u change it

  15. yo how do you be billybob or like be other peaple

    Editors comment:
    Use the username change button.

  16. Please Answer this 1.Does this have Avatar Hack? 2. Do you get banned if you do the Avatar Hack… Please Reply soon 🙂

    Editors comment:
    Yes, it does have an avatar hack, but I called it photo hack. You don’t get banned for it 🙂
    Look on the first page of the trainer, fill in the ID of a photo item and click on “Enable photo item”.

  17. how do u change ur screen resolution? email me

    Editors comment:
    Right click on your desktop and click on the settings tab.

  18. Japsterdude you can´t change the resolution on cptrainer 3 but i think thomisback is working on it:)

    Editors comment:
    When I have got some time I will try to fix it.

  19. PLS help i cant buy anything!

    Editors comment:
    Club Penguin fixed it

  20. Still dont work. i already have the flash player9

    Editors comment:
    Try re-installing flash 9, and clearing your cache 😉

  21. Hey, how do you go on the walls?

    Waddle on!

    Editors comment:
    Use part two of the trainer (Click on the big button) then log in and click on the button which says: “Put furniture on walls and walk on everything”

  22. i feel lke what can i do if i cant be member buy any puffle or any stuff in cp pls fix it

    Editors comment:
    I’m trying to but it’s almost impossible…

  23. hey waz up man plz can i have a clubpenguin boy member account with coins and coolstuff i millons of things to tell u e-mail me

    keep in touch 😉 Mastergenius

    Editors comment:
    Sorry, you just replied 1 minute too late! I have just chosen someone else! 😉

  24. so who won Is it me!???? cause 1 min earlier is ME

  25. lolz i 1 hour i really want a member..

  26. oh no i did all you said still dont work arghh

  27. Kak da go downloadvam?

  28. man i got banned 4 a day how do i get unbanned???????

  29. it wont
    load for me

  30. How do u hack on here. There is no cp hacks thing or anything.

  31. where are the hacks??

  32. How do i do resoltion when i click desktop it wont show setting help


  34. How Do Ya Permentaly keep your Item/Clothes? :>)

  35. yeah me to for cpt3 it cuts off the words so i cant really do anything and i tried the resoltion it doesnt get any better it goes worse make it like the drop thing in cp2 that would be way better but yeah what else could do to see the whole page for cpt3

  36. cp trainer 3 works but the play screen doesent show club penguin for me i wonder why

  37. It cuts of the words.How do you put member clothes on?!

    Editors comment:
    Try changing your resolution or download the easyfit version.

    If you want to put members clothes on, fill in an ID and click on enable.
    (For example 101 for head ID, would give you sunglasses)

  38. Where is the part 2 of the trainer?

  39. How do you edit your house?

  40. i cant buy anything.How do you buy stuff?!

    Editors comment:
    Club Penguin fixed it… too bad…


    Editors comment:
    Download the easyfit version, you cant scroll down.

  42. PLease Instructions to cptrainer3

    Editors comment:
    There is a video tutorial coming soon 😉

  43. his is a cool website i hope this workes this 1 loookes better then cptrainer 2

  44. this is a cool web site

  45. will it harm your computer??? if does what causes???

  46. how do i become a member for free? when i pushed the button nothing happens and when i try to buy somthing the load thing goes on and on

  47. How edit my igloo please help meeee !!! 😦

  48. Yo im a big fan of hacking and i would like to learn how to make a trainer if its not to much to ask you i was just wondering how?
    please answer thanks.


  49. Hey dude, I open up your cp trainer 3 and see all the buttons on the outside but the club penguin screen stays white, please help!!!!!

    Editors comment:
    Download flash 9, search for it on google 😉

  50. Hi can u send the file of cptrainer3 pls this is my yahoo i will wait plss send it to me 😦

  51. you can not scroll it :S

  52. cool

  53. thanks dude

  54. how do you get the black walls? and how do you walk on the walls? get back to me at or email me at

  55. do any of the hacks showup on any other peoples screens because i tested it on my laptop and my desktop. and onone of the hacks showed up on the other one

  56. can the other see the clothes that you have when you use Hack ID????

  57. how do you do thou trainers?

  58. i thing this is the best thing ever…

    Editors comment:
    Thanks 🙂

  59. k i need to have this acount un banned im so pessed off that my bro wz swearinon it like 500
    times please un bann him

  60. if you want to know if they are server side hacks just do the clone hack go to the dojo and test if it does what you do

  61. can you make it bigger the whole game wont fit on my screen.

