is just an alternative way to become a famous and rich player!


Please vote for a game, and I will (try) to make a trainer for it! (The game with the most votes wins automatically)

Good luck!

 ~ Thomisback

By the way, I updated CPtrainer3 with a new skin!

Just redownload it from:

 Important: I am still looking for a new theme (Backgrounds, etc), if you can make one, send it to me or add me on MSN ( and I might use it, and will give you credits for it so everyone will know that you helped making CPtrainer3!


10 Responses to “Vote!!!”

  1. I vote on the ice game (where a pet going through a ice)

  2. This New One Is SOOOOOO COnfusing can you explain all of them on another post?

    Editors comment:
    Can you be more specific?

  3. ok will this get you banned

  4. Yo! Got the message, I will add your MSN. And add your website to my blogroll
    – Tylerhere07

    Editors comment:
    Thanks, I have spoken to you on MSN. 😉

  5. it wont work the download

  6. hey can you make me a trainer for kapilands please and please reply in

    Editors comment:
    That’s not going to work since it is not a flash game… sorry 😉

  7. i am vote for CP

  8. how to hack on accounts

  9. Like how the new things work Cause i don’t get any of like the All of the things on the right column of it. AT ALL

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