is just an alternative way to become a famous and rich player!



I have been away for a while, yes there is a reason!

There was a tropical hurricane/cyclone which destroyed a lot, as you guess my internet didn’t work.

For video’s go to:

The good news, I finished the EASY to understand and EASY to fit CPtrainer!

Download it from:

A new furniture ID list can be found here:

The new item ID list is here as well:

I will be answering your comments soon,

~  Thomisback


31 Responses to “Update!”

  1. Can You Make an Interactive Buddy Trainer ( )and a pinch hitter trainer.

  2. Hey Its cheesecumber just wondring how the webkinz trainer is doing will it take a lot longer? Or are you almost done?
    …….Thanks………. Cheesecumber

  3. on the club penguin trainer when i try to buy something it freezes on the mem thing

  4. cool but i got banned because of hacking someone else

  5. you had a hurricane? dude, where do you live?

  6. I have 2 questions:

    How do you put furniture in your house?
    Why cant i buy items?

    Please reply and thanks for the new trainer

    ~scribble dude


  8. hey guys i’ve been in the cyclone in oman i live there it was terrible and i saw the whole thing roads destroy,debris everywhere flood T.T

  9. I’ve just started to learn c++. I assume that’s how you make your trainers. Please would you be kind enough to give the source code or make a little tutorial on how to make a very simple trainer?

    You might have got this already but I posted again just incase cuz of the hurricane thing…

  10. Hello,

    I want the old Trainer You Had Before, the one that had the white boxes and you could put the codes in to get the items.

    How could i get that one.

    Their is a probelm with both of them you can’t buy any Member Items it wont load.


    Green West.

  11. PLease create Swords and Sandals trainer

    Please create a Swords and Sandals trainer

  13. does it work for mac if not make it i really want it


  15. the safe mode hack dont work.

  16. Oi, I do not obtain to buy iten for my penguin, I could help me I am itens of I 2007.Tambem I can be the Itens co Id#. Please, I am thankful with an enormous one I hug.

    Good Bye.

  17. Hi, I do not obtain to buy iten for my penguin, I could help me I am itens of I 2007.Tambem I can be the Itens co Id#. Please, I am thankful with an enormous one I hug.


  18. hi, I do not obtain to buy iten for my penguin, I could help me I am itens of I 2007.Tambem I can be the Itens co Id#. Please, I am thankful with an enormous one I hug.

  19. um can you email me back my question

  20. hey Thomisback, this new CP trainer won’t work for me. Says things like something disabled on your computer and makes all my items vanish. P.S. the buying thing still doesn’t work

  21. Yo dude how is the webkinz trainer comming?

  22. One day you will be as rich as Bill Gates man!!

  23. I just downloaded ur new CP trainer and i have a few questions to ask:
    1. How do i use the cheats to get furniture in my igloo?
    2. I printed ur list of ID’s but which part of it do I type in to change my items?
    3. For my last question, could explain all the different cheats i can do or give me a guide for ur trainer

  24. do you have webkinz trainer

  25. can u make a cp trainer thats say like earn( enter coins here)(no more than 5000)

  26. Where do you put furniture ID’s ?Please answer this!!

  27. Hey I know about one program but it has a Trojan Virus in required file. The program is called WpePro. You have to close your antivirus program because he will delete the required file and WpePro won’t work! I have mailed Thom but I have no answer about that where can I use furniture ID. I have asked him for CpTrainer 4 (and for eventual furniture hack) but I’m still waiting for answer.

  28. hey david what do you want to happen in you trainer? for interactive buddy

  29. hi um i was wandering could u make a Trainer for Habbo and if u all ready have then plz could u tell me the URL leave a comment on ma bebo at and ive used both of the CP Trainer 3’s and i cant bye anything becos the loading thing is just staying on

  30. create a hack for habbo , most . or so called , many people needed the hack . i want the hack to unban myself / credit’s hack / furni duplicating hack / trading hack .

    just create a credit hack . and furniture hack .

    and i’ll be happy wif it. i promise , i would tell all my friend in habbo about your hack after ( if ) you can do it .
    most other website tell lies on habbo singapore hack , i have been cheated by them and i have not even a furni left . i stronly wish that you could make that hack
    my name i put is just anyhow , it’s just for fun . but the hack is true . i really want.

  31. I Want A HabboHotel Singapore Hack . That Website Is STRONGLY Protected , And NO Hack I Searched Is True .

    But I’m Sure You Can Do It .

    Be Strong ! Thomis !

    Me Again . (:

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