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Thomisback’s Adventure Quest trainer!

Hey everyone,

I finally did it!

I won’t keep you waiting, but just a quick note, sometimes it freezes at the “Ready” screen, this is because you applied too many cheats at once. Just restart the trainer if this happens!

Download it from:

Please comment!


~ Thomisback


206 Responses to “Thomisback’s Adventure Quest trainer!”

  1. DUDE thanks A LOT THANK YOU your GREAT

    Editors comment:

  2. how i can download it ?

    Editors comment:
    Use my blogroll

  3. oh yeah its work but fix lvl hack gold hack and tokens hack

    Editors comment:
    I cant 😦

  4. hey man thanks alot its just when you said that dont put in to much cheats at the start what cheats are the ones you put in inthe start. Also your ifastnet account has been closed so I would like to know if yo have changed the adress or just shut it down cause people were being creul

    Editors comment:
    I dont know why it’s closed 😦

  5. hey its me again why is the lvl,gold,token don’t work can you fix it plzzzzz!!!!!:)

    Editors comment:
    I cant!

  6. yeah lvl gold and token hack doesnt work fix please

    Editors comment:
    I cant!

  7. is your exams done yet?

    Editors comment:

  8. awesome trainer everything works

    Editors comment:
    😀 thanks

  9. i cant download anymore trainers

    Editors comment:
    Try again now

  10. Can you make a trainer : Candy & Clyde? I requested that yesterday, well, once you have finished with all the trainer requests, I think it’ll be really easy to make that trainer!!
    Waddle on!

    Editors comment:
    Done 🙂

  11. The Trainer is Classic, You don’t need the Level Hack because you can Change monsters HP to 1 and Go up Levels Easily

    Editors comment:
    I know, but I just like adding some extra options ^^

  12. cool but will it get u banned?

    Editors comment:
    What game are you talking about?

  13. How do you make the trainers?

    Editors comment:
    Study programming languages

  14. Hey its cheesecumber just wanted to know how that webkinz trainer is comming and if its working thanks

    Editors comment:
    I guess Webkinz is too hard for me 😦

  15. Hi I just wanted to know if you could make me a secret trainer so only I and of course you could use. I need a trainer that can take over club penguin. By taking over I mean stealing peoples coins. Erasing places that you can go to. Also, one that takes peoples cloths and items in their house. One more thing is making all the snow melt and turn it into grass. Make an igloo into a small igloo. Kill peoples puffles. Make their puffles kill them.
    Not being banded for doing this. When you buy a puffle you can make their eyes spin. When someone buys cloths they loose money. Make rooms like night club and other rooms a different color. Make the ice burg melt and all the people will be drounding. Send a letter and the letter should say your penguin will die for five days and then come back to life. When people talk nothing goes in the speech bubble. You can steel peoples furniture.
    Thank You very much
    I hope you can make this trainer for club penguin. Of course I will not do this to your person.I promise! Please send me the trainer by email. I think I gave you my email address when I posted this comment. Please make this trainer real and don’t give it to anybody except you and myself.

    Editors comment:
    Ur so stupid lol, why should I? I will announce all my trainers on my wordpress.

  16. dude whats the deal im ban

    Editors comment:
    It’s ur own fault if you get banned

  17. John, I don’t think there is such a thing, by the way, Thom WILL annouce it if he makes it, what’s the point? Why are YOU the only special one here? Do you fell jealous?
    BTW, what’s webkinz? You need a toy for that? Can you hack it?
    Waddle on! P.S. John, you ain’t the only one here you know!

    Editors comment:
    You’re right 🙂

  18. Waddle3773 is right John don’t be selfish
    btw i don’t think anybody can make a trainer like that

    Editors comment:
    John is selfish

  19. john don’t be selfish its like only you will have all the fun

  20. hi thom remember me dude long time no see

  21. can u make a trainer for Ant Buster? please dude at

  22. John, Add me in too! lol, Don’t be Selfish

  23. hey thom can you make a trainer for dragon fable plzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!! that game is cool


  25. what about a trainer for turbo pingu on miniclip like cant lose,always have a turbo boost and type in as much turbo boosts you want

  26. Hey can u please make a trainer for stick arena please please 🙂

  27. The new game LOTRO (lord of the Rings online) is a really cool chat site so if you make a Trainer for that you will be the best Trainer maker in err somwere!

