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Trainer maker with save feature!


I finished the trainermaker, it now includes a save option.

It’s not hard and I guess everyone can work out how it works.

Download from:


~ Thomisback

Edit: Always download from the blogroll, these links are up to date.


73 Responses to “Trainer maker with save feature!”

  1. 0aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa its code to all clases 10lvl

  2. What is the swf for adventure quest to laod the game, and play the game

  3. i still dont know how too start those hacks anybody can help me please?

  4. Now that is seriously cool!

  5. What is the main swf for club Penguin?

  6. The link not work!

  7. can you make me a trainer for marapets please?????????????:)

  8. there is 2 swfs for aq but one is artix and one is the login page how do you get them to work togethor

  9. is there a club penguin trainer

  10. ehehe wow i actually made a pawn game hack, but how do i put it up for down load?

  11. Thom, can you make your blogroll WAY longer?

    “Trainer maker with save feature!” is almost scrolled off the list already. doh! >_

  12. I just noticed the blogroll is in alphabetical order, whoopsy. πŸ˜‰

  13. Hi Thom! Is the website to download the Trainer maker 2 are spelled correctly? I’ve tried many, many times in your blogroll and in your post but I still can’t download it. Please help πŸ™‚

  14. this is cool but i’d just like to let you know your AQ trainer is outdated and no longer works

  15. very cool but the other one was easyer to figure out then this one

    but now i can save!!!

  16. To put it up for download go to and then just go from there.

  17. can somewane help me with aq trainer iam making.
    i have the 2 urls:
    Base Url:
    Movie Url:
    But when i press login, it doesn’t go further. It just Hangs.
    Can somewane help me with this.

  18. 😦 it does not download for my computer but can u plz help me πŸ˜€

  19. and a trainer for aveyond please?

  20. i dont know how to use it

  21. HELP ME how do i start it i realy dont know please help me
    Why nobudy reply :S:S

    PS: Thnx if u reply πŸ™‚

  22. A_style,

    you need to have both files on your computer locally. then edit the ASP file so that the flash movie points to the directory you would have it in on your computer in relation to where the ASP file is at. (google for relational URLs if you dunno what i mean)

    Secondly, you need to edit the ASP file, and put this between the HEAD tags somewhere:

    and that should get you farther. re-read the tutorial that Thom posted a few more times too, if this doesn’t sink in.

  23. Whoops, the tag was real, lol, silly me. What I was trying to tell you to add was
    <BASE HREF=””>

  24. Everyone listen, if u need help. For example, if your trying to make a trainer for umm, Club Penguin, get the .swf link, put it in the trainer maker in the first text box. If u want to get the cheats for the game listen…
    Download Sothlink SWF Decomplifier, go to , not the swf version, just regular. right click anywhere except the game, click SWF Decomplifier, then find a tab that says “main movie” then find an action like “penguin.coins”, thats wat i found first(u need full version). then put in the first big box on the trainer maker, then click save and test it out. Type in the ammount of coins u want, then click enable! You have coins!!! NOTE FOR THOMISBACK… thomisback, u can delete this if im wrong, and please tell me wat program u use to make your applications and exes, pleease! i need it! email me at

  25. cool trainer cant figure out how to make adventure quest hack though …

  26. can u make another cptrainer u can hack realy old items permantly?

  27. Thank you Thomishback for this release. I was able to hack many flash games with this, and learned alot by using this. May you and your hacks stay strong =D

  28. Hey Thomisback, ehm sorry to bother you but i’m just a kid so thats all to hard for me, so can you please refresh your adventurequest trainer? The current one its web browser is bad.
    Anyway, thanks for making to much trainers!

  29. Made A trainer For onslaught

  30. errrr whats a ASP File >.

  31. DUDE Can u make a movie how too start it?ΒΏ
    Place it on youtube u will get more poulairitation
    +more people will use it and Publicate it

    so please remind this πŸ˜‰

  32. CAN you TRY to MAKE a TRAINER for STORM the HOUSE please

  33. It’s really cool. Thanks so much Thomisback!
    I have the same doubt as mikeambrose3:
    What program do you use to make these .exe files? Visual Basic? Dev C++? Java? Please tell me:

  34. UM >Can you make Trainers for RUNESCAPE because its so cool or try somthing to cheat please THOMISBACK ROCKS

  35. hello whats with the new cp trainer whens it coming out man

  36. hey i cant open it, i can open the one with no save, can you PLEASE help?

  37. it would be cool too make a special DragonFable trainer with an option like Give and then write the name of anything you want
    Or you now those Dragon Chow things in DF i would be cool if they would be made the vbalue of 500 πŸ™‚

  38. Nuckfuts or A_Style, either of you get past the login page ? And if so I could use details please.

  39. dude what is base loading option?

  40. trainer maker with saving. i think i just creamed myself.

  41. let me rephrase that now that ive downloaded it.

    trainer maker with saving that doesnt work. i think i just killed myself.

  42. thanks! for the save version thingamajig

  43. hello thomisback

  44. Hello

    I Get Error Whenever I Try To Hack DragonFable !

    It Says :

    Please Try After A Minute

    I Tried Many Times !

    I Waited For One Two , Many Minutes But It Still Doesnt Work ! Help ! 😦

  45. i cant do it the screen starts white how do i fix and the trainers i cant go on they r ALL grey

  46. hello you are downloading cp trainer3


  48. hey i really want a trainier but it wont let me download yours so could you please send me thm thru msn ? cheers

  49. df trainer doesnt work

  50. πŸ˜₯ it doesnt work πŸ˜₯

  51. hello everyone ive ogged on and im planning a vidoe anyone wanna join

  52. Both Dragon fable and Aq trainers dont work must have bug thomisback pleaze fix 😦 ….

  53. it wont work the screen dosent show i know

  54. hey thomisback when u get back can u plz make an outwar trainer u would be the first person ever to make one and i really need it πŸ™‚ plz 😦

  55. can some one tell me the .swf for club penguin ?

  56. can you make cheats for baatle on for z token trainer p.s only for z toekns do one for at least 200 thousand every time you click on z token button maker or what ever


  58. hey is there another linl to get the maker i get to a fr33webhosting thing then wat??

  59. how do you downlaod the maker the link is not working

  60. is thier another way to find tner maker

  61. when i try to open the site it brings me to a diffent site whats wrong how do i get there?

  62. Pleaz, up it again…
    the link was broken

  63. hey thomisback..i need help with the link you posted for the df trainer. it doesnt bring me to the dl page..what do I do..

  64. thomis plz plz plz uplodad this an raidshere or magaupload becuse i really want to make traners plz

  65. hey relly i cantdownload it plzzzzzzzz help meiwant relly download thistrainer plzzz help this is my i mail

  66. plzzzzzzzzzz i relyywant the download this programe plzz

  67. da link’s broken

  68. where are you thomisback

  69. can u make a trainer for aveyond

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