  62. How do you download the Cptrainer3?

  63. why dont you make runescape trainer

    Editors comment:
    Runescape is totally secured, its just not possible!

  64. hey tom1606 try cp trainer 3 easy fit 🙂

  65. i cant get CP Trainer 3 easy fit, so nothing shows up at all just like half of the CP area

  66. I can’t see the buttons under the screen.

    Can you plz help me?

    Kind Regards,


  67. its not fair that only members can get cool things can you please change that?

  68. can someone get everything for me on snuppa09
    pass is August

  69. how do u make trainers 😕

  70. Sweet,Im downloading

  71. i downloaded it the screen comes up but it doesn`t work

    Editors comment:
    Download Flash player 9 and it should work.

  72. it does not fit on the screen and the easy fit is too big also

  73. Can you make a new program that we can really add the item to our account, not just wear them!

    Editors comment:
    Nope, Club Penguin simply fixed it!

  74. my computer wont show me any thing on the cptrainer3 all i can see is some of the bottem none of the sides or any thin else can any one help me

    Editors comment:
    Download the easyfit version or change your resolution.

  75. i click “click here 4 free Membership” and buy things but the buying takes 4 ever can fix that ?

    Editors comment:
    Nope, Club Penguin fixed it!

  76. I need a trainer for fishy and habbo you should know habbo its very hard but pls try!

    Editors comment:
    Habbohotel isn´t possible but I finished the fisy game 😉

  77. i dout a trainer for this is posible but u should try

    Editors comment:
    Habbohotel isn´t a flash game…

  78. the cove is only for members and the cp trainer3’s free membership its crashed.i select and i go to the cove an apeear ”conection was lost” or i want to buy a member puffle with hac and apeear”conection was lost”:((what is the problem???can you help me??pls.

    Editors comment:
    Club Penguin is fixing all the cheats…

  79. it is just going into there website not the cptrainer3 do you have to sigh up.

    Editors comment:
    Try again now 😉

  80. um cool i might try it

    Editors comment:
    Ok 🙂

  81. is Cptrainer3 client side (only u can see it) ? cuz if i can only see it that would suck and if it isn’t thats awesome cuz i alreadt downloaded it sooooo please tell me!

    Editors comment:
    Don’t know, CP keeps fixing stuff you will have to try it yourself 😉

  82. I want to be a free member

  83. 😯 how do you chang the size of pc trainer 3 well you shode email me at please tell me

  84. won’t get ban?

  85. On Cptrainer3 can you hack the clothes or whatever and make them stay in your inventory? Also if you can, can other penguins see it?

    Thanx for the help ~ Vick735

  86. WHEN I DO THE MONEY HACK THEN TRY TO BUY SOMTHING IT DOSE’NT WORK WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  87. the end of the page gets cut off i click sedings but it dose not help 😯

  88. dear thomis back will you make cp traner4 a.k.a full sceen to cp trainer 3 please coment

  89. Can you make a trainer for toontown and world of warcraft

  90. Wow cool! But can you get things for free?

  91. Hey, this is cool. Editors, i was wondering can you get things for free? :)Cause my friend said you can have everything for free and become a ninja!

  92. Hi, can you make a battle on/adventurequest trainer? (

  93. Erm can u b more intelligent then Cp cos i wanna haf free stuff


  94. Hello!! I can never find the moderator sign hack.
    please can you tell me???

  95. please make me a member i dont have a visa or else please make me i have money in CP but i want to be a member help make me

  96. Hi Tom!
    look, you still can’t buy the clothe!!
    how can you do that?
    please reply!

  97. how can I Hack furniture??

  98. hi

    are there ANY VIRUSES/SPYWARE in the cptrainer 3

    my computer cannot have viruses or it breaks

  99. clubpenguin banned my acount for hacking why?

  100. how do you go to that link whenever i go to it it goes to some different link. then i tried but it wouldn’t let me in

  101. can other people see your cloths because in cptrainer to they couldnt see my cloths and they couldnt see my name change can you see that to

  102. hi
    whenever i press the link for cp trainer 3 it just goes on some silly website please help me


  103. i comes up like this :
    when i try to download it

  104. when i click the website it comes up this website ifastclick and when i click the website to download it it comes up About us what do i do?

  105. Otot54 im agreeing with you

  106. gold hack doesn’t work

  107. i no this is not about clubpenguin buuuuuuuttt,can u make mods for halo for pc or aim boots cause i cant find any site that lets u download the aim boots or any mods?