  28. Hey your trainer is awesome, but most of it doesnt work so well.
    You should try something that would perhaps lock the stats and stuff and maybe you can allow the trainer to hack weapons? That would be awesome. And can you allow us to negate the server cap? Because I HATE IT

  29. also if the Z-Tokens and Exp points work, it would be the best thing ever. Thanks man!

  30. Hi
    Could you make a trainer for Endless Zombie Rampage?
    Heres the link 🙂

  31. dude when is the dragonfable trainer gonna be done please tell

  32. i type in an amt for tokens an all but when i go to buy weapons it says not enough tokens
    same for the level
    help.what should i do

  33. next time add guardian and autobattle.
    I don’t know how to do this, but hope you can add these .

  34. thom can you make a trainer for pokemon netbattle?

  35. thom make a trainer called clubpenguin trainer 4 dat you can download

  36. BECAUSE OF YOU I CAN WEAR CLOTHES! I hope that you make a new cp trainer 4

  37. Yo whenever i go to battle monsters it stops at the ready screen

  38. bUT ALL of the others relly awsome

  39. Can u make a cp trainer3 easyfit again?plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  40. They upgraded the version on adventure quest u need to update your trainer for adventure quest

  41. plss make hack for the new AQ version (33.3)

  42. i can’t if i download and then i do ok
    and then i onle see black groud pleas vickst it plzzzzz u ar realy nice if u do that

  43. ik smeek ik toe maak een nieuwe dragonfable toe toe ik wachht al hier een 2en halfe uur toe toe en die andere dragonfable werk niet toe mag ik je msn toe

  44. mag ik je msn plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  45. Hey you should make a Runescape Trainer…with a money hack and a temp stat hack or something or enven a perm stat hack….

  46. can i have jour msn?

  47. dude your trainer doesnt work at all
    please fix it

  48. df is so annoying!!!!

  49. can u make a new trainer for AQ with tokens, gold, hp and stats working?

  50. if u do i’ll click the liks twice!! XD

  51. links*

  52. hey i have a question. How come when i click on the trainer and then i click on a pop up. It doesnt load after that i see the cheats and stuff… But then its just blank.

  53. My cheat dosen`t work .The game dosen`t start.Help me plz

  54. err i got a question i start up the trainer than what how i get the grey field fulled??

  55. can u make a vid how too start up i dont realy know how too start
    i klik on the exe its loaded i press ok what then?? please Help me!!

  56. dude game wont start wen i open wtf?

  57. Dude I loaded it and it did not show up and i have flash 9

  58. Hi, I was wondering does the token and gold hack work? Because when you get it from monsters, you should be able to save it. Maybe a certain ammount is maximum? I dont think you can save 999999 gold or tokens, just maximum a monster would drop ex dragon drops like 2k gold right? So make it 2k max gold drop from a monster, you think that would work? Anyway good work on the trainer, but I couldn’t test it… When I clicked on “ok” a gray screen poped out with options, and thats it, it didn’t even change 😛

  59. Also can you tell me how did you find the tokens value?

  60. Mine aint working… The game part aint loading i got past the add part

  61. it dont work:(i have the flash player but it wont work:(

  62. i tryed it and my too is blank and doesnt let me load game it just stay grey please update it the hack sounds super cool.thank you

  63. i realy need the working hacks please so please respond(srry im inpationt but i need a working hack)

  64. :(:(:(plz fix it

  65. The cant aint loading for me…

  66. Hey Thomisback, maybe you can change the site its directing us to to the newest one, because this one wont load.

  67. When I try to login, it says wrong game version detected. Could you try to fix this?

  68. hey i downloaded it and none of the cheats are working can you help

  69. how come it always says movie not loaded all the time?

  70. wuts da dillio bro? i cant get it workin

  71. the dragonfabletrainer says error in loading why?

