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Dragonfable 5.3 working trainer! — UPDATED —



Check it out here:

(Thanks to for uploading)

It has basicly hacks for all the skills, but I added a working damage hack as well.

Currently still working on a lot.

Good luck,

~ Thomisback

EDIT: ADDED SHOP HACK (Ok, there’s a list included in the .zip now!)

EDIT: ADDED CLASS HACK (Ok, there’s a list included in the .zip now!)

EDIT: ADDED QUEST HACK (Ok, there’s a list included in the .zip now!)

EDIT: ADDED LOAD TOWN HACKS (Ok, there’s a list included in the .zip now!)



Trainerworld accidently deleted the file, it’s working again now.

~ Thomisback


144 Responses to “Dragonfable 5.3 working trainer! — UPDATED —”

  1. first COMMENT! YAWW!!!!

  2. well I don’t really get how to play dragon fable someone please explain to me what good dragon fable is plz!

    your friend, Dan

  3. thom u mind puting ip ban or ban option on pure cheating for the mod’s we really need it!

  4. cp trainer is detected by club penguin now

    clothes hack didnt even work

  5. i meant clothes hack NEVER worked

  6. Thomisback I admire you for how good you are on computer. I would be really greatful to answer me to a question . Your trainer worked for some days but suddenly stopped i dont konw what hapened thanks

  7. Could you please post it on something other then fr33webhost, like campcompany? My computer won’t open fr33webhost. Thanks!

  8. Woohooooo!!! finnally!!! it’s working again! hey do you think you can fix the adventurequest trainer? the monsters HP is 25 but it keeps regenerating when it’s 0…think you can fix it?

  9. Well try it …

  10. class hack wont work ._.

  11. Finally The DragonFable Trainer Is Back!!!
    P.S. Thom Can You Make A Dragon Amulet Hack In A DragonFable Cause I Wanna Become DragonLord Please!!!

    ~ CheatingWay ~

  12. […] Dragonfable 5.3 working trainer! β€” UPDATED – […]

  13. good job dude…its working goody goody now ;D

  14. beta tester hat on clubpenguin trainer please it would be sooo cool or ninja on your account forever or do both on account forever that would be the best do it with all items that are possible to do it with please please please plus your the best trainer maker and all hackers come to your site everyday so please please please make a trainer like that ok or just send it to to keep it private so i can use it hope you do it and thankyou you rule thomisback have a great great day dude!!!!!!!!!

  15. thanks thomas you rock!!!

  16. when i go to buy stuff then the game says error code. what do i do?

  17. whenever i log back in i start as a dragonrider is their a way to get back my old starting class

  18. third comment yea

  19. please can u do a hack where u can get the dragon amulet for free please and can u plase give me a answer

  20. please do the dragon amulet hack i wan acustomise my dragon u cant do that with out a dragon amulet please please thom

  21. i know this is a little off the subject but i need a trainer for

    stick arena

    you have every right to be angry with me because you gave me all the tools i needed to make a trainer and i still couldn’t but im not the brightest person so it was hard to understand if you could please make it that would make me very happy.

    ps: this updated dragon fable trainer dosnt work for me i cant see the screen if you could plse fix it that would be great -tom

  22. hey can you make a trainer that will work for anyone and have a dragon amulet?i really need it for dragon fable i want to have a dragon pet 😦

  23. hello thomisback. i have a problem. the problem is i need more z- tokens in adventure quest. can you do the same trainer but with a z-token hack which you can put the number of z-tokens you want. thz.

  24. Hey thomisback Can you post the trainer on somthing else besides free web i cant open it or can you send it to me at plz thanks

  25. thomis can ya teach us how to make a CPtrainer i got the site i just dunno the things to put in the boxes help me out o and can i become a mod and wen will ya put tha save button on trainer maker and i have a trainer site to plz put a link on the blogroll for it plzplzplzplz

  26. Hi dude can u please add a save trainer option in the trainer maker

  27. err…..Thomisback,i have always admire ur trainers but there is just 1 problem.In the updated dragon fable trainer,every thing worked except for the class hack i am now stuck as a dragonrider and i wanna change back!!!!Please help me solve this problem..i will appreciate it P.S. U r truly the Rocker!

