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Some more trainers!


Here are most of the trainer requests some of you posted in the comments:

Ant buster

Candy and Clyde

Bot arena III

Bunny Invasion

Crimson Warfare

 Good luck and have fun,

~ Thomisback

By the way, if you want to download one of my trainers, download them using the blogroll because these links are almost always updated.

Please request again if I missed you out! (Except for: Dragonfable (Working on it!), Webkinz (Working on it!) and Runescape (Not possible!))


93 Responses to “Some more trainers!”

  1. thanks again i hope you finish the Dragonfable one soon


  3. make one for heli attack 3 please

  4. hi. can you make a hack or something that makes a lot of money on conquer online. i would be thankful. you can download it from

  5. can u make a trainer for madness interavtive

  6. can you make a trainer for conquer antarctica and a trainer for runescape and one for dragonfable

  7. hey thanks for making one for adventure quest thatnk u so much!

  8. can you make a trainer for second life???!!!???


  9. Could we please have a trainer for Starship 11 Deluxe (found at:

  10. can you make me a trainer in age of speed in miniclip plzzzz i beg you T.T

  11. Pls Fix The CP Trainer!!

  12. can u make a trainer for stor the house.i thot that there were just 50 levels but there are 100!
    i keep on dieing on level 64


  14. i hacked swords and sandals 😛 im getting in the ways of hacking 😛

  15. lol, my freinds uncle made swords and scandels and i know the hack too so im gonna fix it for him cause i have access to the administrator player and when i die the game shuts down so i will just do that instead.

  16. Please also make a Heli Attack 3 trainer.

  17. hey dude i really need money and stuff in this game can you make a trainer for this

    please and thank you

  18. make a trainer 4 storm the house 2 it is on armorgames

  19. Make 1 for heli attack 3 on miniclip plz!

  20. Made you a gamecheetah account so i can advertise ur site =)

  21. Go to and look their to maby help u with a trainer for motherload if that even will work! Just trying to give u helpful ideas i hope are helping if not hell with me =p

  22. can you make another wpnfire trainer

  23. Hey can you make a trainer for scribble its on miniclip.BTW can you also make a trainer for gaia online?


  25. I’ve just started to learn c++. I assume that’s how you make your trainers. Please would you be kind enough to give the source code or make a little tutorial on how to make a very simple trainer?

  26. Hello Thomisback.I was just wondering if you could try to fix the bugs in your cptrianer3,for example:When you try to buy something from a store or a furniture catalog,it never loads.The other thing is that the fact that some of your owrds are cut off of the window,so its very hard to read,the other thing is that the fact that your id cannot be found on my computer.Please try to make a improved CPtriner for these bugs.
    P.S.:Could you try to make a triner for endless-online?
    P.S.S.:Could you also try to make a link for moparscape?(not runescape)but the cheated version of it.
    P.S.S.S:iwth system do you use to make your trainers?
    P.S.S.S.S:Your website is pretty cool!

  27. i tryed to download your new trainers but they are not working. they are just a gray screen, why?

  28. whats wrong with purecheating??? it won’t come up


  30. Make one for Urban Sniper!

  31. 😦 sigh…i have gone to videogame college industries for 3 years,and i still dont know how to make a trinaer…oh well…but i am wondering one thing though,which system are you exactly using?

  32. can you make a trainer of age of speed with
    more than the 4 cars in score hack track hack
    and better tracks.
    thankyou very much ps
    please try to make it

  33. can you make trainer in DESKTOP TOWER DEFENSE plzzzzzzzz that game is sooo awesome plzzz

  34. thomisback lots of ur visitors coming from my site

  35. How do you make the trainers?
    Please e-mail me!!!

  36. Hi it’s cheesecumber just wondering how the webkinz trainer is doing and if it will be finished soon thanks..

  37. Can you make me a GodMode hack for Flyff please i would appreciate it

  38. hey the crimson warfare trainer just says play this game at mofunzone and it wont let me play.

  39. dosent work for me it just says

    If you can see this, your account has been successfully created.
    You may now add content to this directory and replace this page.

    You are solely responsible for the contents of your site.
    Any inappropriate sites will be deleted with no warning.

    Thank you for using our services

  40. i want sherwood dungeon trainer speed,critical strike and levels change

  41. Please make a new club pengin trainer

  42. Thom? Why did u delete me from ur blogroll?

  43. how do make a trainer?please i really want to make one or at least can you make one for Dad & Me you can find it on
    if you make one or decide to tell me how please email me at
    please and thankyou

  44. choobrocoli there already is a trainer for stick arena. go to google and look

  45. sorry.
    look for stick arena trainer.