  72. Hey after i activate x-guardian and i leave the castle or a battle or where ever i was it freezes and i have to restart it. And guardian only works if x-guardian is on. could u please email me at,,,or and tell me whats wrong. other that that teh trainer is so cool.u rock thanks

  73. it doesnt apear enything on the screen and it says “movie not loaded”and ather thing can you make hack for runescape prity please ;)=}

  74. i need help im havin problems with this it won’t work someone mail me at plz i need help

  75. this just isnt working at all for me, i clik the link, click okay, and then it doesnt load AQ
    ne idea why?

  76. Hey, editor, are you even here anymore? i just brought up screen and it’s just a blank grey field, but the stat, gold, and lvl modifiers are still showing. Please answer! If u hate answering them and wont answer another just say it cause i cant stay on this one trainer forever waiting for a response.

  77. why is mine not working?

  78. i try to play but it wont work can you tel me why?

  79. mine wont work. why?

  80. What ads im confused

  81. well when i try to use the trainer all it shows is a gray screen so it stinks for me

  82. because the version of the program is to old

  83. hey on the AQ trainer on this page, when I download it and extract it and then open it, the screen is all blank, whats going on?

  84. so is it posible to get new version?

  85. Ok people stop asking for runescape hacks. If you try to hack runescape you will get banned in like 1 second because runescape can detect that kind of stuff. Youll get your ip banned and youll never be able to play runescape again and you wont be able to create a new account either. Also its impossible to hack runescape so dont even try or ask for it.

  86. Hey, i’m using the newest AQ trainer. I can’t See the monster ID or item hack. HEEEEELP!

  87. hey the new update worked good for like 2 hours but first i got 0 xp from all monster but now i got 0 xp / gold
    how can i fix this???

  88. Yo man nice work! But how do i use the item hack, to confusing….

  89. yo man how do i use the item hack?

  90. umm i was usin the latest trainer and well i was messin wi the subrace hack and now my subrace is none? yes with a question mark and i cant go to the cure join any subrace or be a werepyre and everytime i put a id into the hack it says error but b4 it said success then my race got screwed can u help?

  91. this is rigtig good.

  92. hey can someone tell me how to get this thing to work ive got the cheats menu upbut there not working

  93. can u plz make adventure quest hack again where it had all the things where you could change the lvls and everything i want to be dracomancer lvl 10

  94. oh yer because im not a guardian so i want to change the lvls
    and how do you use the decryption hack and item hack on ultimate

  95. why dont the aq traener works

  96. Hello , thomisback plz , here are some error all the time i want to play , the loader dont load the game , can u fix it?

  97. hey thomis how come it didn’t work nor does the the dragon fable one

  98. it loads but it doesnt say user name an password to go in my profile

  99. uhhh it dosent work i just get a gray screen

  100. i need a runescape trainer plz make one 4 me

  101. 101’th post!!! OH YAH! I’M SO COOL! (lol)

  102. how it works?

  103. i et a gray screne too… but the ads dont load either…

  104. it works fine but after u click ok then it loads but the Game itself dosnt

  105. its no working what do i need to get it to work nor does the other one

  106. i can not get on it

  107. I cant get it to work I do have vista but when the shadow pic come up with the gun the ok isn’t there

  108. The whole things comes up,but the game screen remains black ans nothing ever comes up. What do I have to do to make it work?

  109. I meant the game screen doesn’t appear.

  110. what do I do to make it work?

  111. can’t the trainer is out of date…..

  112. What is the new trainers dowload URL? HELP! All i get is a gray screen!!

  113. i cant get mine to work

  114. It dosnt work the adventure quest upgrade 33.22 trainer can u fix it add me on msn or windows live messenger my email is

  115. dude i can open the trainer but how do u log in it dosnt work

  116. i have vista and i can use this trainer it doesnt work
    !!!!!!!! help!!!!

  117. You should make a trainer for pawngame

  118. dude it its like not working

  119. dude like what do i need to make it work

  120. This is so wierd i read the readme opened it using the hack
    then logged on to aq then closed the hack then re-opened it
    but it still didn’t work 😦

  121. can you make another adventure quest trainer that will be to update?

  122. can you make another adventure quest trainer that will be to update?

  123. Im srry but it still doesnt work for me can u email me a new one at windows live messenger

  124. ummmmmm can you make another trainer that
    works just like the dragonfable trainer

  125. i downloaded the trainer and filled out all the things in the trainer thing but theres a big black screen, is that where the game is supposed to be??

