is just an alternative way to become a famous and rich player!

Dead link fixed…


 New link for the trainermaker since the old one is broken:

Thanks to for uploading.

~ Thomisback


22 Responses to “Dead link fixed…”

  1. you also need to fix the Wpnfire trainer page, the Fishy Game trainer page, and a few others, they are broken

  2. first commentt !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. im an idiot i cant begin to fathom how to do this. = { plse help me the other website gives me no help ethier. im doomed…lol
    can u make a trainer if u gt the chance? its called stick arena

  4. thomisback what is the sfw on clubpenguin???

  5. i couldnt send you mail because it wouldnt work but the newest adventure quest trainer doesent load when it starts up and same with dragon fable, the screens just blank

  6. I can’t seem to download it… The link dosen’t work for me!!!!!

  7. Link only goes to the fr33webhost main page

  8. dude i cannot open the link! please if u have the trainer please send it to me at or go to my blog

  9. hi please if u have the trainer send it to me via email it is and it is the trainer maker

  10. need to fix dead link again for trainermaker

  11. thomis i have a trainer site also site will you add it to your blogroll it is this my first trainer was AQtrainer seccond DF and thats how far i have gotten im half way through a habbo trainer and nearly finished a RS trainer

  12. ow and thom can i be a mod on your site you can be a mod on my site and we will help each other make trainers plz ill give you the link to my RS trainer when im done with it

  13. here’s a link :
    sorry if it won’t work. I’ll see it again

  14. when you download, please have a collector’s account there

  15. man where can i get the item list?

  16. u are rocking!

  17. while thomis back is in vacation here wpnfire including berserk hack god hack life hack and the rocketlaucher ammo hack

  18. hello please could u send the trainer to me at

  19. can you e-mail it to me at

  20. it still just goes to free web host!! can u send me the REAL link at

  21. not work to me! send to me the link plz! my mail is

  22. hey plz send me the trainer my mail is

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