  46. i got banned from clubpenguin for hacking why?

  47. hi,
    i just wanted to say i just recently used you club penguin trainer 3 and it’s incredible. I wanted to know if you could email me the source code or if you could tell me how you got the flash variables for CP (since there blocked now). I cant find them using flare sothink or anything. Also i’ll link to your site from mine. mine is

    K thanks


  49. were did you put CPTrainer3 thom?

  50. He made it. Thats how awesome he is.

  51. chew broccli they ready got a nice trainer of stick arena by jake and thomisback what religon are you? 🙂

  52. can u make a trainer for storm the house 2 and send it to me

  53. The bot arena 3 trainer is not working please fix 😦

  54. the AQ trainer is great. is there any chance u could put a login hack in it tho?

  55. hi, i got the adventure quest one a day ago, and i stopped getin xp and gold. then i seen that you had a new one. so i got that, and it worked for a little bit and now i stopped getting xp. and the dragonfable dosent work for me. i am using cheatengine 5.3 right now for d-fable, but its really annoying always retyping in the stuff. do you know why they are not working for me?

  56. can u make a cptrainer4 and make it so u can realy buy stuf with the coin hack pleas

  57. howdy everyone
    just to let u guys n gals know
    dragon fable thingy dont work
    the square screen goes red asoon as i click ok
    if anyone has any idea what to do to get it working
    please dont hesitate to post how or email me at
    thank you

  58. i suck can u plz fix it now jake

  59. Turret Defense is diriven me crazy could u plz make a trainer for it

  60. I dont under stand 1 item in AQ extreme the monster has got 25 hp put i hit som 100 or higher put hes not cuna die plz send post me at how i cona kill him. And 1 thing more i dont see half of the cp trainer 3 why post me then and say =)

  61. Hey i wonder if you can make any trainers for Pawngame at

  62. mr kaka man if u get gaudian fire plate wit gaurdian blade u will
    do around 2000-6500 damage any lvl and then it will normally kill them if not keep attacking

  63. Hi,could you make a trainer for Runescape?


  65. i want a trainer for Flashtrek

  66. Please make a CP Trainer 4!!!!!!

  67. fix the new aq one u no the one that gives u tokens and stuff like that and instant kill and gold cause mine doesnt work it ses all the stuff but there is no log in screen

  68. Make a tactics arena trainer if you can thanks so much!

  69. hey thom can you vmake a trainer for thing thing2 plz

  70. thom make a trainer for thing thing

  71. Hello,

    Could you make a hack for
    Money Hack ( Artmoney hack doesn’t work it’s fake )
    Stats Trainer ( Is for sale at websites Doesn’t work )
    Suplie Getter ( Trains mining, fishing, cooking, smithing etc. )
    Please make a hack that does these things…


  72. plz make pawngame trainer v.2!!!

  73. How do i know when it is done loading?

  74. hey dude can u get me speed ,level and attack hacks for sherwood dungeon at thx

  75. can u make a trainer for clubpenguin cuz i need lots a help

  76. and a trainer for towerdefense2

  77. if u people have xbox live and seen blue185 its me i rock

  78. and make a trainer for sims

  79. when ur done makin a pawngame trainer can u send it to my email at


  80. I really want a blank trainer send me link with 1 thx

  81. when will pawngame hacks be here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! come on dont hold out on me!!!!!!!!!

  82. ÐúÐë, Çäñ µ p£€ä§é mákè ã t®á¡ñ€® ƒ°® Sherwood Dungeon? Ít’§ £º¢ªtëÞ ºñ Tháñ×.

  83. im one of ur bigest fans EVER!!!make one for adventure quest that has gold token and exp drop canges and that gives instent login no matter what
    please o please help me out

  84. okay i have read the tutorials and i’ve nailed it so if you have a request right click the game window and check if there is an option like about flash player 9 or something along the lines of that just make sure you know

    and those of you who are needing a trainer for AQ it’s way harder than you think i can barely get one code to work in like 3 hours so just wait and see if the master will return

  85. can you please make a trainer for underground army please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  86. this site rocks so bad oh yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  87. can you make a trainer for maid marian sherwood dungeon
    the website is

  88. will u make a pawn game hack please!!

  89. emial me when u get a trainer for really appreciate it or and hacks u have for it. pawns got a really hard encryption to get past but good luck

  90. Can you make one for motherload that would be cool

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