  126. AQ trainer stopped working fyi. I imagine that you might be too busy to check your trainers.

  127. update AQhack please!!!!!

  128. the aq trainer isnt working for me even the most uptodate one i keep getting a grey screen help

  129. my email is no one but thomisback email me

  130. i cant the use the AQ ultimate trainer when i click login it gives a massage which tells me to look at the website. in the website it says wrong version of game detected. i have windows vista. what should i do??
    help plz???

  131. Yoo thom met my man
    alles goewd? ( 😛 )
    In ieder geval
    Je AQ Hack doet het niem eer kun jje een nieuwe mkn *smeek*
    Zouw wel cool zijn iedereen vraagt erom

  132. the AQ trainers aren’t working on my comp why?!?:(
    when i open the AQULTIMATE (open not download) as i have done to every other trainer here it shows everything but when i try to play the cheats are listed there as they should but the client window is gray!!!HHHHHEEEEELLLLLPPPPP!!!!!
    thanks thomisback for these trainers they rock!

  133. help thomisback!!!

    i need help on the AQ ultimate client because when i opened it (i didn’t download it because oftenly that’s not needed on your trainers) and when i open the client there reads all the haxes and every other things but the screen is gray do even you know how to fix this for just ME because i haven’t seen anybody needing this same help…

  134. why isn’t my thing listed anywhere here?!?

  135. why when i press on anything nothing hapened?

  136. dude its not working for me for some reason plzz fix it and if it already fixed why won’t it work


  138. WE ALL HAVE A GREY SCREEN WITH THE HACKS BUT NOTHING HAPPENS!! I’M WAITING FOR IT RIGHT NOW, NOTHING HAPPENING! AKA= We are all getting frustrated because you promised us a gr8 trainer which DOSN’T work. COME BACK THOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!we eed help. thx.

  139. we need help* hehe srry fer double posting. but still, COME BACK!!! bye 🙂

  140. what link do you use? the .swf?

  141. Lol.. BattleOn is just updatet too Adventure Quest 33.66 this trainers is too 33.55 !!

  142. I cant do it when i pick one i click ok then it loads and when the screen comes up its black

  143. uhmm plzz help i keep clicking ok then when get on grey screen always apeers

  144. im mad cuz i could use it a couple of days ago and now i cant even use it…..plz fix thomisback or other!

  145. hi it wont load so can u make a new 1 dat dose

  146. How do u work and when does it work, straight away?

  147. mine aint working fix it please

  148. plz can u make a runescape trainer with money wepon and armor and stat changer with it plz and thx if u can

  149. hey guys i’m back but thom isn’t is he???????? omg thom all ur hard work on that trainer was for nothing help us out!!!

  150. Hi,
    I have a windows Vista OS and i need a hack for stick arena. Please…
    Also if you want to fight me or join me in a team battle go to U of SA and find the arena : Freedom… my stick guys name is Kira..Yamato
    Thanks and e-mail me at if you get a hack for stick arena and that it works for Vista.

  151. for some reason it stays on the grey screed it doesnt load

  152. hi i have downloaded the trianer but it will not load the game i have tryed to wait for 30 mins but still nothing

  153. every time i open the trainer… it doesnt work. i think trainers should not even be made because they make u cheat and you never get use to the game and then you are always super bad at that game.

  154. the ad wont load

  155. yo u should deffiinitly make a trainer for habbo cause i think its gay how you have to pay for stuff. the only thing u should really put on the trainer is coins..nothing else

  156. Not olny do the AD’s not load, i can make fire wlal appear. Itworks too. But when it loads, the screen is Gray. Tom, i know this is

  157. VERY complacated

  158. hey man i was wondering if u could make a trainer for the last stand… i beat it so i wont to hack it lol well thanks! 🙂

  159. hey its cool and every thing but is it suppose to be on the screen with the options if so can u help cause it isnt working or i was wonderin cause u open a new page and jus use that help plzz kk thnxs

  160. In the progan
    I cant go to site inthe progan
    please helme me

  161. Um…I have download AQ trainer and extract it in local disk(C:) and I run it and I click ok but…it on trainer screen but…nothing happen.Is it require active X or something…?