  28. the dragon coins and the coins still not working are you sure that this is the nem version? because the name of the file says dragonfablev3
    ok try to enable the 9999 coins and drgon coins

  29. yo thomisback can you please make the DA cheat? you made the guardian hack right?

  30. make a trainer of swordsandsandals gliadiator this is the web

  31. dragon coins dont work =[

  32. gee man thx for the dragonfable hack im lvl 29 and now im lvl 9999 from it .keep hacking thomisback dont stop for anythin!!!!!!!!!!

  33. hey there no id in the zip file.

  34. Please Add Weopon Hack, Pet Hack, Guest Hack, Temporary Item Hack, Enable Dragon Amulet Quest And Item And Enable All Skills(All Classes).

  35. Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Made.

  36. In This Friday Pleaseeeeeee MaPlease Add Weopon Hack, Pet Hack, Guest Hack, Temporary Item Hack, Enable Dragon Amulet Quest And Item And Enable All Skills(All Classes).de This

  37. Thanks! The admin menu is GREAT! It only worked for me once, though, Thanks to the hacks, I got up to level 24 from 7 in a week! Thanks!!!

  38. hey do you know how the quest called ‘100 rooms’ ?(or sumthin like that)…anyway i cant really find my way out to complete the quest and ive rescued the pet thingy.plz help me

  39. DUDE its saying im not in the server what ever thats mean could u help me many thxs josh peace out πŸ˜€

  40. it good but it dosent work in the 9999 dragoncoins and gold 9999 it dosent word

  41. Gold, Dragon Coins, Defender Metals…. those are completely server-side, so it will NEVER be possible to hack those. So please stop asking peoples. (not that i expect you to actually READ the comments before making useless posts)

    And for Dragon Amulet, it is somewhat hackable because there are things in the game that don’t have a server-side check yet. But there are a growing number of things that do have a server-side check on them. And in these cases, it will NEVER be possible to hack those. And patching the currently un-checked things you can do with this trainer would be a very very tedious thing, and probably in many cases that might not even be possible. So I’m kinda doubting that you’ll see it in this trainer in any form. So there’s not much of a point to ask for it in this trainer, so please stop asking.

    as if it’ll make a difference that 1000 of you newbs are asking for stuff, vs he probably already would like to do more things and all you people are doing is cluttering up the comments. if you think i’m talking about you personally, then i probably am. and if you don’t think i am, then i’m probably not. heh

  42. oh and i just wanted to add, that there’s a bug with this trainer. if you level up a char inside the trainer, you won’t get the 3 stat points you’re supposed to get for each level.

  43. umm…I still can’t seem to buy anything! It says “INSUFFICIENT FUNDS” and logs me out…

  44. 100 rooms is easy but the reward isn’t that good except it looks nice
    Even if Thomisback adds DragonAmulet it won’t be permanent on the serverside so if you get the dragonlord armor the skills would probably be locked

  45. it still needs gold and dragon coins and class hack and working pet hack andfree dragon ammy hack

  46. yo where do u download the 5.3 DF trainer? theres no link for it please answer i’m your biggest fan, dude u are the most AWESOME dude

  47. dude the link dont work

  48. will u plz update the AQ trainer its not leting me login because its out of date

    the money hack doesnt work!!!
    u cant really buy stuff with the 9999coins and dragon thing
    could u please fix that!!!

  50. Umm. the gold hack, it is actually using YOUR GOLD when u buy things..and the DC hack doesnt work, same to gold

  51. i dont know how to download it plz help me???