  108. ok when i use most of the iteam hacks for my penguin they get screwed up i would find it on the item list then enter it in the space to enter it and i does not work all it does is make is so the type of item i am wearing disappers….. is does not do that on the old cp trainer 3 but is does on the new 1 so could u fix that plz???

  109. it doesent work cp trainer on this link it goes to plz fix it

    your site is awsome

  110. Hey, im tom kelly and was wondering if you could send me club penguin trainer 3.

    my email address is

    please send me club penguin trainer 3.


  111. i want to download cp tranier2 its cool
    the best man the best

  112. I can only see half of it.

  113. I cant buy any furniture can you help me!

  114. The Free cp member doesnt works

  115. ok it works but when im in my igloo the lock and the tape things arent there and how do i use the hack?


  117. why do you have to play all thease games with cheats it ruins it!

  118. you have got band forever havan’t you i tried it i put in thomisback and password hacks lol you got band!!!!!!

  119. you are the best cp trainer ever

  120. U Rox i use all the things u created

  121. How can get free membership?

  122. Yo people,why when i download CpTrainer 3 i can’t byu member stuff

  123. i got banned using dark black no one was around

  124. how do u become a ninja my friend says u have to be 310 days old and my other one says tis going to come in new year wich is true please help me.

  125. how do u become a ninja my friend says u have to be 310 days old and my other one says tis going to come in new year wich is true please help me.
    i relly wanna become a ninja

  126. Hey Thomisback Your A God to me!!!! Ive been searching for a cp hack for 3years!!!!!! Now i found it Your site ROCKS!!!!!!!

  127. hey can you post some kind of a guide because i dont know any item ID’s andi can never upgrade my house to an ice castle =-(

  128. okay so i downloaded cptrainer3 and then when i tryed to open it it says the archive is either an unknown format or demaged. please help me ! i heard that you have to allow this antivirus thing to do something? umm what is an antivirus and what do you have to do with it ? HELP PLEASE!

  129. Hey,
    Can you tell me where to download easyfit? I have been searching but I can’t seem to find it. Please give a Editor’s Comment with the link.
    Your fan and fellow hacker,
    -Chief Pilot

    Editors comment:
    Sorry, I don’t have it anymore. You could ask someone else or use google, there’s defintly some links around.

  130. i cant download zip files it dosent work so maybe get a appilcation file instead plz 🙂

  131. what hapended to all the trainers on your website?

  132. i can t download the mfrom here and all the other websites dont go up

  133. when i download it it does not go onto club penguin

  134. To all that wants the easy fit here’s the link 😀

    If it doesn’t work go to > All other games > Other cheating (Moderator: GrimReaperz) > All the trainers from my website

    There have fun 😉

  135. how do u walk on walls i want to no how to walk on walls with cptrainer3 . please tell me and email me at see yah

  136. uhmmm i can open it but it doesnt have all the hack options all it has is a huge version of clubpenguin,

    i tried the resoloution bar thing and it didnt work

    plz help! thx


  137. i cant buy stuff when i be member

  138. When i go to buy stuff an orange box comes up and says

    “this feature is not installed on you’re computer”

    How do I fix it?

    Please Help Me!!!!!!!!:)

  139. Where do you download the easyfit option i looked on videos and still can’t find it

  140. Visit my site I have downloads pics and you can join my group it pretty cool o and are you guys making a better version of Cp Trainer 3 is there a way to be able to buy stuff and actually really hack? I mean come on people please try harder for people we all would sure appreciate it 🙂

  141. it wont download for me

  142. hey i already download easyfit but i cant get it to scrolldown what should i do please answer soon its a big problem

  143. please im waiting

  144. =( im never gonna have easyfit or flash9

  145. yo this wierd i dont no where to download it cuz i dont se download or any thing like the youtube video had on the side whats up tell me how to get it and tell on msn or on this site

  146. PLEASE R U A MEMBER OR NOT (Because im really dissapointed) 😦 😦 because u didnt reply i will move on other wordpress now Good luck! 😦

  147. how do i dounloude it

  148. When I try to download it only comes up with This About us page. and then nothing else happens!!!

  149. dude i went to the link but it showed som sort of idiotic about us and i already downloaded it on my other comp so just take a look at it ok

  150. hey man i cant see the whole page cptrainer3.Why?
    Email me at

  151. i cannot buy things for my igloo!!!

  152. can you make download it

  153. Keep on cheating it is good for cp.


  154. what rsnail said keep on cheating.


  155. keep on cheating.


  156. yep keep on cheating.


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