  162. oh and “nothing happen” is AQ is not load it’s gray screen…

  163. This hack has been patched.

  164. how do i jog on the trainer? i just see a white screen i cant log on!!!!!!!!!

  165. The game doesnt load! 😦

  166. ummm its just gray…nothing

  167. Hi, my friend told me about this hack website because i was having trouble getting z tokens and money on adventure quest. i downloaded the program but i dont know how to get it to work when i open AQ log on choose my character then open the trainer click the add thingy go to play then it comes up with a gray screen, is it mentdo do that? anyway when i press one of the buttons it dosnt work, can you tell me how to make it work please?

  168. sorry, just read the past few comments do you think you can make another one which works? sorry for double comment thing

  169. when i get the thing up after i press ok it shows the cheat stuff then gray


  171. how do you use the trainer?

  172. mine wont work 😦 I have the required stuff but it just stays grey and if i click the black part it shuts 😦 can u plz make an AQ trainer with the latest version? version 33.66


  173. wait the black part is on the other version. mine just wont load. wat version did u equip it with?

  174. hey give thomis a break i mean the trainer isnt working foe me either but hes got better things to do and take your requests i mean hes sitting their doing the work just so you guys can go around and cheat and when he thinks he has had a break you come back with complaints and requests i mean i dont really see more than 5 ppl who have said thanks or the trainer was great!. so give the guy a break you guys aint doin nothing!!
    😦 😦 😦

  175. I have the Trainer up, but on the cheat page thing, the gmae wont even start, i cant even log in 😦

  176. how do i use the trainer i need some help???anyone???

  177. dude, can u fix it? its not working, the OK button shows up, but when i click it, it shows the cheats but the other screen is grey.

  178. dude it dosent work when i press ok the hacks come up and nothing else happens and i really want to hack AQ

  179. The Trainer is not working :[ :(:(

  180. thomisback needs to update it

  181. so what is required for this one then coz i can dowload it @ my nans but not @ home so is a lil bit jary

  182. all he needs to do is change the adress its going to, to 3366 not 3344

  183. Omg The Hacks Come Up But The Screen Is Just Gray!

  184. its not working wut should i do

  185. how do i actually use the prgram i mean i put 99 as the level i wanna be then nothing happens, what do i do?

  186. Hi mate.. i have opened it, but when its opened all the buttons are there but no screen! the scree is just grey. What might have happend???

  187. Hello Thomisback,are you good? I am brazilian and i no speak the english so much….Well i have a question to you and I like if you ask me too fast possible.I downloaded the treiner and i see ,he is really good ^^ thanks for this but when i tap the ok button he not open the adventure quest site :,( Why?? Plx Ask me into e-mail or here fastr because i need so much of this,,,Here in Brazil i and my friends like so much of you and of your site ….thanks ^^ 🙂
    Good Bye…

  188. The client updates, any1 know where we can get 33.7 hax?

  189. I cant get it to work…do I have to download the game, or can I play it at the internet site? Pelase help… i love the train though, seems cool and evreything. Allthough I havent tryed it yet.

    Thx 🙂

  190. aww man.When i open the trainer nothin hapens there are only large gray box and buttons around it

  191. Hey, How to get it work? all i get is a large gray box some “Jonathan” :/

  192. hey dude…..the internet thing at the top after you load it says te page is unavailable……and then the “ok” appears but gray screen…

  193. Could you create another adventure quest trainer for the new 33.8 version?

  194. Man how can i use the trainer explain to me plz

  195. i dont know why but every time i start the trainer and press ok the screen is grey were the adventure qeust login is ment to be

  196. you must download winrar but when i open it its grey but the things are aroung so plz say

  197. wtf im sure it walks and all but it dont work for me 😦 thers just a big grey box! plz help me anyone

  198. hello?


  199. same here!!!!!!! SOME1 HELP US!!!!! ill loose my temper and do a big FART!

  200. me 2. I only get a gray box why, i say load game and nothing why why why?

  201. Hey i downloaded it and opend it but it dosent load i see all the options like change hp, change gold but nothing else happens

  202. yea, just a gray box!! HELP!!

  203. hey its still got a gray box!!! this needs some work, ill try to fix it myself…

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