  52. ya good work with the df trainer but could u make a 9999strenth and other stats that refresh every .2 sec cause when ur in PvP if ur lvl is 9999 u dont get any points and the adventure quest trainer isnt working (aq upgraded the versioin of aq) so ya but good work

  53. The AQ trainer doesn’t load at all now! It’s totally grey!

  54. here’s a link:
    if it doesn’t work I’ll try another file hoster

  55. please have a COLLECTORS account when you download, I need premium points

  56. hey guys i need a little help here the hack works fine with Win Xp but after i upgrated to Vista the DF trainer by Thomisback only shows a red screen and nothing else loaded

  57. Can you make a new Trainer for Adventure Quest because they have upgraded the game version from 33.33 to 33.55? Please? And Keep up the good work!! And 1 more, I need an Adventure Quest Trainer with all hack 100% sucessful and login hack like the AQ Extreme!!!

  58. So wait are you on vacation or not?

  59. that trainer from dragonfable don’t work on myn pc

  60. how in the hell do you work this thing?
    i click it and all that shows up is a red screen with shadow from sonic in the back and a bunch of cheats at the top


  62. hi can you make it so you can hack the beta hat and it saves so you won’t lose it when you log of and can you make it so other people can see it if not please tell me how i will work it it works thx

  63. how do you save it to the real internet

  64. i meant i want all the stuff to be able to save on the real dragon fable not the trainer

  65. why didnt u put a dragonamulet hack

  66. Will you ever make a new version?

  67. It’s very good, but need more 999’s to Gold Hack…

  68. All of his trainers are good give him some credit guys he worked hard

  69. Hi! Ya the battleon trainer isn’t working any more because the version is
    33.55 now

  70. i can’t download it 😦 the link is dead

  71. oh ! it’s working now πŸ™‚

  72. hello thosmiback please make lionking trainer/hack
    my email adres

  73. is there anywat for dragon coins hack!

  74. dudes. do some research before you ask questions
    somethings just can’t be put in the trainer because they won’t work
    dragonamulet can’t be done with a trainer properly
    and Thomisback doesn’t have all the time in the world, you know

  75. Bbadjosh,
    (A) that’s just downright rude.
    (B) you obviously haven’t been checking out his blogroll lately
    (C) do you think it’s little blog-fairies that are approving these moderated comments?

    you need a 3M super-disk, like Sandra Bullocks (siNc) has in “The Net”. she saved teh entire interwebs onto it, so i don’t see why you couldn’t. πŸ˜›

  76. hey tom can u make a aq trainer with free guardian that actually works and a runescape trainer

  77. the trainer is not open why? plz answer my question and the coin and dragoncoin hack doesn’t work!

  78. hi instead of making level9999 hack and coins hack,9999,have a box where u type the money or level u want to be and when u log off i doesent save the data and when u but stuff it says a error thing

  79. please can u put a dragon amulet hack!!!!!!!!!! if u just put it in please email me. email me at hope u can make it

  80. Hey can u upgrade battleon trailer to verion 33.55 ? PLZ ! i need it fast 😦

  81. These Programs Not Working. Can u update them?

  82. if u want to answer, email me at

  83. my screen is white it wont load the game


    The dragonfable link for the trainer is dead u click it and the site is not found it says firefox could not find this site or something so please fix it thanks!

    p.s. i am making a AQ trainer its soon 2 be done

  85. how do i get a free dragon amulet

  86. hi! this is a really cool blog. I really like it and i have heard so much about it, i have told all my friends about it and they all agree!
    but there is one problem i was hoping u could fix, and that is that i know u get the dragon coins, BUT you cant spend them ! PLEASE fix it! i really need those dragon coins.

  87. danget! the hack wont work any more! df updated

  88. Sorry for bursting your bubbles but shouldn’t you atleast try using the trainer maker. If you think its to hard to make a trainer then ask but im only 11 im trying to make a trainer myself.

  89. If you wanna have some dragon coins you could hack the DF server and get sued and arrested for stealing cause dragon coins cost $$$

  90. the links whont apere

  91. plzzzzz fix those trainers even DragonFable trainers dos not work to me…the screen is grey or blank somethimes

  92. not even some trainer work to me…not a one

  93. there where zach said:my screen is white it wont load…its to me too,soo what whe have to do(or you fix this problem)?

  94. hey make the dragon amulet hack i really want to be a dragonlord or anything else, you need to put the dragon amulet hack you have to email me at i’m really begging you to do it

  95. Yeah , My screen won’t load to , it stays red help plz; ty πŸ˜€

  96. how come none of the links work?

  97. How do you make trainers?

  98. The screen stays red because the game has been upadated aand not the trainer. We can’t use it befor som1 uppdates it, and since Thom i retired, we need to look for annother one…

  99. it won`t work it won`t load plz help me

  100. umm i really need a working df trainer the link doesnt work 4 me

  101. umm the pr33 link u know doesnt work and i really need a df trainer!!

  102. dave i agree with u none of the links work and i got banned of runescape

  103. man all i need right now is a WORKING HEAR ME I SAID WORKING df trainer

  104. with a working link email me at

  105. someone email me plz i am bored i will be waiting thomisback email me or jake!! plz

  106. enough with aq trainers lol who agrees!!

  107. the link doesnt work

  108. i cant use this one there is a picture of Shadow and there is somthing ritted i dont know how to use it

  109. new update AGAIN!!!!!! forAQ version 33.66

  110. how to use it ?

    put one screen for me pls

    ( i need flashplayer 7.0? )

  111. you guys do realize that he retired and wont make any more trainers?

  112. This wont work….

  113. can someone tell me how to use the trainer

  114. i want to get the 9999 dragoncoins

  115. every time i download one of the traners it dosen work. why?

  116. Its not working 😦

  117. the links don’t work! they just send me to a screen asking me to upload my website

  118. can you gif me a dragon amulet plz!!!!!!!!!

  119. can u get me a free amulet because i have a mac so the cheat engine does not work.

  120. God you guys are all fuckign leechers, stop asking for things and just use the trainer

  121. hey thom, can you teach me how to hack dragon coins and dragon amulet? I don’t need gold anymore because i have more than 500,000 gold. but i don’t know how to hack dragon coins.
    send me an e-mail ok?

    send it to ok??
    plz. teach me how to hack these ok?

  122. can you send me also how to hack a guardianship?

  123. if it is possible

  124. o.O how to download it?When I download it,it redirected me to

  125. Wtf Where i download the trainer ?

  126. The links isnt working for me anymore… CAn some1 send me the hack plzzz

  127. Where the hey do ya get the trainer?!!?

  128. Hey

    If there is anyone nice enough to send me the DragonFable Trainer because the link doesn’t work. Can someone please send me the folder to set DragonFable Trainer?

    Please and thank you


  129. some one send the dragon fable trainer because the link does not work some one please send me the folder to set dragon fable trainer Pleazzzz and TY TO

  130. hey thomisback still in holiday pls fix the link don’t upload in f33webhost
    upload it in speedyshare or megaupload or you can send me this trainer thx

  131. I keep getting a white screen and it won’t load

  132. do i need a certain plugin or macromedia or flashwave version??

  133. fix the link please!

  134. plz fix the link

  135. links are screwed man….

  136. the link wont load the download (its broken can make a new 1)

  137. hey thomisback i am uploading a few files for you on my website

  138. We like to buy a doom weapons to the mysterios stranger

  139. we like to buy a doom weapons to the mysterious stranger

  140. we like dragonfable

  141. we like harry potter and the games is dragonfable

  142. omg when i click on it,it goes to anouther fucking site(were do i download it) mail me at

  143. Links are ScReWeD fix it please ..

  144. link is screwed up D:

    can anyone send me the link?

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